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St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane run an annual arts program – “Outside In“. It is now in its 4th year. The program exhibits original artwork across every level and ward of the hospital in a series of temporary art exhibitions. Exhibiting artists generally come from Queensland. Artists represent a broad range of art media including painting, photography, pastels, drawings, mixed media and sculpture, and my favourite – Printmaking.

“Outside In aims to provide patients with a connection from the hospital to the outside world. Artworks engender encounters with people, places and experiences beyond the hospital itself. They provide opportunities for reflection and contemplation, engaging memory and recognition, inspiration and motivation.”
St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane

For 2017, I was given the opportunity to display my work in the Pain Management Ward from March through July. 25 other artists and artist groups also shared their work with patients, visitors, staff and volunteers at the hospital.

The program provides artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit work to a new, wider audience in a public space. Personally, it afforded me the opportunity to share what my art gives me: respite and a direct connection to creativity.

Outside In Exhibition Catalogues


St Vincent's Private Hospital Brisbane Outside In 2017 Exhibition Catalogue


St Vincent's Private Hospital Brisbane Outside In 2016 Exhibition Catalogue


St Vincent's Private Hospital Brisbane Outside In 2015 Exhibition Catalogue


My St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane submission

Elements of nature are a common theme in my work. In a modern culture of haste and automation, I find that the natural world encourages me to be still and present. It does this in an energising in a peaceful way. In a built and enclosed environment, such as a hospital, art can bring this natural world, its stillness and calming qualities, inside. The Outside In.

When a viewer connects with a piece of art, it is my belief that a very private moment of personal spirituality has occurred. I know that connection will mean something different to each viewer. Whether the artwork evokes memories, creates a moment of peace, or inspires a future intention, it has served an important role.

I like to find my own personal moments in nature, to be still, observe, listen and experience the surroundings. Recording these moments in photographs, then reproducing them in my art allows me the time to relive these moments.

My love of Printmaking is as much about the process as it is about the final handprinted images. The process affords me the time to reflect on the moment captured. To be present ‘in that moment’ during the artwork’s creation. It is my hope that when people view my work, they experience their own moment of natural stillness in an otherwise busy space. The handmade nature of my work, hand-printing coloured layers of ink on paper, works to enhance the natural feel of each framed image.

The work I submitted

I showed 6 reductive lino prints in this exhibition. Each image referenced from my own photographs. The reductive linoprints ranged from 6 to 19 colours.

Some of these prints are still available for sale, and 2 have now sold out. If you’re interested in purchasing these, or having a look at other printmaking work, please pop over to my online shop or gallery.

And now …

I encourage artists to consider applying to participate in the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane “Outside In” arts program. The program is open to all artists, particularly those reside in Queensland. As an artist, both creating and viewing art brings me joy and peace. As the wife of a retired war veteran with PTSD, hospital visits have become our ‘normal’. To see and enjoy original artwork across a range of styles and disciplines within the walls of a hospital brings both myself and my husband joy and peace into difficult times.

Most art works on display throughout the exhibition are for sale, but sales are not the objective of the program. Rather, the objective is to bring the Outside In and create something special for patients, visitors and staff of the hospital. I submitted my printmaking work with no expectation of sales, but I did sell 4 prints. It is a privilege to know that people within the hospital environment connected with my work and now have it hanging in their own homes.

While my exhibition has ended, work is still on display until the end of 2017. You can visit the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane to view the work. Just ask at reception where the different view locations are around the hospital.

Information about the 2018 St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane Outside In arts program will be announced in September. Click here to read more about the program, and to see who the exhibiting artists were for 2015, 2016 and 2017. This page will also give information about the 2018 program when it is announced.


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    Well done Kim. great work …just like we expect from you.

    • Kim

      Thanks Neville. I think maybe you need to think about applying for 2018??

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