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– 6 Learning Modules
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– Tips shared along the way
– Additional Tips, Troubleshooting & Resources in 20+ lessons over 3 Modules
– Self-paced
– Closed Captions (English)
– Lifetime Access*

This workshop is suitable for the absolute beginner, someone who has never done any form of printmaking or photography before, or someone who has dabbled in Cyanotype but wants to gain a more thorough insight to this lovely blue process.

* What does Lifetime Access mean?

’Lifetime Access’ means you have access to the workshop content for the lifetime of each workshop, with minimum guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enrol. It’s ‘Lifetime Access’ as long as the course and the platform they are hosted on remain active. It costs a lot to maintain the online learning platform and infrastructure, so as long as interest is maintained, the platform will remain open. There is no short term intention to close anything, and access is guaranteed for at least 1 year after enrolment. I hope access will be open for 10+ years. All online content from other educators will be the same – lifetime can only be for as long as the course and it’s hosting platform can be maintained.

Printmaking with cyanotype (aka sun prints) is an exciting photographic printing process. Invented in 1842, it is a non-toxic process and very simple once you know the basics.

This workshop will teach you the cyanotype process, using the sun as our UV light source. The focus is on creating photograms on paper with found objects, and simple contact prints with film positives and negatives. Bonus modules look at cyanotype on textiles and wet cyanotype.


Below is the Introduction video for Module 1 of this workshop. There is approximately 2 hours of video content in this online workshop, spread across 50+ lessons. All videos include closed captions/subtitles.


By the time you finish this workshop you will be equipped with the skills to create your own cyanotype prints. I will demonstrate step-by-step and teach with you the same the approach that I take in my in-person workshop.

– 6 Modules with a total of 34 lessons, plus an Introduction and Recap video per module
– 2 Bonus Modules with 8 lessons
– Content delivery is via a combination of video content to watch and text content to read
– 50+ videos over 2 hours across all modules

WORKSHOP MODULES CONTENT (click for more information)

MODULE 1: What is Cyanotype – 5 Lessons – Here we overview the Cyanotype process, briefly looking at its history, the chemicals needed and how the process works. There are resource links included for additional reading and research, and examples of the sort of prints you will be able to print yourself by the end of this workshop.
Watch 6 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 11 minutes.

MODULE 2: Tools & Materials – 7 Lessons – We will detail everything you need to get started – tools, resources and chemicals; including looking at the option of buying Cyanotype kits versus the raw chemicals and making your own kits. Videos are broken down in to small durations to allow for easy future reference.
Watch 14 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 27 minutes.

MODULE 3: Paper – 4 Lessons – There are options when it comes to the papers you can use for this process. We will look at paper to get started, as well as specialty art paper options. I demonstrate different ways to coat your paper and how to store your prepared papers.
Watch 6 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 6 minutes.

MODULE 4: Exposure – 4 Lessons – We will look at how long to expose your prepared Cyanotype papers, also looking at long exposures and the fact that density matters. There is a lesson about making your own Exposure Strip – a great resource for both Photograms and Contact Prints.
Watch 5 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 8 minutes.

MODULE 5: Photograms – 7 Lessons – Let’s make Photograms. I demonstrate the creation of 3 different Photograms, with separate videos for each of the 3 crucial stages of each demonstration. This module includes a look at introducing Hydrogen Peroxide into the process.
Watch 15 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 36 minutes.

MODULE 6: Contact Prints – 7 Lessons – This module follows the same format as above, but looking at using film (negative and positive) for exposure.
Watch 14 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 23 minutes.

BONUS MODULE: Cyanotype on Textiles – 6 Lessons – This Bonus Module will take you through printing cyanptype on textiles. Very similar to cyanotype on paper, with just as many possibilities.
Watch 8 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 12 minutes.

BONUS MODULE: Wet Cyanotype – 5 Lessons – Wet cyanotype opens up a whole new world of possibilities with this process, pushing it well beyond the boundaries of its humble beginnings. Here I introduce to you creating wet cyanotypes with the hope that is gets you asking “what if I …”.
Watch 9 videos and read lesson content with a total video duration approximately 12 minutes.

Tips, troubleshooting, reference pdfs and resource links are shared throughout the workshop, as well as included in their own Tips & Resources lesson collection, along with extra information. Additional tips and resources will be added throughout the lifetime of the workshop as appropriate.


TIPS – 7 lessons – A collection of tips to help you along with the process. Tips are also included in individual lessons throughout the workshop, and where appropriate, Tips in this lessons provide links back to relevant lessons.

TROUBLESHOOTING – 9 lessons – Common problems encountered when creating cyanotype prints are addressed here.

RESOURCES – 10 lessons – More information and resources to explore online, book (ebook and printed) reference links, artists to check out and more. Essentially, additional information to help you get the most out of this workshop and your cyanotype explorations.

Once enrolled, you will have access to a Student’s-only private Facebook group. This group is growing as more online workshops are added to The Studio online portal. Inside the Facebook group you can ask questions for myself or anyone to answer and share work. Please note that the group is monitored, but response to specific questions by me may take 1-2 days. If you are not a Facebook user, that is a place inside the portal where you can send a support request.


NOTE: This workshops does not teach preparing photographic negatives for Contact Prints. If your primary interest is in working with photographic images, this workshop may not be for you. I demonstrate creating a contact print with a photographic negative, and share links to other sites and books for more information. I’m more than happy to answer any questions if you want to email me for information regarding what I cover in the Contact Prints module.


We go through all the materials you need for this workshop in Module 2, and you there is a downloadable checklist to use to get your material kit together.

You will need to buy:
Cyanotype chemicals (bought from an art or photographic supply store)
> Ferric Ammonium Citrate (green) – 25g/100ml distilled water
> Potassium Ferricyanide – 10g/100ml distilled water
– I sell cyanotype chemical kits from my studio in Maleny, Australia*. There are many places you can buy online. Do an online search for “cyanotype chemicals” in your area.

You will also need these items to get started, and you may already have them on hand:
Paper (watercolour or printmaking paper)
A soft bristled brush, foam brush or plastic card (like an old credit card)
Items for exposure (eg. leaves, feathers, laces, stencils)
Access to sunlight
– Access to fresh running water

We do use other resources and materials in our workshop, but they are not essential. If you have the above materials, you will be able to work through the workshop, and gather additional materials noted in the workshop if you want them in the future.

I sell cyanotype chemical kits to students. At this stage I do not post or ship them, but I am looking into this. If you would like to buy a kit, send me an email to confirm I have stock and arrange a pickup time. If you can get to Maleny, you can buy a 200ml or 400ml kit:

  • 200ml kits (100ml each of Solution A and B) – $30
  • 400ml kits (200ml each of Solution A and B) – $45

The Cyanotype online workshop is self-paced and accessed via my dedicated online learning portal at

Access to this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course*. That means that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Cyanotype online workshop, with access guaranteed for AT LEAST one year after you enrol.

You will be emailed a login username and password within 2-12 hours of registration. Access to the portal is conditional on these terms and conditions.

If you think your account login email has not arrived, please check your email spam/junk inbox. My emails have been ending up there for some students. If it is not in your spam/junk inbox, please email me at

*at this point in time the workshop will run for several years ahead. I have no immediate intention to close the workshop. The reason I make the declaration “Access to this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course” is because I feel that the word “lifetime” needs clarification. Once enroled, you will be able to access and return to the workshop modules when and as often as you want to.


Q. I’m not in Australia. Can I still access the course?
A. Yes. The online workshop is available anywhere around the world with internet access. The cost is AUD$97. Your payment will be converted to your preferred currency.

Q. Do I need any special materials for this workshop?
A. Yes. At the very least you will need the Cyanotype chemicals, paper, a soft brush, water and sunlight. Please refer back to the Material tab on this page for more information about Materials.

Q. I’m really new at this. Do I need to have any prior printmaking or photography experience?
A. No! This process is simple and fun. I guide you through the basics, then you can continue to explore, experiment and play to make it your own.

Q. Can I also create cyanotype on textiles?
A. Yes! The process lends itself perfectly to printing on textiles as much as paper. This workshops focuses on printing on paper. There is a Bonus Module that looks at printing cyanotype on textiles. Essentially it is the same approach as working on paper.

Q. Do I need special UV lights or lamps for this workshop?
A. No. UV light is critical for this process – this workshop exclusively uses the sun as its UV light source.

Q. Is this a self-paced online workshop?
A. Yes. You can work through the lessons and modules as fast or as slow as you like.

Q. Do I have to work through the modules in order?
A. Initially, yes. The course has been designed such that each module, and each lesson in each module, builds upon the previous. You can skip a lesson by clicking the MARK COMPLETE button at the bottom of each lesson’s page. Once you have run through all lessons, you can jump between them at your own choosing.

Q. How long do I have access to the workshop for?
A. Your access into this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course. That means that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Cyanotype online workshop.

Q. Is there an online community associated with this course?
A. Yes! There is a students-only Facebook group that you will be invited into. In there you can ask questions, share work, and share the joys of printmaking with other students in this space. You don’t have to join the Facebook Group, but I hope you do 🙂

Q. Is it possible to have some one-on-one time with you?
A. Yes. I offer private tuition, and you’ll find information about this inside the portal, or click here if you’re interested in private tuition but don’t want to enrol in this workshop.

Refunds / T&Cs

Paying for the workshop

Full payment is required to access this workshop. Payment is made via Stripe , accepting VISA and MasterCard.

Contact me if you would like to pay via PayPal.

The cost is AUD$97. Stripe will convert the fee to your preferred currency. Once you have made payment you will receive an automatically generated email confirming receipt of your payment.

Workshop access is via online education portal. You will be emailed a login username and password on that date within 2-12 hours of registration. Instant access will be available in the coming weeks.

Online Workshop Refunds

This course is non-refundable once you have purchased and received access to the course materials.

Online Workshop Terms and Conditions

Please read through all the details of the online workshop terms and conditions. Access to the portal is conditional on these terms and conditions.

Your Tutor

If you are interested in learning a little more about Kim Herringe, the printmaking artist and tutor, please enjoy this short video about her printmaking and teaching practice … a need to have found space for creative respite, and a deep desire to share with others looking for their own creative respite.

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  • The online cyanotype workshop was absolutely brilliant! It was well-organized, informative, and engaging from start to finish. I learned a lot about this unique printing process and would highly recommend it to anyone interested. Kim is an excellent instructor!

    Greeshma, India
    Greeshma, India Cyanotype Online
  • Congratulations on your cyanotype online workshop, one of the best workshops I've ever done and I have participated in quite a few! Your gel plate monoprinting was also excellent. The amount of time you have spent creating them is astounding. Just when I was losing confidence in the quality of online instruction, you have definitely restored my faith in the art world in general. Both workshops are clearly laid out, easy to follow and no details are left out. A rare occurrence indeed. Thank you.

    Judy, Blue Mountains Australia
    Judy, Blue Mountains Australia Cyanotype Online
  • Thank you so much for putting together a professional, easy to follow online course!
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Cyanotype series and look forward to your advanced course.
    Beth, WA Austraia
    Beth, WA Austraia Cyanotype Online
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More than Just an Online Workshop

Inside The Studio online workshops
Inside The Studio online workshops
Inside The Studio online workshops
Inside The Studio online workshops
Inside The Studio online workshops
Inside The Studio online workshops

These workshops are all hosted on my own dedicated learning portal –

The portal allows me to share with you more than ‘just’ a workshop.

It is a growing space where I invite students into an online version of my real-world printmaking and workshop studio. I am building on the content with tips, resources, book ideas and more.

Once inside, you will find book suggestions, the free The Colour Workshop, access to making challenges and other useful and interesting information.

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Pricing is AUD. Payment is via Stripe with VISA or Mastercard. Stripe will convert the fee to any international currency. Contact me if you would like to pay via PayPal.

When payment has been confirmed you will be emailed a login username and password (this may take 2-24 hours).

More Online Workshop Testimonials

  • The workshop covered all the basics in an easy to understand format. I was able to get all the information I needed to be able to print Cyanotype at home. The content was structured enough that I was able to replay any sections that I wanted to repeat easily.

    Michelle, Australia
    Michelle, Australia Cyanotype Online
  • I found your way of structuring the course and the demonstrations very clear and easy to follow. The additional references to information about papers for example was also useful. I enjoyed the bonus modules - I loved seeing the work you have done on silk. And the wet cyanotype one too - the unpredictable nature of this process is exciting.

    Mary, Vic Autralia
    Mary, Vic Autralia Cyanotype Online
  • kim’s presentation was excellent, her knowledge and passion very much on show. It is well set out. I like the divisions of sections, easy to go back to instead of having to skip through content to get to a part that one may wish to rewatch. The Studio is a special place, full of inspiration and knowledge! Kim is an enthusiastic teacher, happy to share her talent and knowledge.

    Judy, Toorbul Australia
    Judy, Toorbul Australia Cyanotype Online
  • [What did you like most about the workshop?]  It was very comprehensive and easy to follow. Lots of ideas for further use and variations on the theme. It was good value for money.

    Celia, Vic Australia
    Celia, Vic Australia Cyanotype Online
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FREE ACCESS – The Colour Workshop

This FREE workshop looks at colour theory, colour application and colour wheels. With 25+ lessons and text based, you can move about within the workshop at your own pace. Includes colour wheel exercises to do yourself to help apply and better understand your newly learned colour knowledge.


  • INTRODUCTION: 1 lesson
  • MODULE 1: Colour Theory – 8 lessons
  • MODULE 2: The Colour Wheel – 6 lessons
  • MODULE 3: Shades of Grey – 6 lessons
  • MODULE 4: Working With Colour – 6 lessons
  • MODULE 5: And More Colour – 5 lessons
The Colour Workshop - colour wheels
The Colour Workshop
The Colour Workshop
The Colour Workshop

A few of my own Cyanotype prints

Each of the cyanotype prints below have been printed with the same approach and process shared and demonstrated in this online workshop …

The images below are works showing how you can push the process once you have a handle on the basics. The approaches I have taken in the images below will be detailed in my Cyanotype Beyond the Basics online workshop launching later in 2023.

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