Cyanotype Workshop


Saturday 21 September – FULL
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9:45am for a 10am start
Finishing around 4pm

New Students: $260
Returning Students: $240
*Pensioners and Carers pay as a Returning Student

The Studio, North Maleny

Minimum 4 people
Maximum 6 people

Printmaking with cyanotype (aka sun prints) is an exciting non-toxic photographic printing process.

Sometimes results are predicable, sometimes they are not. We will work with the sun as our UV light source, and the sun and weather at the time will determine the intensity and sort of cyanotype prints we produce.

Whether you are new to cyanotype or printmaking, this is a great opportunity to work with a simple and exciting sun-printing medium.

The process we use is actually an alternative photographic process fast being adopted by printmakers. It was a process developed in 1842, and our approach in this workshop is much the same now as it was then.

Workshops and Students’ work

Learning Outcome

If you have never done any form of printmaking before, or think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, then this is a fun and easy way to loosen up and to re-connect with your creative side. By the time you finish this workshop you will be equipped with the skills to confidently continue to print with this process at home.

On the day we’ll discuss and work through:

  • mixing the cyanotype chemicals and coating our paper, ready for exposure. I’ll have some pre-coated paper ready to go too.
  • exposing our paper with sunlight, using found objects (flat and 3D), stencils, lace and other objects to create our images
  • options for toning cyanotypes

You will be given handouts with material recommendations so you can continue this practice at home, including where to buy the appropriate materials and chemicals.


All necessary materials for this workshop are covered in your Materials Fee.

– printmaking papers and cyanotype chemicals
– brushes, images and stencils and objects to create your sun-printed designs
– tea and coffee, with a light morning and afternoon tea

What to Bring

Image making objects. We will use found objects, and I will have many objects and stencils for you to work with, but if you anything in particular that you want to work with, please bring them along.

Sunscreen and a hat – we will be spending some time in the sun, but there is shade on the verandah and prep work will be done in the studio.

A lightproof bag – it is possible that you may have a few sheets of pre-prepared paper left over after the workshop. You are welcome to take any unused paper in your kits home – but you will need a lightproof bag to put it into. In the past I have made my own bags using black ‘builders plastic’ that I bought from Bunnings.

Patience and a sense of wonder – there is an element of waiting as we watch our cyanotype prints develop in the sun; followed by wonder as we watch the magic of a process developed way back in 1842 create our blue sun prints.

Lunch. You can pop into town to buy lunch, but it is a few minutes drive and parking can be difficult (Maleny is a popular weekend destination). Therefore I recommend you bring your lunch and maximise the time you have printing and learning in the studio.

Bring a journal or notebook for taking notes during the workshop.


We will be using the UV (ultra violet) light c/o the sun as our exposure source. Bright sunny days and light or intermittent cloud cover are perfect conditions.

However, you can make cyanotype prints in almost any weather – cloud cover and rain just make for longer exposure times. Partly cloudy days are totally workable.

In the event that it ends up being a heavy rain day we may need to reschedule the workshop for another weekend. If it comes to that you will also be given the option of a refund.


​Participants are advised to wear closed in shoes, and suitable clothing or apron that you do not mind getting dirty or stained.

We won’t be handling dry chemicals on the day. The cyanotype solutions will be pre-prepared, and gloves will be available for when handling the paper and coating your own paper.

The chemicals we use are Ammonium ferric citrate (green), a yellow-green powder with a faint Ammonia-like odour. It is used in medicine and photography; and Potassium ferricyanide which has low toxicity, its main hazard being that it is a mild irritant to the eyes and skin.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Book & Pay

To book your place in this workshop, please complete the booking form to the right.

Full payment is required to secure your booking. Payment can be made via PayPal or direct deposit.

If you cancel your workshop booking you may incur fees. Please read my cancellation policy here.

If a workshop does not reach the minimum numbers required, it may have to be cancelled. If this happens you will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule.

Once your booking form and payment has been received I will contact you to confirm you place and advise any special instructions.

What is Cyanotype?

Do you remember the old blueprints? Engineers, architects and draftsman used a photographic printing process that produced cyan-blue copies of drawings and plans, generally from an original image printed onto transparent film. That process was an adaptation of the original invention of the process by Sir John Herschel in 1842.

Printmaking with cyanotype puts a creative edge to the old blueprint concept. To achieve the chemical reaction and cyan-blue colouring, two chemicals are mixed (ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide), then exposed to UV light. Once exposed, the exposed material is washed in water to stop the chemical reaction.

In this workshop we will explore (sun)printing cyanotypes on paper, but the process can be adapted to fabric, eggshells, and just about any surface that will hold and absorb the chemical.

Some cyanotype play in progress

About Dates and other options

If the dates noted above don’t suit you, or you would like private tuition or to book a private group workshop, this can be arranged. Please contact me and enquire about other date options that better suit you.

You can also sign up to my mailing list to be kept up to date about upcoming workshops dates and opportunities, plus tips, hints and ideas for your own printmaking practice. I will also include information about other local artist workshops in the Maleny Sunshine Coast Hinterland area.

Read what past students have said about this workshop

  • What a wonderful way to spend a day! Kim's love of cyanotype and her style of teaching filled me with the confidence and the ideas to get creating myself at home. Cyanotype is an opportunity to combine chemistry with art, photography with art and offers so many opportunities for experimentation which Kim opened my eyes to. With more learning, practice and understanding I look forward to creating some beautiful pieces for myself, and even as gifts perhaps for others.

    Gill, Mapleton
    Gill, Mapleton Cyanotype
  • I really enjoyed the day. Beautiful location. Beautiful people. So much fun to learn, experiment and play. I’m coming back for more. Thanks Kim

    Julie, Caloundra
    Julie, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • Have a creative block? Need a fresh spark to get back your artistic urges? Kim's workshop is the perfect remedy. Kim is very good at creating the perfect environment in her airy studio to allow creativity to flourish. Professional, also caring and sharing, just the right ratio of attention and demonstration. Dellish cake and coffee. Kim is generous with her supplies and sharing her stash of elements to really travel far, in just a day. So many tips given and resources to find all supplies. Utterly worth attending Kim's workshops.

    Melissa, Sunshine Coast
    Melissa, Sunshine Coast Cyanotypre
  • Feeling the creative block? Totally recommend Kim's classes to lift away the self-doubt that artists, at all stages, flop into with whatever medium one uses. Lovely airy studio, overly generous with supplies. Make new friends over coffee and homemade cake while you learn and create in new ways. Kim freely gives her knowledge and experience to each participant at the perfect moment.

    Melissa, Elimbah
    Melissa, Elimbah Cyanotype
  • This workshop acted like a catalyst to open up a world of possibilities with this medium. Kim showed us enough of those to inspire me to explore and experiment with pushing the blues. Well organised, a lot of information covered which is just what I like in a workshop. Notes of suppliers and references to artists. Plenty of space to work in. Encouragement and help when needed.

    Ruth, Caboulture
    Ruth, Caboulture Cyanotype
  • What a wonderful experience. Kim is a talented and generous teacher. She is happy to share her knowledge and experience and has introduced me to a wonderful technique and I can't wait to start experimenting at home. I feel like I'm at the edge of the rabbit hole.. I can't wait to see where it will take me.

    Gail, Caloundra
    Gail, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • I am a bit if a workshop junky. Love joint to learn new things all the time. Kim’s workshops are the best I have attended. Informative and exciting. We always walk away with lots of of our own work for the day and a head bursting with inspiration. Today was cyanotype workshop and it was wonderful. I recommend trying any of Kim’s workshops. You won’t be disappointed

    Sandy, Mapleton
    Sandy, Mapleton Cyanotype
  • The day was structured well so that there was a good balance of information & practice. Kim is so encouraging & very generous with her skills, knowledge & materials. She is a great communicator & so inspiring. The workshop atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. It is a beautiful spot to spend a day experimenting with new ways of working & meeting like-minded people. The small touches really add to the enjoyment of the day eg the cake & refreshments; all materials laid out & labelled clearly; good space for each person to work comfortably. Thank you Kim.

    Sue, Maleny
    Sue, Maleny Cyanotype
  • I loved the integration of hands-on and technical information in a relaxed environment - my best learning style :-). A very generous selection of materials provided. Exceptionally well prepared and organized, fun and inspirational. I now feel motivated to integrate some of what I have gleaned from this workshop with my current artistic endeavours... Oh - and the citrus cake was superb. Thankyou Kim. Look forward to joining you again in a future session.

    Pippa, Sunshine Coast
    Pippa, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • Kim is an excellent teacher and she made the day FUN. It was a good balance of information and hands on, and Kim was available to answer questions and give advise at any stage. I'm hooked and I'm stoked with some of my prints!

    Katarina, Maleny
    Katarina, Maleny Cyanotype
  • I loved your generosity to share your knowledge, experience & skills plus non judgmental approach to everyone’s work. Love, love the “yes” approach. Thanks so much Kim & I’m hooked on experimenting more with Cyanotype.

    Donna, Brisbane
    Donna, Brisbane Cyanotype
  • [What did you like about this workshop?] Kims expertise about cyanotype. Kims teaching style, keen to get us exploring, very encouraging. I loved that the workshop is so immersive and consuming. Cant think about anything else for the day. I loved that it was so inspiring, giving us lots to go on with. Lots of possibilities. Your workshops are amazing Kim. Thank you so very much.

    Julie, Brisbane
    Julie, Brisbane Cyanotype
  • I attended the Cyanotype workshop and loved it. Kim runs a great workshop in a beautiful place. She provides lots of information face to face and in hand outs. Lots of examples are shown and the process is shown step by step. She gives lots of room to try your own thing and you go home with some lovely work. Kim also provided some lovely morning and afternoon tea. I could highly recommend this workshop and I definetly will be back to do some of the other workshops she runs or maybe even another cyanotype workshop. I am definetly hooked. Thank you!

    Hanneke, Caloundra
    Hanneke, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • Kim's workshops are always a great way to spend a day immersing yourself in creative printing. I find her studio a very relaxing place to learn and play and always feel inspired after spending a day here. The workshops are well organised and you have plenty of space and time to create.

    Jane, Sunshine Coast
    Jane, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • This is the second time I had attended this workshop. I had done a small amount of cyanotype at home but was having no success with the wet cyanotype process. Kim worked out what I was doing wrong and soon had me making lovely wet cyanotypes, not only during the workshop, but now at home as well. Thank you Kim! I would love to see this workshop combined with a gel print workshop. And then a bookmaking workshop.... Maybe a long weekend of workshops? Bliss!!

    Solveig, Maleny
    Solveig, Maleny Cyanotype
  • The day was a nice mix of learning, talking, watching but mostly plenty of time to give cyanotypes a go. I found it inspiring to be amongst other creative people. Kim's passion, warmth and knowledge provided a welcoming learning space to become excited and open to giving things a go. Spending time in her gorgeous art studio was pure art therapy in itself. A light and sunny space with books galore, lots of resources and supplies, beautifully set out work stations, a homemade cake and choice of teas and coffees.

    Lee, Sunshine Coast
    Lee, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • I loved Kim's obvious talent and passion for the subject, I would jump at the chance to do another class with her, she's amazingly talented and so happy to share her talent and knowledge. [The workshop was a] Very relaxed pace, loved the background information about the history of the process. Kim's enthusiasm for cyanotype was infectious and we definitely caught the bug. Beautiful setting (and studio ?). Lots of opportunities to try different materials and techniques, feeling very inspired afterwards!

    Di, Sunshine Coast
    Di, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • Kim’s workshop was informative and fun. I really enjoyed learning the technique, and can’t wait to continue playing.

    Simone, Russell Island
    Simone, Russell Island Cyanotype
  • I loved learning about the history of cyanotype and its creative possibilities. Seeing previous work and work on line was really inspiring. The atmosphere was great, really relaxed and very well organised. I also appreciated the way Kim embraced the knowledge of participants who had a background in art and teaching but was so encouraging to those of us who just wanted to learn a creative process.

    Anon, Sunshine Coast
    Anon, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • This is the first art workshop I have attended. I have not dabbled in art so was unsure about my abilities. I was attracted to the Cyanotype workshop as it didn’t require you to be able to draw or paint. I loved everything about the course. It was extremely well organised, easy to follow and Kim is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed the interaction with the other students and the sharing of ideas plus the results were almost instantaneous. I can’t wait to explore Cyanotype more by myself and would love to participate in another of Kims workshop. Thank you to Kim for making this such a worthwhile and enjoyable day. This has really whetted my appetite to not only explore Cyanotype but also other types of art. Communication from Kim was fantastic.

    Anne, Sunshine Coast
    Anne, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • The timing for delivery of information [during the workshop] and having hands on was just right. Enjoyed seeing what is possible from viewing artists’ works at the end of the day. Lovely group with calm energy.

    Janice, Sunshine Coast
    Janice, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • The studio is just a wonderful, welcoming space & Kim delivers a fun, productive, informative workshop but you learn so much. The encouragement to just give anything a go makes it relaxed and fun. I would encourage anyone even slightly interested in cyanotype, to go to one of Kim's workshops. You can do as much or as little as you like, try things, talk about things, and learn lots. It's an easy process, not messy, and you have results in a short only by your imagination !

    Brenda, Maleny
    Brenda, Maleny Cyanotype
  • Amazing instruction and demonstration... then FREEDOM to explore and experiment. As always EXCEPTIONAL. Highly recommend.

    Angela, Brisbane
    Angela, Brisbane Cyanotype
  • Another great workshop with Kim! It was a fun day shared with some fab ladies, all welcoming, curious and creative.. Kim was a wonderfully, informative and enthusiastic tutor. The day was relaxed and I learnt loads about the process. Thanks so much Kim!

    Daile, Brisbane
    Daile, Brisbane Cyanotype
  • [What did you like about the workshop?] Kim’s wonderful teaching, infectious joy for printmaking and her wonderful resources… I loved my time in her workshop. Being in Kim’s studio is very inspiring and I loved the play element in the workshop.

    Diane, Sunshine Coast
    Diane, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype
  • We had a fabulous time, Everything was prepared ready for us to start after Kim demonstrated. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day, I just love blue! Kim shares lots of information and resources with students and answers all questions happily. She’s a great educator and now I’ve bought a kit to continue the process at home.

    Christine, Caloundra
    Christine, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • Soooo much fun and got the ideas coming overtime. No pressure and plenty of serendipity. Bring a sense of adventure, just great and definitely gets the imagination on fire. Look at everything with different ideas and charging sparks. Girl you are a winner… so giving with information and self… a delight and privilege to have been part of such a wonderful day and experience.

    Mandy, Caloundra
    Mandy, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • The cyanotype workshop is a must for any creative wanting to learn a new technique in printmaking. You don't need any experience, come with an open mind and release the attachment to the outcome!

    Kris, Mapleton
    Kris, Mapleton Cyanotype
  • Had a fabulous time and so much fun Learning lots from Kim. I do have enough information from her. I would recommend to everyone even the first time.

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Cyanotype
  • Kim is very generous with her expert knowledge and time. Great workshop - would definitely recommend!

    Karen, Buderim
    Karen, Buderim Cyanotype
  • I was really looking forward to the cyanotype workshop but it was even better than I expected. There was a spirit of experimentation and play that made everyone comfortable and happy to share their work. This was a workshop that shows how cyanotype is accessible and easy in everyday life, for those with art experience and even for folk like me who aren't so confident at making things.

    Rebecca, Brisbane
    Rebecca, Brisbane Cyanotype
  • Kim is lovely and very knowledgeable and shares that knowledge freely. Not all artists can teach but Kim is a great teacher and I found it a very comfortable class to be part of and I certainly enjoyed my day and learnt a lot. I travelled 3 hours to attend a cyanotype class and I wasn't disappointed. I'd highly recommend this class to anyone.

    Helen, Bundaberg
    Helen, Bundaberg Cyanotype
  • Thank you Kim for sharing your knowledge and teaching us to have fun and experiment with this exciting process. I like the “ there is no right way or wrong way mantra”…… and any excuse to find another way to add more blue to my life/home. Endless possibilities buzzing around in my head!!

    Jill, Buderim
    Jill, Buderim Cyanotype
  • So much wonderful information from Kim and lots and lots of prepared pages for us to play. Such an enjoyable day. This is my second workshop and I plan to attend more. Kim is a wonderful teacher and the day is always bit informative and fun. Thoroughly recommend Kim.

    Jann, Caloundra
    Jann, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • I loved the process & found your teaching very clear & accessible. You made it very easy & so much fun. Love your workshops, really loved cyanotype & appreciate that you sell small batches of materials so we can continue to play before we commit to buying in bulk.

    Katie, Curramore
    Katie, Curramore Cyanotype
  • It was a lovely friendly learning environment. Kim is very giving of herself teaching and sharing with us as much as she can. I found the Cyanotype workshop inspiring and has filled me with heaps of ideas.

    Marjorie, Sunshine Coast
    Marjorie, Sunshine Coast Cyanotype Workshop
  • The instructor (Kim), was thorough, knowledgeable, organised and friendly. The entire experience was great, I came away with an abundance of new skills and the opportunity for ongoing support. Kim is generous of her time and knowledge.

    Cheryl, Doonan
    Cheryl, Doonan Cyanotype Workshop
  • "There was lots of very positive chatter about yesterday’s workshop and lots of envy from those who didn’t join us. Ingrid has already booked with you for later in the year. Kim you are a very generous and enormously talented tutor and your positive encouragement was much appreciated. Thank you from all of us." Jenny --- "Having never had an artistic flair I was worried I might have been out of my depth at the workshop. However, with Kim's enthusiasm and encouragement I was very pleased with my achievements. I found the process stimulating, rewarding and therapeutic and look forward to expanding my knowledge." Gloria  ---  "Just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your talent with us today , I enjoyed the day and I am looking forward to continuing printing at home." Alison --- "Great experience. Highly recommended. Just learning something new and having different experiences is what life is all about. Treat yourself!" Julie

    Mah-jong Friends, Buderim, Sunshine Coast
    Mah-jong Friends, Buderim, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • "Many thanks Kim for such a lovely day. Your workshops are the best. Such a well informed and generous teacher. See you at the Winter school." Chris  ---  "Thank you for your inspiration and generosity of information yesterday, I really enjoyed the learining experience and meeting with you" Joy

    Buderim Craft Cottge, Fibre Art & Surface Design Group
    Buderim Craft Cottge, Fibre Art & Surface Design Group Cyanotype Workshop
  • Kim is a great teacher and awesome artist. She covers everything so thoroughly and at the same time encourages us to experiment and embrace the surprises. This gives confidence to have a go without being stuck on ideas of perfection. With cyanotypes, its often the surprises which are the most beautiful. Kim is warm and generous with so much information. Her home studio is welcoming with inspiration everywhere. At the end of the workshop you feel absolutely empowered to go home and keep producing work.

    Luisa, Woodford
    Luisa, Woodford Cyanotype
  • I had a thoroughly enjoyable day doing Cyanotype with Kim as a total beginner to this technique I didn't really know what to expect. The workshop was well run with well paced information throughout the day without becoming overwhelming and lots of practical time making our own cyanotypes. I came away with the knowledge and confidence to continue this printing process and plenty of stimulating ideas to take it even further.

    Lee, Maleny
    Lee, Maleny Cyanotype
  • A sense of excitement begins right at the beginning of the first announcements, followed by the pre-workshop information about what to bring and what to expect. Following this build-up, one is ready to step into the studio and be carried away in this new experience. Everything has been thought through so carefully and is reflected in the materials and notes waiting at each participant's work space. The studio is light and airy, with tea and coffee available all day. We start on time and work our way through the day - I like the initial information - what we're going to do/achieve, and how we're gong to do it. There are always plenty of notes/lists of resources, materials/and more - everything one needs to know to keep going once we leave for home. I like the pace, your delivery style and your roving - ready to comment or assist everyone who needs it, and all in a positive relaxed manner. Everything rolled smoothly along - your organisation is superb, seamless, from the studio instruction, out to the garden, back again, and into the dark room. It was so good to see the intensity of each person working through these new experiences, and sharing this joy with each other. Finally, I thought the experience of looking at other artists' work was a really nice wind up -something to strive for, and by this time we really had an appreciation of how these artists were achieving their results. By the end of the day I felt I had some skills to develop at home. And you left us in the security that you are always happy to help if we have further questions.

    Janene, Brisbane
    Janene, Brisbane Cyanotype Workshop
  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending Kim’s Cyanotype workshop. The weather tried to conspire against us, however there was still enough sun to achieve good results. Also learned that the weather doesn’t need to be sunny to achieve a result. I will putting these skills to use in the near future.

    CD, Bribane
    CD, Bribane Cyanotype
  • I participated in Kim’s Cyanotype workshop, and was new to the process. Despite bad weather, Kim was adaptable, and extremely well prepared. There was a great mix of theory, show and tell, and hands on experimentation. Highly recommended!

    Robyn, North of Brisbane
    Robyn, North of Brisbane Cyanotype
  • Our Visual Art teaching staff have highly enjoyed the fantastic Cyanotype workshop with Kim. We had a wonderful day learning and experimenting with this technique. I would strongly recommend her workshops for art teachers, artists and also beginners. Kim is very warm host who is only too happy to provide knowledge of skills, resources and materials. She was able to encourage us to be in their innermost creative and mindful zones.

    Elizabeth Clout, Nambour State College
    Elizabeth Clout, Nambour State College Cyanotype Workshop
  • I will be back for more. I love how caring and giving you are as a tutor and provide such a non-competitive, non-judgemental play space.

    Roz, Toowoomba
    Roz, Toowoomba Cyanotype Workshop
  • Recently attended a Cyanotype workshop and had an absolutely wonderful day. Kim gave easy to understand instructions, numerous examples of what to expect that attendees could feel, look at and discuss. There were ample things to try out and lots of space to move about easily. Kim was on hand with suggestions and answers and a plethora of information in follow up emails. Her studio is light and airy, easy to access and has beautiful views to enjoy whilst stopping for lunch.

    Em, Caloundra
    Em, Caloundra Cyanotype Workshop
  • What a wonderful way to spend a day! Kim's love of cyanotype and her style of teaching filled me with the confidence and the ideas to get creating myself at home. Cyanotype is an opportunity to combine chemistry with art, photography with art and offers so many opportunities for experimentation which Kim opened my eyes to. With more learning, practice and understanding I look forward to creating some beautiful pieces for myself, and even as gifts perhaps for others.

    Gill, Mapleton
    Gill, Mapleton Cyanotype
  • I really enjoyed the day. Beautiful location. Beautiful people. So much fun to learn, experiment and play. I’m coming back for more. Thanks Kim

    Julie, Caloundra
    Julie, Caloundra Cyanotype
  • Have a creative block? Need a fresh spark to get back your artistic urges? Kim's workshop is the perfect remedy. Kim is very good at creating the perfect environment in her airy studio to allow creativity to flourish. Professional, also caring and sharing, just the right ratio of attention and demonstration. Dellish cake and coffee. Kim is generous with her supplies and sharing her stash of elements to really travel far, in just a day. So many tips given and resources to find all supplies. Utterly worth attending Kim's workshops.

    Melissa, Sunshine Coast
    Melissa, Sunshine Coast Cyanotypre