Printmaking is my passion. It is my respite. Its my second love

My printmaking work covers lino printing, metal and solar plate etching, monotype, collagraph and the occasional digital inclusion; exploring traditional and new printmaking media. I also work with letterpress, where I can explore my love of type and the fading craft of hand setting lead type then inking the press to manually print the words.

My subject matter is generally taken from the natural environment, with some surprises from the urban landscape.

In a culture of haste and automation, I find that the natural environment encourages me to be still and present.

join me and play and learn the craft of printmaking

If you are wanting one-on-one tuition, or even private lessons with a friend,
I also offer private classes for one-to-two people. We will discuss what you want to cover and I can tailor classes for you.

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Sketching with Words

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein