Printmaking Paper – Part 4: Paper Size

And finally the last in my paper Four Part Series. Let’s have a look at Paper Size (as in the physical dimension of paper and not paper size that relates to adding a degree of water [...]

Paper – Part 3: Storing Printmaking Papers (and other information you didn’t know you needed to know)

There are so many different aspects to paper. Beyond identifying what makes printmaking paper printmaking paper, there is storage, preparation, to-stretch-or-not-to-stretch, watermarks, pricing [...]

Paper – Part 1: What is Printmaking Paper

I love paper! I love how it feels, and I especially love what you can do with it. I love deckled edges, handmade papers, machine-made, thin, thick, smooth, textured and toothy papers.

Inky Ramblings from my moment in history

WOW what a year this is turning out to be! After the start with the fires, who in their wildest dreams could have imagined whats unfolding now? In spite of whats happening at the moment, I hope [...]

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