A printmaker’s cat

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MY printmaker’s cat!

The Studio is complete again … meow! 

This delightful feline came into my life a couple of months ago. Monty.

And in true cat-style, he is sitting on the artwork!

Monty, a printmakers cat

I’ve missed having a fur-companion. Many people who attended my workshops met Maggie … the Princess of The Studio. She was a beautiful, regal Scottish Deerhound who lived to a very ripe old age of 9 years and 4 months. Trust me, that’s a good run for a such a large dog. But it doesn’t make me miss her any less!

Ruby the greyhound spent 6 months with me in the studio last year. She assumed the coma-position on the couch for every workshop. But my studio wasn’t the right home for her and she is living her best life on another couch down by the sea. I miss her too.

Now I have Monty … a chatty, beautiful furball full of personality and love.

Or rather … Monty has me. Me as his slave. Me to cater to his every whim. Me to house, feed, indulge and entertain him.

It really is lovely with him bossing me around the home and studio.

If he’s not sitting on the artwork, he’s claiming every comfy corner of the house, including my favourite ‘wombat’ bean bag. And sitting on the keyboard.

Did you know …

If you’re a printmaker AND a cat lover you may be terribly excited to learn that there is a book dedicated to printmaker’s cats … The Printmaker’s Cat by Alan Marshall.

It is one of my many linocut reference books. Cats and prints!

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  • Andrina

    Love Monty the master of the Studio, selector of artwork and boss of your house????????????
    Love your Studio and the beautiful prints created within.????????????

  • Sue Martin

    Monty looks very like my Misty, who lived for 19 1/2 years. I hope that you enjoy the company of Monty for just as long, depending on how old he is now of course!

    • Kim Herringe

      I hope so. He’s 5, so has quite a few years of reigning The Studio ahead for both of us 🙂

  • Sue Martin

    Just a baby really! A long reign ahead for Monty! ????

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