Eco-Printing on Paper


Saturday 5 August – FULL
Tuesday 29 August – FULL
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9:45am for a 10am start
Finishing around 4pm

New Students: $250
Returning Students: $230
ALL materials included
*Pensioners and Carers pay as a Returning Student

The Studio, North Maleny

Minimum 4 people
Maximum 6 people

For the love of botanicals and paper!

Eco-printing is a simple and surprisingly beautiful art form. We will eco-print on to paper only, exploring different paper types, preparation and cooking options and a few other considerations. What you learn in this workshop can be applied to eco-printing on textiles.

We will take a hands-on, no-fuss approach, so you’ll be able to continue eco-printing you own papers from home. You can then continue your own exploration of this beautiful process.

This workshop is suitable anyone looking for an introduction to eco-printing, all ages over 16.

Scroll down to see some photos of student’s work.


After attended this eco-printing workshop, you may be interested in a special Extension workshop where you can further develop the process. People who have attended either the Eco-printing on Silk and Paper or the Paper only workshop are able to attend this workshop extension. Scroll down or click here for more information.


Learning Outcome

Eco-printing refers to the act of using plant materials to directly apply color and printed marks to textiles and paper. You will leave this workshop with a range of papers that you have eco-printed yourself using a few different approaches to the process.

We will explore:

  • different ‘bundling’ options
  • printing with and without natural dye
  • dips and blankets, mordants, modifiers and additives

You will leave handouts and plenty of information to continue making your own eco-printed papers at home.

During our workshop we’ll discuss and work through:

  • some of the language used in eco-prinitng
  • preparation of paper for eco-printing
  • plant material selection and preparation
  • how to continue eco-printing at home, without the need for fancy equipment

Please note: if you are wanting to create a predictable outcome with control over the botanical elements we use, then this workshop is not for you. There are so many variable factors that work to produce the final eco-printed result. If you love the process and with more exploration, you can influence and guide the results toward a desired outcome. You will leave with handout information, including a list of resources to buy (and from where), lists of printed and ebooks to reference, and other artists to explore – all this to further develop your knowledge of eco-printing.


All necessary materials for this workshop are covered in your Materials Fee.

– different paper types for eco-printing
– botanical materials for our eco-printing
– mordants and dyes required for this process
– equipment for boiling
– tea and coffee, with a light morning and afternoon tea

Not Included

Everything you need for this workshop is included and provided.

What to Bring

Something to take your wet papers home – an old bath towel to lay your wet papers flat for the trip home will work perfectly.

Lunch. You can pop into town to buy lunch, but it is a few minutes drive and parking can be difficult (Maleny is a popular weekend destination). Therefore I recommend you bring your lunch and maximise the time you have printing and learning in the studio.

Bring a journal or notebook for taking notes during the workshop.


​Participants are advised to wear closed in shoes, and suitable clothing or apron that you do not mind getting dirty.

We will be working with natural, non-toxic materials on the day. Gloves will be provided to be used when we unwrap our eco-printed papers at the end of the workshop.


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If you cancel your workshop booking you may incur fees. Please read my cancellation policy here.

If a workshop does not reach the minimum numbers required, it may have to be cancelled. If this happens you will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule.

Once your booking form and payment has been received I will contact you to confirm you place and advise any special instructions.

Below are examples of eco-printed papers by students in recent workshops.

What is eco-printing?

At its core, eco-printing is the act of directly applying botanical elements (leaves, bark, flowers) to textiles and paper to alter and/or apply colour and ‘print’ impressions of the botanical material on to the textile or paper surface. Eco-dyeing can be a component of eco-printing, but it is not the same. The ‘eco’ reference in both applications is the fact that natural materials are used to achieve the results. By natural I mean leaves, bark, flowers, roots and stems.

Who am I to teach eco-printing?

I am a printmaker – I love to print on and with anything! And I am curious. I adore paper, and I love working with nature – so for me, eco-printing onto paper is a match made in heaven.

I am not a botanist – but I love nature, trees, plants, especially natives, and am teaching myself about the language, varieties, species and details of the plants I love to work with.

I am not a scientist – but I love process, and I respect science. With research, reading and doing, I learn; and I love to share what I learn.

I am a teacher – I am a student – I am an artist – I love to teach, but I also love to learn. I don’t believe that we should ever stop learning. And this process presents so many experimental possibilities. It is a relatively new process, and there are people the world over discovering new approaches to this fascinating process. I have eco-printed dozens and dozens of silk scarves and countless strips and squares and pieces of paper. In this workshop I share with you my process, and my tips and learned information so you leave armed with enough information (and more) to keep printing and exploring the craft of eco-printing from home.

Below are examples of some of my eco-prints on paper, in addition to the printed papers shown at the top of the page:

NEW – Eco-printing on Paper Workshop Extension

This Extension workshop is ONLY available to people who have attended my Eco-printing on Paper or Eco-printing on Silk and Paper workshops. It is all about revisiting the process and exploring new variables, or working to influence a particular result.

We’ll have a quick refresher about the process to get started, then you have the day to dip, bundle, blanket, boil and unbundle, with me there to tutor, support and guide you as needed.

All materials are provided – papers, mordants, dyes, local plants. You can bring your mordants, dyes and plants if you want to. I will also have some bonus silk to work with on the day.

COST – $230, all materials included
GROUP SIZE – minimum 4, maximum 6 people

About Dates and other options

If the dates noted above don’t suit you, or you would like private tuition or to arrange a private group workshop, please contact me to enquire about other date options that better suit you.

You can also sign up to my mailing list to be kept up to date about upcoming workshops dates and opportunities, plus tips, hints and ideas for your own printmaking practice. I will also include information about other local artist workshops in the Maleny Sunshine Coast Hinterland area.

Read what past students have said about this workshop

  • Just do it! The wonder of this workshop is that, when you have no experience whatsoever, perhaps you may even think that you are not capable, this process is so relatively simple (with the right guidance) that anyone, literally ANYONE, can do it and discover that they can create art! The process in itself requires no prior knowledge. How cool is that!

    Kimmyg, Northcoastbeadmakers, Sunshine Coast
    Kimmyg, Northcoastbeadmakers, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • The workshop was excellent. Well designed and paced with a good mix of 'theory' and practical work. We came away with new skills, some great work and the confidence to give it a go. NZ flora watch out here we come. Thanks Kim for an excellent and inspiring day. And of course your signature the cake....

    Geoff and Jan P, New Zealand
    Geoff and Jan P, New Zealand Eco-printing on Paper
  • I love how relaxed you are. Made me feel like any outcome was a great one! I love the surprise element of unwrapping each precious bundle to reveal something I created accidentally and with the help of nature! And I absolutely love your studio space, inspiring, comforting and spacious. Thank you for a wonderful day!

    Erin, Sunshine Coast
    Erin, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • A fun day of full of surprises! It was interesting to learn about the different techniques, and I was blown away with the results. Kim shares so much information, it’ll take time to get it all to sink in!! Loved the workshop!

    Katarina, Maleny
    Katarina, Maleny Eco-printing on Paper
  • I love Kim's workshops and have done several. Well planned and structured with great background information. The notes that we received has all the information you need to make the day a great success! Every minute is perfectly planned to enable the student to get the most benefit from the class.

    Sandra, Gold Coast
    Sandra, Gold Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • I have just finished Kim's Eco Printing workshop. This was my first time cooking with plants for dye and printing and I was impressed with Kim's depth of knowledge, the structure of the workshop and the amount we learnt by doing the practical work in the workshop. Kim has a lovely workshop flow where you learn by doing but don't feel rushed. At the end of the day you have examples to take home with extensive notes so you can replicate the processes at home. The small workshop size meant we could all ask questions when we thought of them and not wait. A fantastic day.

    Lee, Maleny
    Lee, Maleny Eco-printing on Paper
  • The Studio is an inspiring space that allows for creativity with no judgement or barriers. It's a safe space. There is a logical process in how the workshop is presented which allows for building on what was previously explored. Kim is a wonderful teacher. Bright, cheery and motivating. Kim is very good in explaining processes with visual examples providing very clear notes and resources and is very supportive of other artists through acknowledging their work and expertise. The small group of 6 people in a class allows for intimacy, meeting new people and affording plenty of workspace for each individual to play.

    Vicki, Sunshine Coast
    Vicki, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • I can see the connection between my love of fibre arts and this sort of printing. I think it is almost an extension of one part of the craft to another. Fascinating experiment with plants and different mordants. Really enjoyed the whole day and felt connected to the experience. Your teaching style suites my learning style. You were well prepared and happily stopped to answer questions at the relevant spot. Not a “ wait till later” response. Clear instructions and explanations. Handouts to take home very relevant and helpful as there was such a lot of information to absorb.

    Lindel, Connondale
    Lindel, Connondale Eco-printing on Paper
  • Thanks once again for an amazing day full of insight and wisdom! I feel armed with all the information and knowledge I need to explore eco-printing at home using all the bounty from my farm. A wonderful day Kim!

    Kylie, Dayboro
    Kylie, Dayboro Eco-printing on Paper
  • Thank you so much Kim! I will 100% be back for another workshop - I have my eye on gelli printing, book binding and more! [I like] How beautifully organised everything was, how well the day flowed, the amazing gluten free cake, the views and of course - our generous and wonderful teacher Kim!

    Chrissy, Brisbane
    Chrissy, Brisbane Eco-printing on Paper
  • I have engaged in many workshops over the years, but this one was by far, the best I have experienced. Kim’s level of organisation is second to none - with nothing forgotten and even the smallest detail considered.. This workshop has inspired me to re-engage with my creative side and I have come away feeling that I can truly continue this journey at home with ease. I absolutely loved unwrapping the bundles…. the thrill of discovering what had been created in the ‘cook’ was intoxicating. Thank you, Kim!

    Louise, Sunshine Coast
    Louise, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • I thought Kim was an excellent tutor, pitched beautifully and at the right pace so that students could absorb the information. Delivered with grace and good humour, a delightful day. The workshop was well organised and was in depth. It was delivered in a way that the technicalities could be absorbed. It was comprehensive and fun.

    Catherine, Sunshine Coast
    Catherine, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • Thank you Kim for yet another awesome workshop on the wonderland that is Eco-printing. I always appreciate your generous teaching style & your vast experience so kindly shared. I can’t wait to get some pots on the boil for more experimenting with a myriad of colourful botanicals & natural dyes. The excitement of the magical ‘big reveal’ after unbinding the cooked packages were some of my favourite moments of the day Such a delight to hear the joyful “ohs & ahs” of the other workshop participants as we witnessed our eco-prints unfold! Eco-printing gives me a new dimension to capture the beauty of nature - it really is an exciting & exquisite process - really enjoyable, workshop which I would do again & again - THANKS Kim ?

    Ros, Buderim
    Ros, Buderim Eco-printing on Paper
  • Kim had put a lot of thought and planning into set-up and preparation for the workshop. Because the timing had been so carefully allocated and instructions were clear the day proceeded smoothly and a lot was achieved. Unwrapping our bundles revealed the wonderful interactions of the eco printing process. The colours and patterns produced were amazing. The workshop lead me to discover new and creative pathways that I am interested to explore. Another layer of interest has been added to the way I look at my native garden. Thank you Kim for a wonderful day and for so generously sharing your knowledge. You have ignited a new interest.

    Catherine, Mapleton
    Catherine, Mapleton Eco-printing on Paper
  • As another student commented 'Kim's workshops are like a day spa for artists'. Great venue, wonderful teacher, fascinating subject and yummy cake!

    Solveig, Maleny
    Solveig, Maleny Eco-printing on Paper
  • Fabulous and fun day with Kim and five other ladies creating eco prints from botanicals. Even though the process is unpredictable I was thrilled with the results we achieved. Came away with so much information and knowledge to play at home with the help of my garden and exciting to explore the possible cross over use of this type of printmaking with other arts forms and disciplines. Thank you Kim for enlightening and enjoyable experience!

    Caroline, Bribie Island
    Caroline, Bribie Island Eco-printing on Paper
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about eco-printing was covered - even the things you didn't know you needed to know. All of this was accomplished in the time allocated because of Kim's preparation before the class, which must have taken her hours, so that we could reap the benefits without feeling time pressured. I might have enjoyed a workshop more but I can't recall any! Hands down the best.

    May, Ipswich
    May, Ipswich Eco-printing on Paper
  • [What did you like about the workshop?] Learning new skills and practising them. During this process Kim is always on hand to answer any questions. Releasing the outcome is a definite with this type of workshop as we don’t know what will happen in the ‘cooking’ process. Also is always nice meeting a group of like minded ladies and sharing the day with them.

    Cherie, Brisbane
    Cherie, Brisbane Eco-printing on Paper
  • Another wonderful workshop with Kim. We learned so much and take that knowledge home with excellent notes and our special pieces of art. Always a very sociable and happy day. Thank you Kim

    Jann, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Jann, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
  • Kim is such a knowledgeable, talented, enthusiastic teacher. Her prep was so thorough and she passed on so much personal knowledge and experience to the group on the day while encouraging individual experimentation. The set up was amazing - so well organised - all materials easy to access. She is so generous with her time and sharing her knowledge and experience. A lovely spirit. thank you. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who were there on the day - all of whom were encouraging, helpful, enthusiastic and shared their knowledge with the group as well. It was a lovely day.

    Julie, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Julie, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • Everyone of your workshops that I have attended are just fabulous. I learn so much. The information we receive is fantastic and we leave with so much creative energy. Such a fun, learning experience day. Such an excellent teacher. Thanks

    Ellen, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Ellen, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • I had a great time. I loved Your wonderful friendly sharing of knowledge and great organisation. It was so informative and added bonus of all the written material to follow and keep for future reference.

    Deb, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Deb, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • It was such a pleasure to be guided by Kim through her well organised workshop. Not having to source materials made for a great day with delicious chocolate cake an added bonus. I loved the varied results we all got- a super day, thanks Kim.

    Sue, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Sue, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • [I liked] getting to try different practical eco-printing examples. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on eco-printing, I look forward to exploring this more!

    Rachel, Cooroy
    Rachel, Cooroy Eco-printing on Paper
  • Great explanations/handouts of the Eco process and the clear and informative discussion from Kim. I was extremely happy with the amount of prints we achieved and there were 4 different techniques to attempt and enjoy our own and the other workshop members results. The workshop promoted discussion amongst people within the workshop. There were a lot of preparation pre workshop that meant the workshop went smoothly. Thoroughly enjoyed the encouragement from Kim to have a go and the further discussion once our results were unveiled. Thank You!

    Trevor, Brisbane
    Trevor, Brisbane Eco-printing on Paper
  • Kim is wonderful explained and much informations we needs. I would recommend you all come for any of her workshops. She is my favourite teacher by far..... It's my 6th times I attended her workshops.

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Eco-printing on Paper
  • In Kim's workshops you really get Kim's passion and enthusiasm for her art making it is infectious. I have done 2 of her workshops now eco printing on paper and Gelatin Plate mono printing and would highly recommend both. I get very inspired from these workshops to bring the techniques learnt into my own art making.

    Robyn, Brisbane
    Robyn, Brisbane Eco-printing on Paper
  • I just want to say thank you again, it was great fun and I learnt a lot...although I had done a workshop on this subject before, this one was much more enjoyable, the venue, your tutoring style and the methods you shared were simple and very really was most enjoyable and relaxing. I think the very best thing was how you had everything ready, the paper already soaking, the fabric (blankets) all cut up....nothing was difficult or hard...just heaps of fun. [I liked] Your beautiful company and homely friendly incredibly organised you are....the way you were ready for anything and there was never a feeling that ...omg I don't understand or don't know what to do! I also really appreciated how you helped in a hands on way...tightening the strings and checking to make sure that all was working correctly...that is so reassuring when one is learning something new.

    Valerie, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Valerie, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • I especially loved the learning and sharing of our experience as a group. Kim your knowledge and your enthusiasm for your craft is so infectious. You are very generous sharing so much of your learned experiences with us and this was so appreciated by all there. Your studio is well set up and the space is inviting and has a wonderful welcoming feel as soon at you enter. Congratulations on a well planned and run workshop. You did well to keep use on target and would love to participate in more of your workshops. A bit tired today but still buzzing with excitement and looking forward to the next step.

    Susan, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Susan, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • Kim was very well prepared and organised . Kim is amazing with her generosity of knowledge. I think I am addicted to Kim’s workshops!

    Margaret, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Margaret, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • A thoroughly enjoyable day and such a wonderfully organised workshop involving 4 different methods of eco printing on paper with amazing results. Could not think of anything to improve such a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience. Thanks Kim, you are incredible!

    Barbi, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Barbi, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • Just loved the excellent results from the 4 different processes which were very well explained by Kim, an excellent tutor! It was a great learning experience. I loved seeing the varied colours and prints from the other participants. Also loved not having to source any items for the workshop as Kim provided papers, solutions and plant material. The chocolate cake was also very special.

    Sue, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra
    Sue, Hard Pressed Printmakers, Caloundra Eco-printing on Paper
  • Very informative and enjoyable class - Clear instructions and layout of whole procedure. Loved every minute and best part was opening and unrolling our cooked plant bundles --- Like Xmas presents! Kim is a very accomplished teacher and always ready to help with advice on how to better the process. Thank you for a very enjoyable day.

    Sandra, Gold Coast
    Sandra, Gold Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • This new eco-printing workshop is another step up and has taken my understanding and confidence to a new level. It was full of information, creativity & chocolate. I highly recommend all Kim's workshops, and this one has given me the inspiration and skills to go ahead and create some of the ideas currently stuck in my brain.

    Katie, Maleny
    Katie, Maleny Eco-printing on Paper
  • The event was the wonderful, inspiring day that I expected. Kim, you seem to attract wonderful souls to your studio. Every single workshop that I have had the privilege of joining has been populated by positive, enthusiastic folks who want to learn and are generous in their support of their fellow participants. You are not only an excellent teacher but also an amazing psychologist! And the wall in the toilet is inspiring, comforting, and amusing…. as well as an ongoing reminder of the work we humans need to do to ensure health and wellbeing!

    Louise, Brighton Qld
    Louise, Brighton Qld Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I loved the relaxed atmosphere and although I didn’t know any of the participants, I felt that I was coming ‘home’ when I arrived and entered your glorious studio. As always, the workshop included safety instructions as well as critical information provided in a clear, logical manner accompanied by examples of work. You are a consummate instructor (teacher) Kim! Other aspects… organisation, space to work, provision of generous notes, tools and materials, comfortable and beautiful surroundings, great resources (books and examples of work), relaxed but purposeful atmosphere, lovely participants, and positive enthusiasm by all as materials were unbundled. WhooHoo! Magic on the mountain.

    Louise, Brighton Qld
    Louise, Brighton Qld
  • The eco-printing workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, delivered with Kim’s obvious passion, knowledge, and excellent teaching. It flowed smoothly with everything technically well prepared; still leaving space for enquiry, creativity, discovery, and happy surprises. Kim's workshop process pays a great deal of attention to the needs and experience of individual participants. Even though we were fully immersed in our creations, everyone was relaxed and friendly, making it a completely delightful day. I certainly am determined to continue my journey with botanical printing. Thank you, Kim!

    Susan, Brisbane
    Susan, Brisbane Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Kim’s generosity in sharing her time and extensive knowledge is second to none. The workshop was absolutely enjoyable in every way.

    Barbi, Caloundra
    Barbi, Caloundra Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I loved making the scarfs, it was the highlight for me. I still enjoyed making the paper printing, which was fabulous too. I would definitely consider doing this again, to try making the scarfs a bit different.

    Marie, Brisbane
    Marie, Brisbane Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • It's was so much fun and fantastic day. So much informations I need and I will be definitely back for more new experience workshops. Thanks Kim.

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Kim is a wonderful tutor full of information on techniques, history, supply sources outlets, alternatives and much more. Kim is warm and engaging in her teaching methods that make you feel very welcomed in her environment which add to the overall learning experience. I found the process for Eco printing was a rather cathartic experience as we scrolled through the table of leaves and dried bark which were our dyes. Then placing these collections at will over our silk and papers, then binding them up tightly for boiling which releases the colours from the plant materials onto our mediums. The anticipation of the unknown print result and colours was exciting to see. Overall it was a wonderful day with a bunch of really lovely people to meet and I had fun learning another new artistic processes.

    Marjorie, Mapleton
    Marjorie, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Extremely well presented, very knowledgeable, lots of information with lots of fun. very hands on which is super great. Lovely group of people all have a very good time and learning a new creative art. Every thing was explained extremely well and was all easy to understand.

    Neale, Toogoolawah
    Neale, Toogoolawah Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • A very well presented workshop, all materials provided. The day just flowed as we worked on our respective silk and paper prints. I was delighted with my first attempts at Eco-printing. Thank you Kim for a most enjoyable experience.

    Jan, Maleny Private Group Eco-prinitng
  • The course was well presented easy to understand and exciting,Kim is so informative everything we wanted to know was answered and also in handouts for continued reference.I would highly recommend this workshop I got so much out of it and it was conducted in beautiful surrounds. I will definitely be back.

    Sue, Withcott
    Sue, Withcott Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Kim is very good at explaining throughout the day and I am so happy to come out the results I made it. The papers I'm more interested in. Cuz I love PAPERS. I would recommend you all go to her workshops. Thanks Kim you made my day. Look forward to more workshops with u Kim. Thanks.

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Information packed, friendly and relaxed atmosphere made this the most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.

    Kerri, Mooloolah
    Kerri, Mooloolah Botanical Impressions Eco-printing
  • 6 out of 5 stars for the Botanical Impressions Eco-Printing Workshop Kim's passion and knowledge and love of art is contagious. I would do this course every weekend if I could afford it but luckily for me Kim has armed me with the instruction and knowledge to be able to do this at home. >From the minute you walk into her studio you are overwhelmed by a sense of calm. I LOVED THIS CLASS

    Kristin, North Lakes
    Kristin, North Lakes Botanical Impressions Eco-printing
  • Give yourself a chance to immerse in a different world to be creative. Learn new skills and a process that will open up new directions in your artistic life (even if you have never had an artistic life before this workshop).

    Laurel, Brisbane
    Laurel, Brisbane Botanical Impressions Eco-printing
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I walked away from the day wanting more and wanting to continue to experiment. The resources provided were excellent, and Kim is an excellent teacher. The results were different for everyone, I think that is why it was so exciting. Fabulous process, I would highly recommend this workshop.

    Kris, Mapleton
    Kris, Mapleton Botanical Impressions Eco-printing
  • I organised a group of friends and we had a great day we all took home some very beautiful silk scarves and paper. Kim was excellent with information and made us feel very welcome.

    Judy, Sunshine Coast
    Judy, Sunshine Coast Botanical Impressions Eco-printing
  • The workshop was great. The studio was first class (dream studio). I thought the number of participants was just right for a hands on workshop. Everything was set up and ready and the day flowed smoothly. Great instruction and sharing, no pressure and to top off a lovely location.

    Angelique, Sunshine Coast
    Angelique, Sunshine Coast Botanical Impressions Eco-printing
  • Throughly enjoyed the Botanical Impressions Eco-printing workshop. Kim is so generous with resources, ideas, and examples of what can be produced with the techniques. Am going to enjoying working through the information and experimenting more. I will definitely be attending more of Kim’s workshops.

    Jenny, Maroochydore
    Jenny, Maroochydore Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Kim's EcoPrinting on Silk and Paper workshop was very informative, I learn a lot from this GREAT ART TEACHER! Excellent skills and ideas were presented in a very pertinent and clear manner, informative tips were given with great explanations. This was the BEST Art Workshop I've EVER Experienced (and I'm a workshop frequenter). Thank you so much Kim for the fabulous workshop!!!

    Bonnie, Sunshine Coast
    Bonnie, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I totally enjoyed Kim's Botanical Impressions Eco-Printing workshop, and getting into the practicalities of what is a mysterious and serendipitous art. Kim managed to cover this in her straight forward and easy going manner. I am quite proud of my 'beginner' eco-printed scarves and the gorgeous botanical shapes and colours on paper.

    Jennifer, Mapleton
    Jennifer, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending this workshop. Relaxed but very informative and I ended up with scarves and paper that I'm quite proud of! I think Kim is very clever and her passion for the subject shines through - she really loves what she does. I will definitely be attending more of her classes.

    Megan, Mapleton
    Megan, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I have been to a few of Kim's workshops so far and I think this particular workshop has been the most satisfying. Just love the scarves and paper we produced. Love the environment, Kim's easy reassuring manner, all the resources available and the other participants. Oh and Maggie - of course!

    Meryl, Mapleton
    Meryl, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I loved the workshop in its entirety. It was a wonderful, fun, interactive day with just the right number of students in Kim’s studio. Everything that we needed for our artistic processes was provided. She was available to each and every one of us for advice and assistance. Her enthusiasm with her art is contagious. Kim is a great communicator passing on her craft with explanation and demonstration. She is a natural teacher and generous with her knowledge. Our day flowed beautifully because of Kim’s planning for a highly successful workshop.. I look forward to my next one!

    Mary Ann, Perigian
    Mary Ann, Perigian Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Thanks to Kim for making Botanicals on silk and paper workshop an enjoyable experience. Kim takes a practical approach to this medium and makes the process easy to replicate at home. I loved the pieces of art I created. Thanks Kim

    Sue, Woombye
    Sue, Woombye Eco-printing on Silk and Paper