Gel Plate Monoprinting – Online Workshop

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– 6 Leaning Modules
– 2 Bonus Modules
– Resource pages with more information
– 2 hours of video content across 30+ videos
– Supported with downloadable pdfs
– Self-paced, work at your own speed
– ALL videos have Closed Captions

You will have access to the workshop content for the lifetime of the course, or at least one year after you enroll. Access is via my own dedicated online learning portal at Scroll down for more info on the portal.

Access to a Students-only private Facebook group


Have you been wanting to attend one of my in-person gelatin plate monoprinting workshops, but geography or COVID19 have made that impossible?

Have you been wanting to try your hand at something creative, but drawing and painting isn’t for you?

I create fine art gelatin plate monotype prints using (mostly) botanical materials. In my in-person workshops, I teach my approach to this monoprinting process.

And in this online workshop, I take my in-person workshop experience online – and I am so excited to be able to bring it to a worldwide audience 🙂

Click here and read what students who have attended my in-person workshop have to say about their workshop experience.


Below is the Introduction video for Module 1, getting you ready to go into detail about the tools and materials that you’ll need to create gelatin plate monotype prints in this workshop. There is approximately 2 hours of video content in this online workshop, spread across 30+ videos. Several videos have downloadable pdf documents that support to content of the lesson and video.

All workshop videos include closed captions/subtitles.

Workshop Overview

By the time you finish this workshop you will be equipped with the skills to confidently print your own monotype designs with gelatin plates. I will demonstrate and teach the approach that I take to this deliciously creative process … you will be able to take those learnings and adapt and develop your own style and approach, creating your own gel plate monotype prints.

In this online workshop, I will be showing you, step-by-step, how I create my botanical referenced gelatin plate monotype prints.

My approach is just one way to use your gel plates. Once you have an understanding of the basics of the process and materials, the potential is endless as to what you can do and where you can take this process.

All videos have Closed Captions embedded into them.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


8 Modules made up of 30+ videos over 2 hours, and downloadable pdfs for reference and more information.

Below is a breakdown of the workshop modules, where each module contains 1–8 different videos and lessons.

INTRODUCTION: Lets get gelatin plate monoprinting!

MODULE 1: Tools & Materials – here we look at everything you need to get started. You may already have the essentials. I talk through everything you need, and you can download a Material Kit List. I’ll talk through options and alternatives if you can’t access certain materials. We discuss commercial Gelli® plates, and I also demonstrate a DIY gel plate recipe, complete with downloadable recipe.

MODULE 2: Plants & Botanicals – lets look at different sorts of botanical materials that work with this process.

MODULE 3: Mindset – the right mindset is important … give yourself permission to play.

MODULE 4: How to Ink and Print – watch me demonstrate my gel plate monoprinting approach, then you follow along with me. Over several lessons I step you through the process where each lesson builds upon the previous. We will also look at work I have created, where I detail the steps I took to create each print.

MODULE 5: Intentional Sequence #1 – lets have a look at a variation on the process and use torn paper to create the feeling of a fading-into-the-distance mountain range. Then we take the process a step further and get creative with skills learned in the earlier module.

MODULE 6: Intentional Sequence #2 – reflecting back to module 4, we look at how to start to create some intentional results with botanicals, then one approach to adding some embellishment to your prints … just the beginning of so many new possibilities.

BONUS MODULE: What to do with all your new gel print monotype prints – with this process you can create many, many fabulous prints. Then what do you do with them? In this Bonus module I share some ideas of what you can do with your prints (beyond collage – we don’t cover collage in this workshop as there are already soooo many fabulous resources online).

BONUS MODULE: Mounting your paper prints to board – I love to present my gel plate monoprints mounted on board, as opposed to framed behind glass. In this module I take you through, step-by-step, how I mount my paper prints to board, getting them ready for framing then exhibition display.

TIPS & RESOURCES: Last but not least, I share added tips and resource links to find more information, ideas, inspiration, supplies and materials to get the most from your online workshop experience.


We talk through all the materials you need for this workshop in the first module, and you will be given a downloadable checklist to use to get your material kit together.

At the very least, you will need:
a gelatin plate (bought from an art store or home made. I give you a recipe to make your own plate, with an easy step-by-step video demonstration showing how to make it. The ingredients you need are simply gelatin, glycerine and water)
acrylic paint
a brayer (aka roller)

We do use other materials in our workshop, but they are not essential. If you have above materials, you will be able to easily work through the workshop, and obtain additional materials if you want them in the future.


The Gel Plate Monoprinting online workshop is self-paced and accessed via my dedicated online learning portal at This is the first workshop released in the portal. More workshops will follow over the coming months.

Access to this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course, or at least one year after you enroll.
That means that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Gel Plate Monoprinting online workshop, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enroll.

During your access period, you are granted unlimited access to this workshop, including updates as the online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting course content evolves.

You will be emailed a login username and password within 2-12 hours of registration. Instant access will be available in the coming weeks. Access to the portal is conditional on these terms and conditions.

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Q. Do I need any special materials for this workshop?
A. Yes. At the very least you will need a gel plate, acrylic paint, a brayer (roller), paint, paper and some leaves. Please refer back to the Material tab on this page for more information about Materials.

Q. I’m really new at this. Do I need to have any prior printmaking experience?
A. No! This process is simple and fun. I guide you through the basics, then you can continue to explore, experiment and play to make it your own. That said, if you have extensive printmaking experience, this workshop is still for you! Learn a new approach to monoprinting.

Q. Is this a self-paced online workshop?
A. Yes. You can work through the lessons and modules as fast or as slow as you like.

Q. Do I have to work through the modules in order?
A. Initially, yes. The course has been designed such that each module, and each lesson in each module, builds upon the previous. You can easily skip a lesson by clicking the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of each lesson’s page. Once you have run through all lessons, you can jump between them at your own choosing.

Q. How long do I have access to the workshop for?
A. Once the workshop has launched (14 September), your access into this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course, or at least one year after you launch. That means that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Gel Plate Monoprinting online workshop, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after the course’s launch date.

Q. Is there an online community associated with this course?
A. Yes! There is a students-only Facebook group that you will be invited into. In there you can ask questions, share work, and share the joys of printmaking with other students in this space. You don’t have to join the Facebook Group, but I hope you do 🙂

Q. Is it possible to have some one-on-one time with you?
A. Yes. I will be making available private tuition sessions that can be pre-purchased in 30 minute blocks and attended online. I will have more information about this soon.

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More than ‘just’ an online workshop

I have built my own online learning portal to host this workshop –

This means that when you enrol in this workshop, you not only have access to the online course content, but you have access to a growing library of tips and resources, and other information that I share with students in my in-person workshop. I wasn’t able to create this sort of space in the available hosted services, so I built my own!

The portal is a space where I invite students into an online version of my real-world printmaking and workshop studio. I will be building on the content over the coming months, and hopefully years to come.

More online workshops will be added over the coming months and years.

Coming from a background in graphic design and web development, with a love and passion for printmaking and teaching, has revealed a sweet spot – an opportunity to combine my passion, talent and professional skills into an online experience. And I am so excited to share this with you 🙂

Here are some of my own gel plate monotype prints

And here is a collection of student’s work

Student Testimonials

Online Student Testimonials

This workshop is my first foray into presenting online workshops. Below I will be adding feedback and testimonials over time.

  • Kim's online monotyping workshop is nature & craft in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home (the only thing missing is Miss Maggie). She encourages you to create amazing artwork and embrace your inner creative even in digital format. So excited for metal plate etching and hopefully ecoprinting soon.

    Charmaine, Tuggeranong
    Charmaine, Tuggeranong Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is not only incredibly talented, but she is so lovely and patient in her face to face workshops. This translated perfectly to the calm and careful explanations and documents she provides for her online workshops. It was so easy to work through the course at my own pace AND get incredible results. #thereisnosuchthingasamistake

    Em, Canberra
    Em, Canberra Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • An excellent workshop on botanical mono printing with a gelatin plate
    website easy to navigate and to know where I am
    Resources are complete, including books
    Video production is well lit and audio is very good
    one of the best workshop websites I have taken, either live or online
    Angela, the Philippines
    Angela, the Philippines Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I’ve just completed Gel Plate Mono-printing on-line course with Kim Herringe.
    I’m excited!
    I’m very impressed with the quality of production and the value for money. The course is very easy to navigate and there so much information presented in a way that is easy to understand. Nothing has been missed.
    Kim’s delivery was smooth and natural - it was like she was in the room, talking to me.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in Gel Printing, beginner or not ... and I can’t wait for the next episode 🙂
    Cathy, Maleny
    Cathy, Maleny Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting

In-person Student Testimonials

Below are real words shared by students who have attended my in-person gelatin plate monoprinting workshops …

  • The workshop exceeded my expectations. The prints the students achieved were majestic. A large number of variations in technique were each demonstrated clearly and succinctly. Kim gave genuine encouragement and if a student developed a different result it was acknowledged enthusiastically.

    Trevor, Bardon
    Trevor, Bardon Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is a wonderful teacher and guided us in making some beautiful prints. I was a beginner at this and not very confident with colours but enjoyed learning a new skill and creating one off original prints. Note from Kim: Lee, you created some simply beautiful prints, and you play with colours was lovely. Keep going !! 🙂

    Lee, Sunshine Coast
    Lee, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Excellent tuition delivered in a friendly positive way. Clear instructions with the right balance of demonstrations and self motivated activity. All equipment to hand and I appreciated the extra space. I have been to workshops in the past where the space is too cramped and everything gets muddled up! You are super organised Kim even down to the tea and biscuits and it makes for such an enjoyable day. You were very generous with your knowledge and tips and I now feel that I can have a go with confidence on my mini gel plate which has been sitting on the shelf untouched for months. Thank you. Cheers Bee

    Bee, Maroochydore
    Bee, Maroochydore Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim was so welcoming and open to sharing her wealth of knowledge in Gelli Plate printing. There was the perfect mix of information, demos and time to play and experiment with the medium.

    Libby, Perigian Beach
    Libby, Perigian Beach Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • 5 out of 5 stars If you have a passion for art or just like to be creative or haven't done anything before Kim's workshop is one you HAVE to go to.. Her energy & enthusiasm is contagious and she leaves you wanting more.. LOVED IT!

    Kristen, Brisbane
    Kristen, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The workshop space was interesting, comfortable, airy and had plenty of creative reference materials to use. Kim was passionate, kind, friendly, inclusive, knowledgeable, had a clear idea of what the workshop could offer and made sure that was achieved. The materials and resources were freely available and there were plenty available. Loved what we learnt.

    Janine, Brisbane
    Janine, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is very talented and an excellent teacher, very open and sharing with ideas and techniques. A great atmosphere and comraderie also made it a fantastic experience. I'd recommend it to anyone, individual and groups.

    Chris, Sunshine Coast
    Chris, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim demonstrated a number of techniques to help us understand the concepts, - one of which was a bit of a head scratch to try and figure out. However it became quite clear once the process was shown step by step. There was a lot of examples of work to show us the end results as well. I look forward to my next class ! Kim is a very approachable and knowledgeable teacher, who is more than willing to share her knowledge. Her art studio is a lovely atmosphere work in.

    Cherien Brisbane
    Cherien Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim provides great insight into the print medium process. A beautiful art space to work your own piece of magic on paper, silk or cloth. Thanks Kim can’t wait for my next workshop.

    Sue, Woombye
    Sue, Woombye Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • After one of Kim Herringe's workshops, you feel recharged and excited to engage in new processes of paint, play and printing. Her easy going style of conversation helps participants to let go.

    Marg Gibbs, Mapleton
    Marg Gibbs, Mapleton Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Great atmosphere and easy to become creative in this environment with lots of examples and encouragement. Even if you have never done any art - you can create a masterpiece! The best way to get away from it all and the day unfortunately flew past and it was time to go home! Kim you are a wonderful and caring instructor.

    Sandra, Gold Coast
    Sandra, Gold Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop yesterday, and could have spent a lot more time playing! Thank you so much for all the information and guidance.

    Dale, Sunshine Coast
    Dale, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I have explained to her that I have to bring someone with me to hear the workshop and she understood that I needed an Auslan Interpreter. It was her first time to meet me, I am deaf and it was the first time Auslan Interpreter in her workshop. She loves it too, as I could tell. I was so happy and understanding everything for Gelatin Monoprint workshop. I definitely be back and as well other different workshop with my Interpreter. 😍😍😍

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • A really wonderful and creative learning experience. I am hooked on printing now! Thank you Kim 🙂

    Caroline, Sunshine Coast
    Caroline, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. She is so generous with sharing her contacts and knowledge. I have now enjoyed 3 different printmaking workshops with Kim and cannot wait to do more. She’s so inspiring and encouraging.

    Barbi, Sunshine Coast
    Barbi, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • A stimulating and rewarding day. Highly recommend.

    Lyn, Gympie
    Lyn, Gympie Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • "A very personable approach. So generous with information and materials too. Many thanks Kim for a great workshop. A lovely relaxed and productive day!" Judy  ---  "I liked that you just showed the technique and we could just do our own thing and that there was no right or wrong print. Excellent workshop." Marilyn

    Gel Plate Monoprinting, Fibre Arts Group
    Gel Plate Monoprinting, Fibre Arts Group Buderim Craft Cottage
  • Loved the informal friendly presentation of the process of the Gel Printing... the relaxed atmosphere and the openness with which Kim shared her knowledge, and the way we were encouraged to continue to experiment and explore this printing process... thank you Kim for a delightful, fun filled day!

    Ramona, Sunshine Coast
    Ramona, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • This is a special place where everyone becomes an amazing artist while having a lot of fun. A fantastic break from a busy and tech saturated world.

    Theresa, Sunshine Coast
    Theresa, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Thank you Kim for a perfect workshop. Your enthusiasm for your art is contagious and I felt I came away from the day so inspired. The thing I loved was that there was no pressure to create a certain way, there was no wrong way to do anything. I came home with some beautiful pieces and not one am I going to discard. Love them all, that says a lot for how you conducted the day. The information flowed all day. Thank you Kim for sharing so much.

    Beverley, Brisbane
    Beverley, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • For many years I’ve been searching for an art medium that I can get excited about and now, at this late stage of my life, I’ve found it. Something unknown and unexpected, a passion - perfect for my ageing and rheumatic hands, simple processes I can indulge in on a daily basis, and yearn for when other duties call. I became inspired less than a year ago after visiting a printing exhibition of aboriginal lino cuts. But what to do? A search on Google took me to Kim’s inspirational website and the decision was made. I wanted to get started there and then and so I decided to take a one-on-one session - four hours of entry into this new world. It was just what I needed. Entry level, slow paced, hands on, with fabulous colours and beautiful papers, and take-home gorgeous works of art. I not only learnt the basics of lino printing, but Kim very wisely offered an alternative for when my hands aren’t functioning so well - gelli printing, and it is this that now sustains me. I recently took another individual workshop with Kim, this time to discuss my progress and go deeper into the unlimited possibilities - Kim is such a good teacher - listening, reflecting, guiding and encouraging. I can’t recommend her highly enough - I’m hooked for life, and will return to her studio as often as I can.

    Jan, Caboolture Private Tuition
  • A very informative Gel print workshop on 1st June, 2019. Lots of good demonstrations, handouts and materials. Also the studio was spacious and had lots of natural light. Overall a great learning experience.

    Bron, Noosaville
    Bron, Noosaville Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Fantastic day learning about gelli plate printing. Informative, fun the day flew by and I ended with some wonderful prints and some great ideas. Thanks Kim.

    Megan Bice - Art Classes, Maleny
    Megan Bice - Art Classes, Maleny Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim, I have no idea if you have ever been a teacher. Many artists and artisans are skilled in their areas but lack teaching ability. You nailed it. All learning should involve fun within a positive environment and you provided this in spades. I felt happy just plodding, experimenting and sharing conversations with the group about our individual experiments.....with no judgement attached. It was wonderful to have all of the equipment provided and to have all of your expertise in showing, sharing and modelling. Having a small group also meant we all had access to your expertise and advice. So in short...I loved it.

    Roz, Toowoomba
    Roz, Toowoomba Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I recently did a Gel Plate Printing workshop with Kim & had a great time! I'd previously watched numerous videos & tried a few things myself, but had not really been happy with the results. In a very short time I was producing multi-layered prints that I really loved. The techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated & the materials were very high quality. Kim's encouragement to just play, experiment & let go of the outcome really made for an enjoyable learning experience. I would recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in gel plate printing.

    Joy, Buderim
    Joy, Buderim Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The Mixed Media Art group at the Buderim Cottage, of which I am leader, invited Kim to conduct two gel plate workshops in October. I found Kim to be professional, her workshop was very well planned and organised. In addition to being an excellent printmaker, she was able to impart her skills and enthusiasm with ease. Her workshops were successful and were universally enjoyed by everyone who attended.

    Gaye, Mixed Multi Media Group, Buderim Craft Cottage
    Gaye, Mixed Multi Media Group, Buderim Craft Cottage Gelatin Plate Monoprinting, Private Group
  • Great inspiration to keep me motivated in my art practice. Thank you for providing and sharing your techniques.

    Anne, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Anne, Sunshine Coast, Qld Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Though I’ve never tried printmaking before, I really enjoyed your workshop Kim.  It was very relaxed and friendly, with heaps of paints, paper and materials to experiment and play with.  The small group we had was lovely - we could get inspiration from others and the right amount of assistance as we needed it.  There was a good amount of activities and best of all, plenty of time to practise what we’d learned – I had a fun day and loved it!

    Jenny, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Jenny, Sunshine Coast, Qld Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • It was a friendly relaxing environment and Kim demonstrated the techniques in a clear manner. I took a while to remember processes but that was part of the fun in experimenting and not trying to make perfect art. Just play!

    Kym M, Gold Coast, Qld
    Kym M, Gold Coast, Qld Gelatin Plate Monoprinting