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Let me share with you the same gelatin plate monoprinting process I use to create my fine art gelatin plate monotype prints using (mostly) botanical materials.

In this online workshop, I take my in-person workshop experience online – and I am so excited to be able to share this with you 🙂


Below is the Introduction video for Module 1, getting you ready to go into detail about the tools and materials that you’ll need to create gelatin plate monotype prints in this workshop. There is approximately 2 hours of video content in this online workshop, spread across 30+ videos. Several videos have downloadable pdf documents that support to content of the lesson and video.

All workshop videos include closed captions/subtitles.

Workshop Overview

By the time you finish this workshop you will be equipped with the skills to confidently print your own monotype designs with gelatin plates. I will demonstrate and teach the approach that I take to this deliciously creative process … you will be able to take those learnings and adapt and develop your own style and approach, creating your own gel plate monotype prints.

In this online workshop, I will be showing you, step-by-step, how I create my botanical referenced gelatin plate monotype prints.

My approach is just one way to use your gel plates. Once you have an understanding of the basics of the process and materials, the potential is endless as to what you can do and where you can take this process.

All videos have Closed Captions embedded into them.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


8 Modules made up of 30+ videos over 2 hours, and downloadable pdfs for reference and more information.

Below is a breakdown of the workshop modules, where each module contains 1–8 different videos and lessons.

INTRODUCTION: Lets get gelatin plate monoprinting!

MODULE 1: Tools & Materials – here we look at everything you need to get started. You may already have the essentials. I talk through everything you need, and you can download a Material Kit List. I’ll talk through options and alternatives if you can’t access certain materials. We discuss commercial Gelli® plates, and I also demonstrate a DIY gel plate recipe, complete with downloadable recipe.

MODULE 2: Plants & Botanicals – lets look at different sorts of botanical materials that work with this process.

MODULE 3: Mindset – the right mindset is important … give yourself permission to play.

MODULE 4: How to Ink and Print – watch me demonstrate my gel plate monoprinting approach, then you follow along with me. Over several lessons I step you through the process where each lesson builds upon the previous.

MODULE 5: Intentional Sequence #1 – lets have a look at a variation on the process to create the feeling of a fading-into-the-distance mountain range. Then we take the process a step further and get creative with skills learned in the earlier module.

MODULE 6: Intentional Sequence #2 – reflecting back to module 4, we look at how to start to create some intentional results with botanicals, then one approach to adding some embellishment to your prints … just the beginning of so many new possibilities.

BONUS MODULE: What to do with all your new gel print monotype prints – with this process you can create many, many fabulous prints. Then what do you do with them? In this Bonus module I share some ideas of what you can do with your prints (beyond collage – we don’t cover collage in this workshop as there are already soooo many fabulous resources online).

BONUS MODULE: Mounting your paper prints to board – I love to present my gel plate monoprints mounted on board, as opposed to framed behind glass. In this module I take you through, step-by-step, how I mount my paper prints to board, getting them ready for framing then exhibition display.

TIPS & RESOURCES: Last but not least, I share added tips and resource links to find more information, ideas, inspiration, supplies and materials to get the most from your online workshop experience.


We talk through all the materials you need for this workshop in the first module, and you will be given a downloadable checklist to use to get your material kit together.

At the very least, you will need:
a gelatin plate (bought from an art store or home made. I give you a recipe to make your own plate, with an easy step-by-step video demonstration showing how to make it. The ingredients you need are simply gelatin, glycerine and water)
acrylic paint
a brayer (aka roller)

We do use other materials in our workshop, but they are not essential. If you have above materials, you will be able to easily work through the workshop, and obtain additional materials if you want them in the future.


The Gel Plate Monoprinting online workshop is self-paced and accessed via my dedicated online learning portal at This is the first workshop released in the portal. More workshops will follow over the coming months.

Access to this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course, or at least one year after you enroll. That means that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Gel Plate Monoprinting online workshop, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enrol.

During your access period, you are granted unlimited access to this workshop, including updates as the online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting course content evolves.

You will be emailed a login username and password within 2-12 hours of registration. Instant access will be available in the coming weeks. Access to the portal is conditional on these terms and conditions.

If you think your account login email has not arrived, please check your email spam/junk inbox. My emails have been ending up there for some students. If it is not in your spam/junk inbox, please email me at


Q. I’m not in Australia. Can I still access the course?
A. Yes. The online workshop is available anywhere around the world with internet access. The cost is AUD$97. PayPal will convert the fee to your preferred currency.

Q. Do I need any special materials for this workshop?
A. Yes. At the very least you will need a gel plate, acrylic paint, a brayer (roller), paint, paper and some leaves. Please refer back to the Material tab on this page for more information about Materials.

Q. I’m really new at this. Do I need to have any prior printmaking experience?
A. No! This process is simple and fun. I guide you through the basics, then you can continue to explore, experiment and play to make it your own. That said, if you have extensive printmaking experience, this workshop is still for you! Learn a new approach to monoprinting.

Q. Is this a self-paced online workshop?
A. Yes. You can work through the lessons and modules as fast or as slow as you like.

Q. Do I have to work through the modules in order?
A. Initially, yes. The course has been designed such that each module, and each lesson in each module, builds upon the previous. You can easily skip a lesson by clicking the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of each lesson’s page. Once you have run through all lessons, you can jump between them at your own choosing.

Q. How long do I have access to the workshop for?
A. Your access into this workshop is granted for the lifetime of the course, or at least one year after you launch. That means that you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Gel Plate Monoprinting online workshop, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after the course’s launch date.

Q. Is there an online community associated with this course?
A. Yes! There is a students-only Facebook group that you will be invited into. In there you can ask questions, share work, and share the joys of printmaking with other students in this space. You don’t have to join the Facebook Group, but I hope you do 🙂

Q. Is it possible to have some one-on-one time with you?
A. Yes. I offer private tuition, and you’ll find information about this inside the portal, or click here if you’re interested in private tuition but don’t want to enrol in this workshop.

Refunds / T&Cs

Paying for the workshop

Full payment is required to access this workshop. Payment is made via PayPal. The cost is AUD$97. PayPal will convert the fee to your preferred currency. Once you have made payment you will receive an automatically generated email confirming receipt of your payment.

Workshop access is via online education portal. You will be emailed a login username and password on that date within 2-12 hours of registration. Instant access will be available in the coming weeks.

Online Workshop Refunds

This course is non-refundable once you have purchased and received access to the course materials.

I want you to be satisfied with your online workshop experience. If you are not satisfied, please email me and tell me why and we can take the discussion from there.

Online Workshop Terms and Conditions

Please read through all the details of the online workshop terms and conditions. Access to the portal is conditional on these terms and conditions.

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When you enrol in this workshop, you not only have access to the online course content, but you have access to a growing library of tips and resources not available in other online workshop hosted services.

The portal is a space where I invite students into an online version of my real-world printmaking and workshop studio. I will be building on the content with tips, resources, book ideas and more over the coming months, and hopefully years to come.

More online workshops will be added over the coming months and years.

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Online Workshop Testimonials

Read below real words shared by people who have recently completed this online gelatin plate printing workshop…

  • I care for my 80 yr old husband who has extensive health and mobility problems. Kim's gel printing course is great for someone with limited time. It's a great 'stress relief', a time to get lost in the fun of combining gel plate, paper, ink and flora - a time for 'me'. The way Kim has assembled this 'on line' workshop is great for a carer, as you can learn the technique in your space, in your time and at your pace. There is no judgement but a wealth of encouragement, the generosity of her knowledge of the process and the understanding of being a carer. I can end up with a muddy print but who cares, I am having fun. Many thanks.

    Andrina, Wynnum, Australia
    Andrina, Wynnum, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • This class provided a delightful means to bring the outdoors into my gelli printing experience. I've always worked with stencils and stamps on my gelli plates. I absolutely love the layered effect of botanicals. I specifically love printing with ferns. The class was extremely well organized and easy to move through the modules. The videos were short and concise. Thank you Kim for a great class! I will be first in line to take another class from you.

    Kaylee, Port Angeles, USA
    Kaylee, Port Angeles, USA Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your Gel Plate Printing Workshop enormously. I'm very impressed with the portal - it looks really stylish and inviting. I have gone through all the modules on the workshop and have learned a lot as I was quite new to gel plate printing, having only done a half-day course here in England before your workshop. I will be looking over individual modules again, so I'm really happy that I have access for as long as the workshop is running/a year. Although it must be hard to replicate your live, in person workshops, you really gave me the sense that you were inviting me into your workshop and your enthusiasm for printing came over so well. It's an excellent way to share your skills with like-minded people all over the globe (despite the current pandemic).

    Julie B, England
    Julie B, England Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I actually learned so much through Kim's generosity, attention to detail and very clear explanation of this technique. I encourage anyone who would truly like to learn about Gelli printing to take Kim's workshop. Kim's teaching and printing help to showcase Gelli printing as fine art.

    Cara, Sydney, Australia
    Cara, Sydney, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • The online Gel plate monoprinting workshop is excellent! The process is clearly explained step by step with the aid of videos and lots of additional resources to help and inspire. Kim has thought of everything a student might need in learning the printing process and generously shares her knowledge and skills with real natural warmth. It’s great that it is totally self-paced, enabling you to dip in and out of the course, and revisit steps again if you need to. The site is very well structured and easy to navigate - so many resources available too. I really enjoyed the workshop and now am having a great time making gel prints. Highly recommend this course.

    Kim, Sydney, Australia
    Kim, Sydney, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • This course was fantastic! It taught me everything I need to know to be able to generate a beautiful mono prints whilst being really easy to follow and very user friendly. Kim is incredibly generous with her knowledge which makes it really feel like you’re developing your skills quickly and that by the end of it you have an excellent understanding of the process.

    Jenny, United Kingdom
    Jenny, United Kingdom Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • For beginners and printers alike this was an excellent clear introduction with lots of examples and encouragement and tips. Kim responded well to questions and requests and shared her enthusiasm and love of the process. Thank you.

    Mary, Birkenhead, NW England, UK
    Mary, Birkenhead, NW England, UK Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Though I had done some printmaking prior to this workshop. It consolidated my skills and extended me to try new things. Great Being part of the gelli printing community through The Studio FB page. Kim is an amazing teacher with her knowledge and inspiring projects.

    Carol, Victoria, Australia
    Carol, Victoria, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Loved the self-paced learning and Kim's teaching style. Particularly enjoyed the Facebook Studio interaction with other students from everywhere. So much variety as we were able to apply our own practice to what we learnt from Kim.

    Anon., Australia
    Anon., Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I highly recommend Kim's online Gel Plate Monoprinting workshop. Clear explanations, illuminating videos and well-structured delivery meant it I could build my knowledge of gel plate monoprinting with ease. Kim's passion and love for all things print shine through into all aspects of this workshop and you feel as though you're there in her studio with her. This provides a strong sense of place within which to contextualise her work and her approach. I also loved the insights into her book collection and resources! Fantastic all round. Thank you, Kim!

    Mindy, Tasmania, Australia
    Mindy, Tasmania, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I just now have had time to start your class and I am blown away. I love it. You are an excellent teacher and I only wish I could be there in person. Please continue to do these classes online. And thank you again.

    Barbara, Georgia, USA
    Barbara, Georgia, USA Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I wanted to let you know that I’ve completed your online course and it is absolutely “AWESOME” in so many ways and on so many levels. I LOVED IT!! It is a true reflection of who you are as an artist, teacher and person. To me it is very obvious the hours, depth of skills, knowledge and detail that have gone into producing such a brilliant product. I believe that the work members have been posting already is a true reflection of the effectiveness of what you have created.

    SJ, Manly, Australia
    SJ, Manly, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
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