Kim Herringe - Printmaker, EducatorPrintmaking is my passion.
It is my respite.
It is my safe space and place.

I am a printmaking artist, passionate about the art form and sharing my skills. Maleny is home and where I find my inspiration, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast hinterland on the east coast of Australia.

Working to combine the meditative craft of printmaking with capturing a slower pace of life experienced in the natural world, I am reminded to be still and present in daily life. It is these feelings that I aim to share in my work.

I have started to refer to myself as a multi-disciplinary printmaker. Working with, and combining, relief and intaglio printmaking, monotype and contact printing with botanicals, I love to explore traditional and new printmaking media.

With my printmaking art, I can bring the natural world, its stillness and calming qualities, inside my busy world. To simply stop and enjoy the process of creating something hand crafted.