Kim Herringe, printmakerPrintmaking is my passion.
It is my respite.
It is my second love.

Following a career in graphic design and marketing, and having spent the best part of the past 30 years tapping away on a computer keyboard, I love to work with my hands.

My printmaking work covers lino printing, metal and solar plate etching, monotype, collagraph and the occasional digital inclusion; exploring traditional and new printmaking media. I love to merge different techniques. By combining new media with traditional printmaking processes, I experiment to see where the process takes me.

I also work with letterpress. Exploring my love of type and the fading craft of hand setting lead type then inking the press to manually print the words is a delight. I incorporate these words into my print artwork.

My subject matter is generally taken from the natural environment, with some surprises from the urban landscape. In a culture of haste and automation, I find that the natural environment encourages me to be still and present.

With my art, I can bring this natural world, its stillness and calming qualities, inside my busy world. To simply stop and enjoy the process of creating something hand crafted. I am also the wife of a medically retired contemporary war veteran. My art gives me respite from the sometimes chaotic and unpredictable world of the PTSD that we both live with and manage.