Reduction Linocut Workshop


Dates – TBC – August
Bookings open in May for this workshop. Use the link below to express interest to be one of the first to know when you can book.
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9:45am for a 10am start
Finishing around 4pm

New Students: $390
Returning Students: $360
ALL materials included
*Pensioners and Carers pay as a Returning Student

The Studio, North Maleny

Minimum 4 people
Maximum 6 people

Ready to create more complex images and bring colour in your lino printmaking work? This two day linoprinting workshop will take you through different ways of applying colour to your lino prints. You will learn about preparing your image and block(s), registration and printing in a small edition. You will hand-print a small edition on to quality printmaking paper with a baren.

This workshop assumes you have some knowledge of the linoprinting process including image carving, printing and inking.

If you have never worked with linoprinting before, or want to try your hand at it, have a look at my Linoprinting 101 workshop as a good introduction to the process.

Suitable for intermediate, all ages over 16.

Scroll down, or click here, to read what past students have said about this workshop.

Learning Outcome

We will focus on producing a small and simple colour reductive linoprint edition.

By the time you finish this workshop you will be equipped with the skills to confidently print multi-colour images and designs in an edition of prints. You will be able to take these skills with you and confidently print at home.

We will discuss designing and planning your colour reductive image for print; and how to create a simple registration system to ensure colour alignment. We will us hand printing methods so you can easily replicate the process at home with minimal equipment, but there will be a small printing press on hand to have a play with.

Time permitting, we will discuss other methods for printing more complex images including working with multiple and ‘jigsaw’ blocks. We may also discuss linoplate etching (using caustic soda) and different methods for transferring your image onto your linoprinting plate.

You will be given handouts with equipment recommendations so you can get started printing at home.


All necessary materials for making your first lino print are covered in your Materials Fee and provided for this workshop.

– tracing paper and drawing materials to create and transfer your image to a lino block
– lino block approx A5 in size
– 2-3x sheets of printmaking paper, suitable to print an edition of up to 8-12 prints, depending on the number of colours you wish to play with
– inks, rollers and other printmaking supplies needed to carve, ink and print your print
– tea and coffee, with a light morning and afternoon tea

Not Included

Everything you need for this workshop is included and provided.

What to Bring

Lunch. You can pop into town to buy lunch, but it is a few minutes drive and parking can be difficult (Maleny is a popular weekend destination). Therefore I recommend you bring your lunch and maximise the time you have printing and learning in the studio.

Your design ideas. If you have something specific you want to print, bring your ideas along. But fear not if you are a little stuck for inspiration as I will have plenty of suitable images and ideas on hand for you to use and reference.

Please also bring a journal or notebook for taking notes during the workshop.


​Participants are advised to wear closed in shoes, and suitable clothing or apron that you do not mind getting ink on. The inks can set permanently on fabric.

In this workshop we will print with water based inks, so washup of tools and hands will use soap and water, not potent cleaning chemicals.

We use sharp tools to carve lino. You will be given instruction on how to hold and use the tools, and it will expected that you follow instruction and take care while using them.


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If a workshop does not reach the minimum numbers required, it may have to be cancelled. If this happens you will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule.

Once your booking form and payment has been received I will contact you to confirm you place and advise any special instructions.

About Dates and other options

If the dates noted above don’t suit you, or you would like private tuition or to book a private group workshop, this can be arranged. Please contact me and enquire about other date options that better suit you.

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Read what past students have said about this workshop

  • Kim was incredibly organised and had great strategies to ensure our success. I felt at ease with Kim. She was open and honest about what she does and what we could expect from the workshop.

    Kaylene, Sunshine Coast
    Kaylene, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • I have been printmaking since I was 14 and am largely self-taught except from my tuition in high school. Wishing to take my lino printing practice to the next level I booked a private session with Kim a few years ago as I was seeking feedback from an accomplished artist who's work I admired. Kim was so generous with her knowledge and I felt so well supported and encouraged to take my practice to a new level. I had always wanted to try reduction lino printing and this workshop was an excellent introduction to this process. The pace and information was awesome, I was able to stretch myself in my learning, and I have come away feeling inspired and motivated to integrate this technique into my future work. Loved it! So grateful for you and your work Kim 🙂 Xx

    Megan, Buderim
    Megan, Buderim Reduction Linocut
  • You need an absolutely button for Would you recommend this workshop to friends or family? I think you are an amazing teacher... I have always had a problem with (so called) teachers who do not share enough information, such as suppliers, etcetera... But you totally rock in this regard!

    Kimmyg, Northcoast Beadmakers, Sunshine Coast
    Kimmyg, Northcoast Beadmakers, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • I found it wonderful--to be around artists, to be learning new skills, to be given the time to be creative. [What did you like about the workshop?] Explicit guidance given, alongside time to experiment and work independently.

    Beth, Gold Coast
    Beth, Gold Coast Reduction Linocut
  • There was a relaxed, encouraging, and gently supportive vibe. Kim is skilled at helping just enough, without being intrusive and at encouraging people to learn by attempting new things. She unravels the considerable skill of reduction lino printing into bite-sized pieces. I look forward to doing another workshop. Oh, and she makes delicious cakes!

    Kim, Ocean Shores
    Kim, Ocean Shores Reduction Linocut
  • I could’ve stayed all week and just kept producing Lino prints. [What did you like about the workshop] Kim’s knowledge and skills. The relaxed environment. The small group.

    Lucinda, Gladstone
    Lucinda, Gladstone Reduction Linocut
  • A great learning experience in areas where I wanted to improve both knowledge and skills with an enthusiastic , supportive and very proficient teacher. A wonderful weekend. I loved the friendly atmosphere and your great teaching skills. [Kim is] a very supportive and knowledgeable teacher. I enjoyed real learning in areas I needed to improve my skills. A great weekend.

    Colleen, Gatton
    Colleen, Gatton Reduction Linocut
  • I had a great weekend. It was just the right length of time, and enough exposure to techniques to whet my appetite. I particularly enjoyed the explanations of more advanced methods.

    Ross, Maleny
    Ross, Maleny Reduction Linocut
  • [What did you like about the workshop] friendly small group but most of all, your infinite patience, understanding and encouragement not to give up! I needed a lot of help and i am so grateful. You are a fantastic educator and an awesome person. Thank you

    Sally, Sunshine Coast
    Sally, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • Kim's workshops are always fun & very well organised, and in this my 4th reduction lino workshop I really enjoyed consolidating existing skills and developing new ones. I now feel confident to continue developing my practice. Thanks Kim.

    Katie, Curramore
    Katie, Curramore Reduction Linocut
  • A beautiful weekend with positive and encouraging participants. We had a lot of laughs and created some gorgeous pieces. Thanks Kim!

    Kylie, Dayboro
    Kylie, Dayboro Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is as ever a very comprehensive teacher - while I was off on my own path a little this weekend, I could seen her working with each student in turn, accommodating their particular levels of experience in reduction lino and their individual needs and interests. great workshop and a great outcome for everyone I think.

    Katie, Maleny
    Katie, Maleny Reduction Linocut
  • Small group works well and I felt I had plenty of access to your advice. I loved that we were in your workshop and could see your work in progress, and your tools and set up. It was also great that you had so many examples from lots of different artists to show. There's a clear process to follow - Trust the process! : ) I was able to finish my prints at home with no trouble. It was actually good for me to do that a couple of days after the workshop so I could still catch what I was already forgetting.

    Corinna, Maleny
    Corinna, Maleny Reduction Linocut
  • Kim's Lino print workshop is first class. She walked everybody through the technical aspects of reduction lino printing without leaving anyone behind. Her limited class size allowed her to spend time working with beginner printmakers as well as give advice on more difficult or advanced techniques. Every printmaker came away from the class I attended with a set of prints, an understanding of printing ink and papers, an idea of which tools to use and where to get them, and the confidence to go forth and create.

    Belinda, Maleny
    Belinda, Maleny Reduction Linocut
  • Kim, you are an excellent teacher and made your high levels skills and knowledge about printmaking accessible to a newbie like me.. I love the way you bring your whole heartedness, passion and fun to the workshop too.. I got a series of prints I was really happy with despite some challenges. I felt supported but challenged at the same time, which is really important to me in my learning. Thank you.

    Manny, Sunshine Coast
    Manny, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • Kim’s workshop explored so much more than I anticipated. Her print making methods were generously explained with great clarity & detail. The weekend workshop was energetic, informative and I left totally inspired. After meeting Kim, I admire her not only as an accomplished artist, but even more as a generous, caring human. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across this little gem, leaving with so many new skills to practice. Look forward to exploring more with Kim next year.

    Ingrid, Hervey Bay
    Ingrid, Hervey Bay Reduction Linocut
  • The workshop was more than a workshop... it was a healing, therapeutic, positive experience. Makes you realise what you are capabable of. [I liked the] Organised and considered instruction. Encouragement of creativity and experimentation. Skilled planning by Kim to ensure I achieved an amazing end result. Great conversation with diverse and interesting participants.

    Angela, Brisbane
    Angela, Brisbane Reduction Linocut
  • kim made me feel at ease and creates a welcoming and inclusive vibe. i found kim very available and engaged with participants. kim is generous and open with her knowledge and in sharing access to relevant and cost effective resources for continuing and furthering print practice. serious learning delivered in a light-hearted manner.

    James, Sunshine Coast
    James, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • As always Kim was very well prepared, the days were well planned, and everyone was comfortable to ask questions. I loved being able to see and hear about Kim’s own process and issues. Kim is VERY generous and very knowledgeable

    Robyn, Brisbane
    Robyn, Brisbane Reduction Linocut
  • Kim shares so generously in her workshops and I enjoyed every minute, coming away feeling reinvigoated and with so many new skills and ideas. Thank you Kim for a fabulous learning experience.

    Liz, Doonan Qld
    Liz, Doonan Qld Reduction Linocut
  • I am delighted to have met a genuine teacher, Kim has the skill to guide her students on their journey. Two days of one to one has me happily suffering brain burn, and as soon as I fully digest what I have been so fortunate to learn, I am going back for more.

    Wendy, Bundaberg Reduction Linocut Private Tution
  • This workshop was so informative, well-paced and so much fun! As always Kim is so encouraging and full of printmaking knowledge! You only have to look up enquiringly before she’s by your side, ready to help and give you advice. The workspace is packed with inspiration and it’s great to be able to use tools and materials you might not have access to yourself. Kim breaks down the seemingly daunting technique of reduction linocut, into a tried and tested process which gives you the confidence to try it on your own and further push yourself out of your comfort zone. I highly recommend if you’ve ever wanted to try reduction printmaking!

    Jeralee, North Brisbane
    Jeralee, North Brisbane Reduction Linocut
  • From the moment you arrive Kim makes the experience so special. Yes you learn about Lino cuts but much much more. Kim is an excellent teacher and a gentle soul...her energy makes this experience so rewarding. Thank you.

    Blanche, Sunshine Coast
    Blanche, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is very organised and has a wealth of knowledge which she readily shares. Kim is an amazing tutor who imparts a positive attitude to her students.

    Margaret, Sunshine Coast
    Margaret, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is a very generous artist and shares so much in her workshops. I’ve now completed five different workshops with Kim and highly recommend her talented and giving style of teaching.

    Barbi, Sunshine Coast
    Barbi, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut
  • What was not to like - the tips, instructions, setting, group, practical assistance, a laugh or two all exceptionally supplied by Kim.

    Debbie, Montville
    Debbie, Montville Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is a natural teacher, happy to share her knowledge and also to readily talk about lessons she has learned through making hands on 'mistakes'. Her passion for printmaking and her enthusiasm for sharing both her knowledge and her own continual learning journey was evident across the weekend.

    Neil, Montville
    Neil, Montville Reduction Linocut
  • Kim's passion and knowledge of reduction lino print and other printing processes made the weekend workshop so interesting and informative. Her skillset is outstanding and is to be admired and celebrated. In that sense, it was a privilege to be taught by her and have her share her skills and life with us, I have nothing but admiration for her strength, skill and tenacity. Working with other likeminded artisans is also special and so enjoyable to see how others approach their work and desired outcomes. Thank you Kim for a wonderful weekend.

    Jen, Caboolture
    Jen, Caboolture Reduction Linocut
  • Kim did a fabulous job sharing her expertise and helping the group get their heads around the amazing world of reduction printing. Everyone left with many more skills, and a completed piece of work of which they could be proud. I am sure we also left inspired to continue printing and determined to return and learn more from Kim.

    Eileen, Maleny
    Eileen, Maleny Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I like the instruction is informative and clear but delivered in an informal way. I also like the generous sharing of ideas, tools and resources. And that you enable participants to go home and continue working on linocut printing with minimal equipment. I also like to see the work of other students take shape. The studio set-up is great - plenty of space for all. I thought the time management was good - I never felt either rushed or bored. And of course - location, location, location!

    Bron, Brisbane
    Bron, Brisbane Reduction Linocut
  • Small class. So much help and attention from [Kim] and so generous with resources and advice. I am reeling with so much to process and remember. Lovely studio and outlook. Very special greeter Maggie. I think I enjoyed and learnt more in this workshop than the first Lino one I did some years ago.

    Lynne, Golden Beach
    Lynne, Golden Beach Reduction Linocut
  • From her well-equipped studio in the quiet Maleny countryside, Kim provides you with a very informative, relaxed and fun two-day workshop. Having the workshop held in a full time working printmakers studio, with a wealth of resources to hand, plenty of works in progress, and access to past works - really enriches the learning experience. Originals of other printmakers work hang on the walls, and a well -resourced library of reference books is to hand. A creative, stimulating environment indeed.

    Marie, Sunshine Coast Hinterland
    Marie, Sunshine Coast Hinterland Reduction Linocut
  • Kim has a natural way with people, she makes everyone feel very welcome as soon as they enter the studio. She has a great teaching style and follows up each session with printed information to take home. Kim is very knowledgeable about her craft and has many resources to share. I spent a very happy and rewarding 2 days learning about Lino reduction printing.

    Christine, Coolum
    Christine, Coolum Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is a thorough, well prepared and organised teacher of Reductive Linoprinting. I was very pleased with the experience, because I learned what I wanted to know, and am energised to continue in this printmaking technique.

    Jacky, Connondale
    Jacky, Connondale Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is such a fantastic teacher. Very informative. Explains the subject so it is easy to understand. Very generous with all aspects of the workshop. Lots of fun. I came away, and I can say for all our group, with such energy and enthusiasm. Cannot wait to continue with all the knowledge from this second workshop that I have attended with Kim.

    Ellen, Hard Pressed Printmakers
    Ellen, Hard Pressed Printmakers Caloundra Arts Centre, Private Group
  • You are such a great teacher, a genuine person and I absolutely loved the weekend and only wished I lived closer so I could come to everything you run! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and experience with us, its invaluable and so generous. Do yourself a favour and sign up for one of Kim's workshops, you will not regret it!

    Kellie, Bathurst
    Kellie, Bathurst Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim is a wonderful instructor, very welcoming, passionate and full of knowledge that she is only too happy to share. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would recommend it to anyone wanting to take their Linocuts to the next level.

    Lauren. Maleny
    Lauren. Maleny Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I signed up for a two day Lino Print workshop with Kim. I was nervous about attending as my background is not of an artistic nature and I was not sure my skill level would meet the criteria needed. Why did I worry? With Kim's gentle approach to the workshop; her step by step instructions and expectations, she put my mind at ease immediately. Her gentle approach to the workshop instills confidence in your ability and by the end of the tuition, you have created a piece that you are proud of. Very liberating!

    Michelle, Brisbane
    Michelle, Brisbane Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I had a great time at Kim’s workshop learning reduction Lino printing. Kim was a great tutor and had a vast knowledge of information that she was happy to share with us all. Her teaching style is relaxed while ensuring everyone completes their desired prints. Nothing was to much trouble for her. Great day and would love to do more printing with her in the future.

    Suzanne, Ballarat
    Suzanne, Ballarat Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Thank you for the best workshop I've been to for a long time !!... It was a great refresher and update for me to follow .... aiming for a much more professional level.

    Jilly, Buderim
    Jilly, Buderim Reduction Linocut Printing
  • "So wonderful! ? Kim ran an amazing workshop."    ---     "This was a fantastic weekend. Thank you. Great job."    ---     "Fabulous weekend—relaxing and creative. Lovely friendly environment."    ---     Complements to the cook—lunches were delicious."    ---     "Most enjoyable."    ---     "Great 2-day workshop. Excellent tutor. Thank you."    ---     "Kim is a terrific tutor. She worked very hard throughout and imparted knowledge willingly. Kim fostered our curiosity and enthusiasm for the medium. Food was great!"    ---     "Thanks Kim, you rock!"

    Colour & Reduction Linocut, Winter School 2019
    Colour & Reduction Linocut, Winter School 2019 Buderim Craft Cottage, Private Group
  • I had a great time at Kim’s workshop learning reduction Lino printing. Kim was a great tutor and had a vast knowledge of information that she was happy to share with us all. Her teaching style is relaxed while ensuring everyone completes their desired prints. Nothing was to much trouble for her. Great day and would love to do more printing with her in the future.

    Suzanna, Ballarat
    Suzanna, Ballarat Reduction Linocut Printing
  • A great teacher, is one that shares. Kim was a fantastic teacher and guide through the lino reduction process. She has a passion for her art, which is contagious, in those of us with lesser skills. Enjoyed it immensely, I will be back.

    Kate, Woombye
    Kate, Woombye Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim has a natural gift for teaching & such vibrant joy in sharing her knowledge & skills - it just spreads out to everyone! Very thankful Kim was so generous with her time - (with all of us) as I learn only through the 'doing'. The size of our group was perfect & the location was just divine. I had a wonderful weekend & keen for more printing practice now!! THANK YOU KIM for an inspirational weekend!

    Ros, Buderim
    Ros, Buderim Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Very well organised in a beautiful workshop setting. I liked the small group, allowing us all time with Kim. A happy atmosphere; Kim is extremely giving of her time a knowledge and an excellent communicator.

    Fiona, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast
    Fiona, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I loved the workshop. Kim shared a lot of information, as well as images which is always nice to see and aspire to. Going through the process with prints of each part of the process was helpful. I had a million questions, and Kim were kind enough to answer them. This enables me see the process in my mind more clearly and to try a couple of things I was wondering about.

    Cherie, Brisbane
    Cherie, Brisbane Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim's nurturing personality was very helpful in breaking down barriers to learning. Very well organised and presentation of class material superb. The supply of coffee, tea and yummy cookies showed a genuine generosity of spirit. All equipment was supplied, explained and demonstrated. Superb attention to detail.

    Gerry, Beerwah, Sunshine Coast
    Gerry, Beerwah, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Had a thoroughly enjoyable two days with Kim who managed to de-mystify my fear of reductive lino cutting. The two day workshop was so well organised and resourced and Kim is so generous with sharing her knowledge and linocut secrets. The venue proved very inspirational but the view was a definite distraction! Came away with re-ignited passion and motivation. Thank you so much Kim x

    Caroline, Bribie Island
    Caroline, Bribie Island Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I attended Kim’s Reductive Linoprint Workshop on the weekend. I would highly recommend doing a workshop with Kim such an enthusiastic and talented lady. We had a lovely weekend in a perfect setting at Richard Muldoon’s studio in Maleny. Kim is a great teacher and generously shared all her expertise. Really looking forward to doing another workshop with Kim.

    Sue P, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Sue P, Sunshine Coast, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I found the workshop very well organised, very relaxing atmosphere with no pressure and every step well explained. Great selection of prints to use as a template as well. I learned a lot and realise how important it is to be careful, more precise and take your time. I framed my print and it actually looks great, so in the end I guess I was pleased with what I achieved and feel inspired to do another one with a different subject on the lino. Thanks Kim thoroughly enjoyed.

    Lorraine, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Lorraine, Sunshine Coast, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing
  • You run a fantastic workshop Kim, you made everyone feel relaxed and you were so generous with your knowledge, resources and tips to ensure every one achieved a good result. Your passion for printmaking really shines through and is so very infectious. You ensured each participant was given the guidance they needed and took particular interest in ensuring everyone understood the process. You were most helpful in explaining ways to overcome any hurdles and genuinely wanted people to be happy with what they were producing. I came away itching to finish my print and to improve my reductive linocut printmaking skills. I have no hesitation in recommending this workshop to others and l look forward to doing more workshops with you.

    Bronwyn, Doonan, Qld
    Bronwyn, Doonan, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing