Sharing the craft of hand printing onto paper and sharing calming and sometimes quirky moments from the natural environment drives my arts practice. Working with relief and intaglio printmaking media, in a culture of haste and automation, I find that the natural environment encourages us to be still and present. With my art, I work to share this natural world into our busy spaces.

I took part in Tara Leavers #21daysinmyartworld challenge in January 2020. I’ve split the 21 days across 3 weeks – week 1, week 2 and week 3. If you’re interested, those posts will give you some more insight into my arts practice.

I think ink runs through my veins. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed the process of printing in one form or another – be it potato printing, commercial printing and graphic design, or hand-printing printmaking my own artwork.

I spent 30 years working in graphic design, advertising and marketing. One of my favourite things to do during that time was the press checks for new print material. The sound of the machines clicking and clacking as they worked. The smell of ink on the presses. The vibration through the floor as the machines added life to blank papers.

Introduce the digital revolution, and the volume of printed material has reduced significantly. I built my own business in web development and marketing, successfully running that for nearly 15 years. But I missed print!

I love print. And I yearned for a slower and hands-on approach to printing. Throughout my commercial career I dipped by toe back into the world of printmaking fine art, but never really afforded myself the time to focus on it, and develop my skills.

I moved to Maleny from Brisbane in 2009, and there began the realisation of a dream and two of my passions – printmaking and teaching.

I am a printmaker. I love printmaking. In all its inky, painterly and organic forms.

My strongest area is reduction linocut printing – where I can spend weeks working on a piece, carving and printing and carving and printing to the final hand printed artwork. But I love to explore and work with a wide range or different printmaking media – monoprinting, etching, cyanotype. And recently spending time with letterpress, printmaking on clay, mokohanga, screenprinting and eco-printing.

There is simply not enough time to do it all … but I’ll give it a good try!

Viva la print 🙂

The natural environment is the primary inspiration for my work. Be it referencing my own photos of captured moments in nature, or working with organic materials from the environment. Stepping in to a natural space, be it my garden, an afternoon country drive or a morning bush walk, affords me the opportunity to take a moment, stop and breathe. It calms me. It grounds me. And it is that grounding that drives me to create more work.

In addition to creating, I love to share what I do by teaching the art, craft and processes of several different printmaking media. I run small group printmaking workshops from my own studio in North Maleny.

Introducing a new and often alternative creative medium to students is exciting.

Printmaking can be much easier than people realise, and a great alternative or extension to a painting and drawing arts practice.


View my work in-person where I am represented at these art galleries:

Montville Art Gallery
138 Main Street
Montville QLD 4560

Awards & Residencies

Award Finalist – Local Artists – Local Content Art Prize 2021, Caloundra Regional Gallery

Award Finalist – Libris Awards 2020, Art Space Mackay

Award Finalist – Local Artists – Local Content Art Prize 2020, Caloundra Regional Gallery

Award Finalist – Local Artists – Local Content Art Prize 2018, Caloundra Regional Gallery

Residency – Mary Carincross Bioblitz 2019

Recent Exhibitions

March-May 2021 – Local Artist – Local Content Art Prize 2021, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
April-May 2021 – Editions Sunshine Coast, Old Ambulance Station, Nambour
December 2021 – Hinterland, Solo Exhibition, Maleny
December 2021 – Collectables 2021, Maleny Printmakers, Maleny

January-February 2020 – Local Artist – Local Content Art Prize 2020, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
May-June 2020 – Queenscliff Gallery & Workshops ‘Human Emotions‘, Victoria
June-September 2020 – Libris Awards 2020, Art Space Mackay
July 2020 – Featured Artist, Montville Art Gallery
September 2020 – ReConnect, The Zone, Maleny

Click here for more exhibitions …


2014 Private Collection, Wales UK

2019, 2021 ANVAM, Melbourne

2021 Private Collection, Reeseville Qld

2021 State Library of Queensland

With my art, I can bring the natural world, its stillness and calming qualities, inside my busy world, to simply stop and enjoy the process of creating something hand crafted.

I am also the wife of a medically retired contemporary war veteran. My art gives me respite from the sometimes chaotic and unpredictable world of his PTSD that we both live with and manage.