Embossing on Paper Workshop


Sat-Sun 29-30 July – FULL
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9:45am for a 10am start
Finishing around 4pm

New Students: $390
Returning Students: $360
ALL materials included
*Pensioners and Carers pay as a Returning Student

The Studio, North Maleny

Minimum 4 people
Maximum 5 people

For the love of paper and subtle beauty of white-on-white … learn how to emboss images and detail into papers to create your own finished artworks.

This is a new workshop for 2023. I will share with you some of the techniques I use when creating my own embossed pieces, plus a few other methods and ideas to stimulate those “what if I …” questions to keep you creating at home after our workshop.

We will work with hand embossing tools as well as using a press to achieve our results. We’ll create and work with different types of ‘plates’ for our embossed images, and there will be plenty of time to play with the process and create your own artwork by the end of our two days.

Time permitting, we will look at some simple gold leafing effects to add detail to your embossed prints, similar to what I created with my ‘Self’ print shown at the Vessel exhibition.

This workshop is suitable for beginners, all ages over 16.

Learning Outcome

We will work with both hand-held tools and an etching press to create our embossed and debossed papers. Access to etching presses is not easy for everyone, so we will look at different ways to achieve the end result that you can replicate at home without a press.

Some of the specifics we will cover during the workshop include, but not limited to:

  • How to create layered effects
  • How to emboss and deboss the same piece of paper
  • How to incorporate embossed elements into artworks such as printmaking prints and artist books*
  • Working with wet vs dry papers

Day 1 will focus on learning about the process and working with different techniques and materials.

Day 2 will focus on further experimentation with the process and creating one or more finished pieces.

You will leave the workshop with your embossed papers, the embossing plates you create, and handouts with information to help keep your new-found skills going.

Time permitting, we will look at a simple gold leafing technique with imitation gold leaf to add detail to your embossed prints.

*We won’t be doing any printing or making of books during this workshop, but will discuss how to go about it in detail depending on interest and time. You may like to bring some prints you already have that you want to add embossing detail to.


All necessary materials for this workshop are covered in your Materials Fee, including;

– all tools and resources needed to make our embossing plates
– quality papers to emboss
– pre-prepared ‘plates’ to emboss form my own collection
– tea and coffee, with a light morning and afternoon tea

Not Included

Everything you need for this workshop is included and provided.

What to Bring

You are welcome to bring your own stencils and/or other items you feel you would like to work with to impress marks and images into papers. You will receive an email 1-2 weeks before the workshop date with suggestions and guidelines for these items, but they are not required as there will be plenty resources on hand and you will be making your own during the workshop.

LUNCH. You can pop into town to buy lunch, but it is a few minutes drive and parking can be difficult (Maleny is a popular weekend destination). Therefore I recommend you bring your lunch and maximise the time you have printing and learning in the studio.

Please also bring a studio apron and journal or notebook for taking notes during the workshop.


Participants are advised to wear closed in shoes, and suitable clothing or apron that you do not mind getting dirty or stained.

We will be using sharp tools during this workshop. You will be given instruction on how to use the tools, and it will expected that you follow instruction and take care while using them.


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If you cancel your workshop booking you may incur fees. Please read my cancellation policy here.

If a workshop does not reach the minimum numbers required, it may have to be cancelled. If this happens you will receive a full refund or an option to reschedule.

Once your booking form and payment has been received I will contact you to confirm you place and advise any special instructions.

Below are some of my own embossed papers, final artworks, process examples and artist books. They have been created using different ‘plates’ – paper plates, linocut, cardboard and plastic matting. Click here to read about work I have created that incorporated embossing techniques into the final pieces.

About Dates and other options

If the dates noted above don’t suit you, or you would like private tuition or to arrange a private group workshop, please contact me to enquire about other date options that better suit you.

You can also sign up to my mailing list to be kept up to date about upcoming workshops dates and opportunities, plus tips, hints and ideas for your own printmaking practice. I will also include information about other local artist workshops in the Maleny Sunshine Coast Hinterland area.

Embossing in Paper Workshop Feedback

  • Thoroughly enjoyed my day with Kim at her Eco Printing on Paper workshop. We started on time and worked at a relaxed pace throughout the day with Kim imparting loads of information along the way. This was additional to the comprehensive notes that were awaiting us upon arrival. Kim's knowledge and experience is extensive and she is more than generous with her sharing. While the atmosphere in the studio was relaxed and comfortable we all accomplished what Kim had set without being rushed. If a class with Kim is on your "bucket list" go and do it because you most certainly will enjoy your time with her and you will learn so much. The morning and afternoon tea was yummy. Thank you Kim, I had a really great day. Robyn

    Robyn, Boonah
    Robyn, Boonah Eco-printing on Paper
  • Loved how you worked with each individual on the second day to guide their creative processes. [What did you like about the workshop?] The variety of examples and techniques which can be used for embossing. Your willingness to share ALL of your knowledge and even your own art pieces used to create embossing elements. The class size was fantastic also, no real wait to use the press.

    Tracey, Victoria
    Tracey, Victoria Embossing in Paper
  • I’ve done lino printing and embossing workshops with Kim and both are outstanding. Kim is a generous and patient teacher who readily shares her wealth of knowledge about the processes. The studio is inspiring in itself with all the materials you could possibly want and lots of artwork to inspire. I can’t wait to do my next workshop!

    Rose, Sunshine Coast
    Rose, Sunshine Coast Embossing in Paper
  • As usual, I came away feeling I had the best embossing experience, in all its forms, as I could have wished for. Thorough presentation of the process and materials as well as pitfalls to watch out for. Exhaustive content and problem solving experiences were allowed for. Stimulating content and I came away thinking about how I could use the techniques and an idea of where to take the process next.

    May, Ipswich
    May, Ipswich Embossing in Paper
  • Another amazing class, sorry we’re so far away! Was great that with such a small class there was plenty of time to use the press. So many ideas, techniques and possibilities, looking forward to exploring more at home.

    Carol, Melbourne
    Carol, Melbourne Embossing in Paper
  • I liked that it was only a small group, and although this is also because of the use of the presses, it certainly made it a more intimate and personal experience. [I liked] The chance to learn something new and intriguing. The opportunity to use the presses to create something I couldn't do at home. The chance to enhance my own work with a new method.

    Di, Caloundra
    Di, Caloundra Embossing in Paper
  • Was great that with such a small class there was plenty of time to use the press. So many ideas, techniques and possibilities, looking forward to exploring more at home

    Carol, Melbourne
    Carol, Melbourne Embossing in Paper
  • [The workshop} surpassed my expectations and I was excited before I got there! I found the outcomes extraordinary. I am definitely keen to experiment further. You are a very inspiring person Kim. Thank you.

    Michelle, SEQld
    Michelle, SEQld Eco-printing on Paper
  • Kim is a great teacher and her work is really inspiring. This workshop was amazing because everything about eco-printing is so unexpected. Unwrapping those bundles was so exciting, as you didn't know what you would get - some lovely surprises!

    Solveig, Maleny
    Solveig, Maleny Eco-printing on Paper
  • [What did you like about the workshop?] It was fun and interactive in a supportive encouraging environment. It stretched my mind in a good way, encouraging me to 'release the attachment to the outcome' and to keep trying new things working with and enjoying the process and not being solely focused on the outcome. Thank you. I will be back for another workshop

    Sally, Sunshine Coast
    Sally, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Paper
  • This particular workshop was a very relaxing experience. Lots of material to choose. Explained very easily. Lots of laughter and I learnt heaps and masses of tips. Overall fantastic.

    Ellen, Caloundra
    Ellen, Caloundra Embossing in Paper
  • Great learning experience, with Kim more than happy to answer questions on other printmaking workshops, tools and information. Small numbers. Everything needed was provided. Clear concise instruction.

    Lee, Maleny
    Lee, Maleny Embossing in Paper
  • The Embossing workshop was just fabulous. Kim is an amazing teacher and I’m always stunned by the how much of her technique and knowledge she is willing to share with students. This weekend workshop was my 11th with Kim….proud to be ‘Repeat Offender’, and can’t wait for my 12th.

    Barbi, Sunshine Coast
    Barbi, Sunshine Coast Embossing in Paper
  • [What did you like about the workshop?] Everything, The wonderful results from the first attempts of embossing by hand early in the course inspired us all. The resources available help gave us plenty of variety depending on our individual art style. The two presses we used in the later embossing attempts gave us perfect impressions. Kim inspires and encourages by mentoring us in a very personable way taking into account each students needs, experience and style. Thank You wholeheartedly Kim.

    Trevor, Brisbane
    Trevor, Brisbane Embossing in Paper
  • I'm so happy to come to her very first embossing Workshop. The best weekend I have had. Kim always there when I need help. She there. I have been many Kim's workshops and she is the best teacher.

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Embossing in Paper