My cat isn’t going to sit on the artwork!

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He isn’t going to be the boss of me!

He’s not going to chase book binding threads as I sew books.

He isn’t going to sit on my dedicated etching paper blotting towels.

He isn’t going to walk over my gel plate while I’m trying to print.

He isn’t going to sit on my printmaking papers while I tear them to size.

And he isn’t going to walk over my freshly coated cyanotype papers to leave little blue paw prints across the studio floor.

He is going to help me bubble-wrap and package my online orders.

He is going to help my find the things that I put in a “safe place” but now have no idea where that is !!

He certainly isn’t going to try to swim in the dog water bowl!

Nor will he try to dig through the carpet to get under the studio door once I’ve locked up for the night.

He is, however, going to be, is, my fabulous studio companion.

A tremendous furry studio assistant.

And, well, who am I kidding – the absolute Boss of me!

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  • Karla

    Ohhhh so cute. Love your saying about him. I’ll call him Printmaker’s Cat when I come up for the workshop.

    • Kim Herringe

      Oh yes! He’ll love that. Or ‘Boss’. He’d love being called Boss too LOL

  • Kimmyg

    What a character ???? Monty!

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