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1971 days ago I ran my first workshop – Linocut 101. So much has happened over those 1971 days … I have run nearly 200 public and private group workshops … shared my studio space with nearly 600 workshop students, encouraging them all to trust the process and release the attachment to the outcome … hosted four major Open Studio events and set up of my own studio/workshop space, declaring myself an ‘overnight success‘ at the end of 2019.

My workshop schedule started with an offering of 3 printmaking workshops, and have expanded to 15 coming into the second half of this year. And I have plans for even more new workshops for 2024!

1964 days ago at my first workshop, January 2018

My last workshop, 9 days ago

People have come from different corners of Australia, the UK and USA. I introduced online workshops late-2020, and they now reach across 29 different countries.

From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes – THANK YOU everyone who has participated, played, explored, printed, trusted, returned, shared and supported me in my venture to raise the profile of printmaking as an accessible art form and bring some creative respites into all of our lives.

Workshop Season for July-December 2023 Released

I have just uploaded the dates for the second workshop season for the year. You can check them out here, or click the toggle below for an overview of what’s coming up for July-December 2023.

Below is a sortable table with all workshops scheduled July-December 2023.

Click the column header to change the sort order.

Swipe to view all information on a mobile device.

Why does this make me feel so happy?

I love teaching! As a kid I always wanted to be a teacher. And I love printmaking. I spent a commercial career in the design/advertising/marketing space, and I love print – in all its inky and papery goodness.

As an adult I have combined my passions and living what I hope to be able to continue for years to come.

Printmaking is a glorious artform … and the more people who practice, play and create with it, the greater the understanding and appreciation of both the enjoyment of the final images and the processes behind creating them.

It gives me the most wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling to be able to share my love for the craft and see people making it their own.

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