Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition: Japan and Australia

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The Caloundra Regional Gallery is curating and presenting The Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition: Japan and Australia, in partnership with the Print Council of Australia and Kyota Hanga, Japan. I am proud to be one of 25 Australian printmakers invited to participate.

The exhibition showcases the diversity and dynamism of printmaking in all its forms from Australia and Japan. The exhibition features artists associated with two leading organisations: the Kyoto Hanga Executive of Western Japan and the Print Council of Australia.

Accompanying the exhibition is an extensive program of printmaking workshops. To coincide with the exhibition, the University of the Sunshine Coast will host the Kyoto Hanga International Print Symposium: Japan and Australia 2019 on Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September.

WHERE   Caloundra Regional Gallery, Caloundra
WHEN   20 September–10 November
OPENING EVENT   Friday 20 September
ARTIST TALKS   2pm Sunday 22 September
SYMPOSIUM   Saturday 21–Sunday 22 September

My Contribution to the Exhibition … a reduction linocut print

This is my contribution … ‘Come on … come with me’.

It is a 15 layer reduction linocut print referenced from one of my own photos. I’m quite fond of these white feathered Sulphur-crested Cockatoos. They have such personality and its fun to see their personalities emerge as the layers build. This is my second cockatoo print. And I am finished a third one as I write this post.

This was the first print I printed in my new studio. Having only recently moved into our new home and started to set up my new studio space – it was hectic. But it was also a pleasure to create something special for a very special exhibition.

Below is a series of 6 images that overviews the 15 layers printed to realise the final image ..

Kim Herringe 'Come with me' reduction linocut for Kyoto Hanga International Print exhibition 2019

Artist Talks & Workshops at the Caloundra Regional Gallery

There will be Artist Talks on different days during the exhibition.

I am giving a talk on Sunday 22 September and Saturday 19 October. I will post more information about specific timings and other Artist’s talks here and in Facebook once times have been confirmed.

AND I will be delivering my Linoprinting 101 workshop at the Caloundra Regional Gallery on Tuesday 9 October. As soon as booking details are released, I’ll share them here and on Facebook.

A Meeting of Cultures: Japan and Australia Print Symposium

Mark you calendar and plan your schedules …

Over two days, A Meeting of Cultures: Japan and Australia Print Symposium provides a forum for presentations and discussion of issues, information and research from the printmaking sphere by bringing together scholars, artists, and representatives from cultural institutions through keynote addresses and panel discussions.

The Symposium takes place at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September. It is a special affair with keynote speakers including Professor Atsuhiko Musashi form the Kyoto Seika University and Dr Jan Hogan from the University of Tasmania.

Bookings can be made for half day, up to the full two-day event, including the Dinner function on the Saturday evening.

Click here for more details about this symposium.

Click here to book.

Below is information copied and pasted from the Caloundra Regional Gallery’s Facebook page event:

Over two days, ‘A Meeting of Cultures: Japan and Australia Print Symposium’ provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues, ideas and research from the printmaking sphere by bringing together scholars, artists, and representatives from cultural institutions through keynote addresses, panel discussions and artist talks.

The Symposium coincides with ‘Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition: Japan and Australia 2019’ at Caloundra Regional Gallery and is presented by USC Art Gallery and the Print Council of Australia through the support of Sunshine Coast Council, the Australia-Japan Foundation, Kyoto Hanga Print Exhibition Executive Committee, Argon Law and the Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane.

Keynote speakers
Saturday 21 September
Akira Kurosaki: the evolution of ukiyo-e and woodcut prints
Professor Atsuhiko Musashi, Kyoto Seika University

Akira Kurosaki (1937-2019) is representative of a generation of Japanese artists who started their career and in the 1960s; he was open to international styles and techniques, participated in international exhibitions, and he lived and worked abroad. Despite these international influences, his practice was deeply informed by the traditional Ukiyo-e woodcut artists of his homeland.

In this keynote presentation, Professor Musashi will chart the history of Japanese woodcuts beginning with early 17th century Ukiyo-e through to its end during the middle of the 19th century. He will discuss the last Ukiyo-e painter, Yoshitoshi Tsukioka and also cover Shin Hanga (New Print), Sosaku Hanga (Creative Print) and the importance of the Tokyo International Print Biennial. This will frame his discussion of Akira Kurosaki’s woodcut art from 1965 to 2011.

Sunday 22 September
The poetics of flow: the enfolding of matter, memory and print
Dr Jan Hogan, University of Tasmania

The waters connecting Australia and Japan are a fluid space of cultural flow. The narrative of exchange encompasses matter, cultural sensibilities, geological formations and the geographical flows of trade. There is a nonlinear entanglement where ideas and matter are enfolded, cast adrift, and float to new sensibilities. Across oceans, the formal integrity of works are translated and transformed by new places and ‘points of view’.

In this keynote, Dr Hogan will reflect on the traces of thoughts, languages and materials that echo across time and place leading to new poetics and modes of thinking through the innovations of the Ukiyo-e print.

The full program will be released on 12 August 2019.

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