My brave new word of printmaking

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After 20 years of wishing and hoping and 3 years of committed effort to realise my dream I’m finally on my way! A love for all things print since I was a kid, typography, art and drawing has lead me through a career in design, advertising and marketing to space where I can create my art. It has taken a long time to cut through the conditioned commercial approach to reconnect with the real creative me but I’m doing it.

I started with etching about 15 years ago.I love that but am not so fussed on the toxic nature of it. I’ve bought an etching press which will arrive in about 6 weeks. I’ll give it a go again then. But I’m also not really playing with monoprint on gelli plates. I love – love the detail and diversity of the acrylic on the plate.

I live in Maleny, Qld. Its a beautiful part of the world with an incredible arts community. We have recently formed the Maleny Printmakers. We’re having out first expedition ‘The Nature of Printmaking’ over the Easter weekend 20 March – 1 April. Stop in to have a look at a collection of prints across a range of genres (mono print, lino, etching, collograph and more…).

That it for the moment. My first blog post ever. I build websites and blogs for other with my Red Creative, but have never done one for myself. Enter a brave new world…!

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading. Enjoy what you see and come back again soon – you’ll see something drfferent next time!

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