What is love? What is PTSD without Love? What is the terrain between Love and PTSD?

I have been making artist books for a long time, but never anything as personal and deeply connected to ‘me’ as this one. This book was both rewarding and challenging.  … A few years ago I wrote about an artist book idea bubbling inside my head, and heart; and about my role as a Wife, a Carer and a Printmaker. Now I am proud (and nervous) to share with you the haptic realisation of my artist book “PTSD… A Love Story”.

An artist friend, whose artist book work I admire greatly, shared with me an excerpt from an essay by Johanna Drucker  “The space of a book is intimate and public at the same time; it mediates between private reflection and broad communication in a way that matches many women’s lived experience.

My book is a collection of my personal thoughts, my own, very personal call-and-response. Intimate words that reflect my personal lived experience, fighting and surviving as a partner of a war veteran and first responder diagnosed with PTSD and other mental health conditions.

If you want to read more about my thoughts and details behind the content of this book, click through to my blog post PTSD… A Love Story.


Words by me

Cover – Magnani Etrusca 600gsm
Text – Tiepolo Bianco 290gsm
Interleaving Kozo pages – Awagami Tengucho 9gsm

Letterpress printed using my Showcard Proof Press with wood and lead type (fonts unknown)

Hand printed blind embossing with carved linocut plates

Hand-stitched, coptic binding

The book is stored in a custom-made clear acrylic slipcase

Edition Size – 4


Completed October 2019.

Would you like to read more about the thoughts and process for this book? I’ve written a blog post that details my thoughts around some of the content in my book PTSD… A Love Story.

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