I was privileged to visit the frozen continent. I went in search of a deeply moving and personal experience, and I found it. It is a journey that lives inside me, and one that lead me to finding home. Then, from penguins to polar bears, from south to north, from bottom to top of the world. An entirely different experience of stark contrast that took time to embrace, but taught me to enjoy a different perspective. I share with you my own images with words my from travel journal.

This book was purchased with “From Penguins to Polar Bears: The Arctic” and lives in a private collection.

Cover – encaustic monoprint with silver leaf on printmaking paper
Text pages – digital prints on archival paper of my own photographs from my trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, off South America
Content – my own words, my experience, my journey
Construction – cover folded with internal pages folded concertina style and stitched to the cover

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