Bare. Barren. Lost.

An earlier visit to the great white continent ultimately lead me to experience the Svalbard archipelago, north of Norway; a rugged landscape surviving extreme conditions, working to adapt to changes in the climate that, there, are impossible to ignore.

From penguins to polar bears … from south to north … from bottom to top of the world, the Arctic is an entirely different experience that took time to embrace, but taught me to appreciate a different perspective.

The Arctic is dramatic and beautiful in its own right. Different to Antarctica, but full of natural beauty and history. As with the first book From Penguins to Polar Bears: Antarctica, I share with you words from my travel journal, and photos from my collection.

Both books reside in a private collection, where they are both well loved and cared for.

Bare. Barren. Lost.

In stark contrast
    to the bottom of the world
        the top holds new images, new experiences.

Where is the ice?
The white?
Life is a journey of contrast.
Embrace the adventure.
And get lost in the tundra.

    Creatures of the deep
rise to greet us.

Where was yesterday?
lost in time?
Disconnected from a blurry reality.

Beauty. lines. texture. Colour. Patterns.
Hidden from view.
Hidden from blind eyes.
Look. listen. follow. lead.

At the top of the world
on the other side of the planet
As far away from home
   as I could possible get

I ask …

How far do I need to travel
   to find home?

From Penguins to Polar Bears: Arctic is the second in a 2 book series.
You can read where the story began in my first book – From Penguins to Polar Bears: Antarctica



Words by me, my personal experience, my journey

Cover – Stonehenge white 245gsm
Text – Epson Archival Matt Heavy Inkjet paper

Encaustic monotype print with silver leaf along the paper edges

Content Pages
Inkjet printed with archival inks on Archival Inkjet paper

My own photos from my Arctic experience in July 2006

Cover folded with internal pages folded concertina style and hand stitched to the cover

Both books are wrapped in a natural silk, coloured much like the tundra of the Artic.

Edition Size – 1

Completed April 2014

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