The evolution of an artist

 In Journal

My husband looks for TED/TEDx Talks that he thinks will interest and inspire me. He found this gem for me this morning – ‘The Beautiful Awful’ by Alyssa Monks. Alyssa takes us on a personal journey of the evolution of an artist.

Alyssa is a painter, and her work is beautiful.


While watching, it took me a while to understand the point of her story as she recounts a very personal time for her, and her family. With her story though, she shares a powerful insight into the evolution and development of an artist’s work.

For me this video was an insightful glimpse into the heart and soul of an artist, demonstrating that personal life experiences, when we truly connect with them, influence and shape the images we create; not just in their representation, but with depth and feeling and soul.

I am still finding my art ‘style’, it’s ‘image’. But I also know that that is part of my artist’s journey.

Alyssa, thank you for sharing you story.

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