Howard Street Wall Mural, Nambour – Summer Recess

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Viva la Public Art!

12 artists in the Sunshine Coast Council area were asked to create individual works for inclusion in a public mural for the Howard Street Wall in Nambour (opposite The Old Ambulance Station Gallery).

I am so excited to have been invited as one of the 12. The Howard Street Wall project is an exciting celebration of the breadth and diversity of creative talent on the Sunshine Coast.

Summer Recess wall didactic

Summer Recess
Gelatin Plate Monotype Print
Step into the shade of the Jacaranda tree. Take respite from the afternoon’s heat. Lie on the grass. Look up. And enjoy a moment of quiet if only for a brief recess.

The brief was pretty open – we were to create a new piece that exemplified our arts practice.

We were told that the work was going to be photographed and reproduced at 1.5m x 1.5m, and on display for 2-3 years.

My contribution is a gelatin plate monotype print ‘Summer Recess’. Its original size is about 35cm x 35cm. The reproduced image on the wall is outstanding!

The thinking behind this print was one of celebration – celebrating the flora we enjoy on the Sunshine Coast, especially the Jacaranda trees. When the Jacarandas are in bloom, their proliferation of purple flowers pepper the landscape in a most beautiful way. And when their flowers are spent, their leaves move and sway in the breeze … small small fern-like leaves delightfully dancing to the music of the breeze.

I saw the printed work for the first time at the opening night a few nights ago. The photographic and print quality is insanely fantastic! Such high resolution that the print reproduction on the wall holds every detailed mark of the original hand-printed artwork. Colours so accurately reproduced. And printed on to a fade- and grafitti-resistant vinyl. Sunprint are the team behind the photography, printing and installation.

More Gel Plate Monoprints in this Series

I printed a collection of work while creating the ‘Summer Recess’ print. I admit that I felt pressure to produce a striking print and this work a little in opposition to my mantra of “release the attachment to the outcome” when working with this process.

Below are some of the images I printed while printing ‘Summer Recess”. And you can click here to see more of my gelatin plate monotype prints.

About the Howard Street Wall Project

The Sunshine Coast Council is a big supporter of the arts in our region. They developed a 25 year arts plan, in consultation with community and arts practitioners, for the area. There is an active Public Arts program operating – and I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to participate in this public art program.

A few months ago Julie Hauritz, Sunshine Coast Council Public Art Curator, invited 12 local artists to create a piece for inclusion in the project. The intention was to demonstrate to diversity of artistic approach and style on the Sunshine Coast.

I ‘walked the wall’ on Friday evening – the work is spaced so each is able to shine in its own right, but they are close enough, and so beautifully curated, that there is an obvious connection as you walk the wall and view all works.

The Howard Street Wall Artist Line-up

It wasn’t until after all the artists handed their artwork to the photograher that we all learned who else was participating.And what an exciting line-up of creative talent. I am humbled beyond words to have my work shown in such fabulous company.

Below is the list of all 12 artists sharing their passion for the arts and their work with this project. I first saw the fully-installed wall in the evening. so not great for photos. My plan over the coming months to add photos of the work of everyone involved. Watch this space!

  • Tia Carrigan (This Bird)
  • Thom Stuart
  • Jack MacCrea
  • Bridgette Chilli
  • Courntey & Itama
  • EJ Zyla
  • Lauren Jones
  • Kim Herringe
  • Mieke van den Berg
  • Odessa Mahony-de Vires
  • Alison Mooney
  • Peta O’Hara

The official opening event for the Howard Street Wall was last Friday, 11 June. A silent disco kicked off the festivities, then a night walk along the wall illuminated by what looked like a Star Wars lightsaber.

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