Here is no – the turning point is me.


Piano hinged book and hand made slip case.

The book is made with 4 signatures using the piano hinge ‘binding’ technique to hold the structure together.

Internal pages are a combination of kraft paper, screenprinted Japanese papers and ink and coffee stained papers with handwritten content.

The slip case is board covered with different papers.

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  • Joy

    These books are beautiful , simply stunning – from outside, and I can imagine how much I’d love every single page if I had the chance to flick through them! Thank you so much for everything you are sharing so openly about yourself, your ideas, plans and your work. The more as I browse through all your informations and looking at your photos, the more I get enthusiastic to finally begin with the online workshop, and the more I congratulate myself that I’ve found you in this jungle of the world-wide web. A wonderful chance!

    • Kim Herringe

      Thank you ? for your kind words. It makes me feel warm to read them. I’m thrilled you found me. I love your phrase “jungle of the world-wide web”. It really is like that. I hope you find inspiration, I hope you love the online workshop – and I can’t wait to see what you create and (hopefully) share in the Facebook group ?

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