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For a second year now I have participated in the Queenscliff Gallery & Workshops annual Print Exchange. The exchange coincides with the Queenscliff Literary Festival and is open to artists far and wide within Australia.

The art medium is specifically ‘printmaking’. Participating artists are allocated a title/subject that ties into the Literature Festival’s theme for the year. The theme for 2019 is Historia; for 2018 it was Australia Literature.

To participate, artists express interest with a demonstrated understanding of printmaking editioning, accompanied with examples of work. Once selected, artists are allocated their subject then get to printing!

The printmaking artists participating in each year’s Exchange is impressive, and I feel honoured to be have been involved for the past 2 years.

Queenscliff Literary Festival (QLF) & Historia print exchange

Just some of the prints included in 2019’s Literary Festival & Historia Print Exchange Exhibition – open May 2 – June 30 2019. PRINT EXCHANGE artists: Helene Athanasiadis, Jenine Bailey, Dianne Colk, Warren Cooke, Beth Croce, Ann Cunningham, Sue Ernst, Silvi Glattauer, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Kim Herringe, Julie Holmes, Alex Hotchin, Kyoko Imazu, Gary James, Maureen King, Anita Laurence, Larissa MacFarlane, Soula Mantalvanos, Emmy Mavroidis, Catherine McCue, Kerry Anne McMeeking, Jiri Tibor Novak, Sharron Okines, Laura Osborne, Jim Pavlidis, Sue Poggioli, Nada Poljski, Trudy Rice, Gwen Scott, Lisa Sewards, Stephen Tester and Justin Watson. Image courtesy Queenscliff Gallery and Workshops. View the full portolio here.

2019 Queenscliff Print Exchange – Historia

My allocated Myth or Mythopoeia for this year’s print exchange was Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. I have to admit that it was not a title I would normally read – but I am so glad I did. Before reading the story, I had assumed that ‘Frankenstein’ was the monster itself; and I had assumed that the monster had been created as an assistant to a mad doctor.

How wrong I was! It is a fabulously written story; engaging ’til the end. I was surprised to learn that Dr Frankenstein was the creator of the monster; and it was fascinating to learn that the monster was never actually given a name. Dr Frankenstein, in a lightening strike moment of genius, discovered how to create life. There are many tortured layers in this story, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to not only and simply ‘read’ the story; but the think about it, research it, and consider its many facets to create my exchange print.

‘Victor Frankenstein. Alchemist. God?’

  • Print process – multi-block linocut print
  • Edition Size – a Limited Edition of 32, plus 2 Artist Proofs
  • Colours and layers – 2 linocut blocks, each printed with a single colour
  • Inks – Sakura black oil based ink over Cranfield delicious and luscious oil based gold relief ink
  • Paper – Stonehenge White. Still my favourite for reduction linocut prints.
  • Size – 18cm x 18cm
  • Tools – Pfeil carving tools and my printing press
  • Interested in buying one? This print is available for sale from Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop in Melbourne.

I was determined not to create an image that was obviously connected to the story; like the bolts in the Monster’s neck (although that was very tempting!). When working through my ideas I kept coming back to the title character himself – a young, promising professional with a love and passion for science. But who was he to think he could create another human. As a scientist, does he have the right and obligation to test his theories. As a human, does he have the right or obligation to manufacture another creature, albeit human or beast? I didn’t ask these questions looking for answers. Rather, I really enjoyed thinking about the written word and simply coming up with the questions.

I don’t read enough. I really need to do more of that!

2018 Queenscliff Print Exchange – Australian Literature

Australian novels, poetry, theatre and screen – a broad and exciting range of subject matter. My allocated subject for this print exchange was Joan Lindsay’s novel ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’. I don’t remember if I read the book at school, but I knew I hadn’t seen the movie. This title excited me – I have always known of the story, but not remembered its detail. It was interesting too, to research the story after reading it, reading about the enquiry and theories around the truth or fiction behind the story.

When reading the book I noted statements and sentences that grabbed my attention. This was going to be the reference for the image I wanted to create. I was drawn to sentences that described colour and texture. Maybe because that encouraged my brain to awaken other senses while reading. However, the part of the story that stayed with me the most was the moment when the young girls chaperones realised their watches were stopped at twelve. It was hours later when this was discovered, and in that time the mystery of the Rock was unfolding.

‘Stopped at Twelve’

  • Print process – multi-block reduction linocut print
  • Edition Size – a Limited Edition of 32, plus 2 Artist Proofs
  • Colours and layers – 2 linocut blocks – 1 printed as a reduction block and the other as a single colour on the final layer
  • Inks – Sakura oil based inks
  • Paper – Stonehenge White
  • Size – 18cm x 18cm
  • Tools – Pfeil carving tools, hand printed with my glass ‘print frog‘ baren

You can view the complete folio of work for the 2018 Print Exchange here.

2018 PRINT EXCHANGE artsits: Riste Andrievski, Emma Armstrong-Porter, Jenine Bailey, Karen Barnes, Sara Bowen, Ann Cunningham, Caroline Danaher, Amanda Firenze, Dianne Fogwell, Janet Goldman, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Andrew Gunnell, Kim Herringe, Georgie Lucock, Marion Manifold, Soula Mantalvanos, Olivia Mazzone, Anne McMaster, Anne McMeeking, Rachael Ness, Julia Newson, Leonie Oakes, Glenda Orr, James Pasakos, Sue Poggioli, Natasha Rowell, Gwen Scott, Beata Slifierz, Peter Ward, Justin Watson, Joel Wolter and Christine Wrest-Smith.

More about the Queenscliff annual Print Exchanges

2020 Queenscliff Print Exchange – Human Emotions

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshops has finalised the list of print exchange participants for 2020 and I’m proud to say I am one of them. The theme for 2020 focused on different human emotions. Artists are allocated an emotion and a book title … and my human emotion is ‘Doubt’. I thoroughly enjoy taking part in these print exchanges – the subject matter pushes me somewhere I wouldn’t have otherwise gone to, and I relish the opportunity to step outside my normal.

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