Cyanotype Cotton Scarf – 200x50cm


It’s all about Blue ? This is a one-of-a-kind cotton scarf, printed using the sun and cyanotype process.

Size: 50cm x 200cm
100% cotton, hemmed

The scarf has been photographed with natural light for good colour representation, however, please note that the colour on your screen will differ a little to the colour of the actual product.

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This 100& cotton scarf has been printed using the cyanotype process, with the sun as my printing vehicle.

Colours: the predominant colour is blue, which is the nature of the cyanotype process. This scarf was printed with water added to the exposure process, adding a yellow/green accent to the blues and is some of the lighter areas.

Care instructions: Do not hang or leave your scarf in direct sunlight for prolonged periods as it will fade. HOWEVER, if you do notice it fading, place in a dark cupboard for a few days and the blues will restore back to their original intensity. Yes … really. The magic of cyanotype! To clean, hand wash in cold tap water with a small about of hair shampoo or pH neutral soap. Do not wash with regular laundry detergents. Iron with the cotton/linen setting on your iron.

Would you like to learn how to make your own cyanotype prints? It is an easy, non-toxic process developed in 1842. Technically an alterative photographic process, it is gaining popularity in the printmaking community. I teach this magical process in my Cyanotype workshops.