New reductive linoprint – Tawny mum and chick

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New ink, new brayer, new paper – and so far – magic! I still have another reductive linoprint in progress, but I’m stuck on it, so I have started another image that has been waiting in the wings for a few months. I took this photo years ago and am now bringing it to life in a reductive lino print.

I’m using my new Gamblin oil inks. New soft Japanese rubber roller. I used my new Pfeil tools. Printing on to BK Rives paper, which I’ve not used before. So far (and yes, I know this is only the first colour), it is the perfect storm of ease! The carving, the inking, the rolling, the printing.

I’ve not used a soft rubber roller before. With the roller the ink just glided onto the plate. I’ve had a lot of trouble with white water based inks before. This print will use a lot of white, so fingers crossed the oils make for a better print process. The paper is gorgeous to print on too.

I’m going for 7 colours with a monochrome colour palette, then some hand colour at the end. I may change my tune as I work through the details of each layer, as the highs and lows of the reductive process take flight. I love the image, so stay tuned for some progress posts.

reductive lino print tawny frogmouth first colour tawny frogmouth photo reference

Post addition October 2016…

Click here to read about the finished print. You can see the completed print ‘Watching’ online here. The edition has now sold out, but blank greeting cards are available. Individual cards and packs of 5 or 10 cards.

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