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How would you illustrate ‘Doubt’ in print? For a third year now I am participating in the annual Queenscliff Gallery & Workshops Print Exchange. The 2020 theme … Human Emotions. The exchange coincides with the Queenscliff Literary Festival. This year, due to that annoying and rather destructive virus, the Festival has been cancelled, but the Print Exchange exhibition will go ahead, albeit online.

As with the previous years, 2018 (Australian Literature) and 2019 (Historia), I am honoured to be have been selected to participate.

David Frazer / Michael Leunig /Human Emotion Print Exchange

Titles as varied as Jane Austen’s Emma Leigh Sales’ On Doubt and Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – selected by then-owners of The Bookshop at Queenscliff Lisa and Mathew – are allocated to participating artists whose hand-printed visual adaptations will go on display for the Human Emotion Print Exchange exhibition alongside works by narrative artist Michael Leunig and wood engravings by David Frazer.

Although Covid19 restrictions have affected both the annual festival and the gallery operations, the exhibition will go ahead with an artwork released to social media daily. Locals are welcome to visit the gallery – strictly by appointment.

Exhibition dates: April 30 — June 1, 2020
Official online opening: May 3, 3pm

Exhibition online:
Event link:

Exhibition Invitation

Exhibiting artists (with human emotion and literature titles): Julia Wakefield Confusion A Visit from the Goon Squad, Christine Gibson Regret Atonement, Helen Kocis Edwards Pity Beware of Pity, Penelope Lawry Contempt Contempt, Samantha Thompson Forgiveness East of Eden, Steve Tester Loneliness Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Zoe Snyder Boredom Emma, Gwen Scott Pleasure Fahrenheit 451, Billy Nye Euphoria Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, Ann Cunningham Aggression Fight Club, Brett Mallon Rage Firestarter, Catherine McCue Gratitude Gratitude, Laura Osborne Paranoia Gravity’s Rainbow, Cecilia Jackson Apathy Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Elaine Camlin Pride King Lear, Kim Hodge (nee Herringe) Doubt On Doubt, Margot Rushton Frustration Portnoy’s Complaint, Christine Courcier-Jones Affection Praise, Linda Baker Guilt Rebecca, Andrew Weatherill Horror Slaughterhouse-Five, Susan Mcleod Sympathy Sympathy, Denise Rogers Depression The Bell Jar, Penny Peckham Hysteria The Crucible, Nada Poljski Empathy The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Lisa Sewards Ecstasy The Doors of Perception, Trudy Rice Love Letter to D: A love story and Soula Mantalvanos Ambivalence The Great Gatsby.

My 2020 Print Exchange Human Emotion – Doubt

You don’t choose your title or theme in this exchange; its allocated to you based on the order of participation applications for the program. I had no idea what to expect and was really looking forward to the challenge of creating something on a subject I had no control in choosing.

My allocated Human Emotion was ‘doubt’. I was sent Leigh Sales’ book/essay ‘On Doubt’ to read as inspiration for my print.

Once assigned, my head went in all sorts of different directions, from cliched representations to abstract thinking. The topic seemed appropriate and poignant after a very challenging 2019 at home. In January the idea finally came to me, but the execution wasn’t decided. A few more weeks and I had it solved … can you see what it is?

One aspect of the exchange that I love and look forward to is the challenge of the allocated subject. The challenge to think about the subject, really think about it. ‘Doubt’ is not a subject I would have chosen to work, I also enjoy the challenge of being pushed outside my comfort zone.

Last year was a year of contradictions and challenges; and through some glorious highs, there were some very challenging lows. With the lows came much doubt. I reflected on my own experiences, fresh in my heart and mind, to question and challenge how I perceived the meaning, origin and use of the human emotion and meaning of the word ‘doubt’.

From all that thinking I finally settled on the notion ‘seed of doubt’. And another line of investigation to determine how to execute the idea was ahead of me.

I wanted to reinforce the sometimes insidious nature of doubt, the almost invisible growth as it takes hold of its host. But doubt can also be a blessing and positive challenge, still hidden from view as it grows into a tangible response.

A blind embossing seemed the best way to articulate my experience and expression of Doubt. Fresh off the completion of my PTSD… A Love Story artist book, blind embossing is a process I am loving playing with.

  • Print process – blind embossing
  • Edition Size – a Limited Edition of 29, plus 2 Artist Proofs
  • Colours and layers – 1 linocut block
  • Inks – none
  • Paper – Mouline de gue
  • Size – 18cm x 18cm
  • Tools – Pfeil carving tools and my printing press
  • Interested in buying one? This print is available for sale from Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop in Melbourne.
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  • Soula

    An amazing piece – you super creative and smart creature. It’s such a special piece. Thank you for your beautiful work and for this lovely post also. Very much looking forward to hanging this exhibition despite the circumstances and also owning this as part of the portfolio.

    • Kim Herringe

      Hi Soula, THANK YOU! I can’t wait to see all the prints myself in to artist’s portfolios. You were quick to see this post. I think I was still writing it when you commented. It is such a shame the Festival was cancelled. Best of luck with the online show! And I look forward to getting down there to visit your gallery in person one day in the not too distant future. cheers, Kim 🙂

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