Eco-print Silk Scarf – 160x42cm


Eco-printed with local plant materials.

Size: 42cm x 160cm
100% Habotai Silk, 8mm
Hand rolled and hand sewn hem

The product images show both ends of the scarf as well as some photos of the detail in between.

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This pure silk scarf has been eco-printed using natural plant materials sourced in or near my home property.

Colours: this scarf has printed with greys and patches of pale red and orange.

Care instructions: Treat your scarf like any silk garment. Silk is delicate, yet resilient. Do not hang or leave your scarf in direct sunlight for long periods; and to clean, hand wash in cold tap water with a small about of hair shampoo or pH neutral soap. A natural shift in colour with occur over time with prolonged sun exposure and/or washing with detergents.

If needed, iron using the Silk setting on your iron.

Would you like to learn how to make your own eco-printed silk scarves? I teach this magical process in my Botanical Impressions Eco-Printing on Silk & Paper workshops.