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Suddenly ‘time’ is something we seem to have a lot of. Are you looking for some new reading material? Here I share with you 3 of my favourite linocut reference books from my own bookshelf …

I love books! And I admit that when it comes to reference books, I like books with pictures better then books without. I’ve been growing my book collection for the past 10 years, and I love to share it with students in my workshops.

Today I pulled out my ‘A Printmakers Cookbook’ to look up something something specific. The ‘looking for something specific’ turned in to an indulgent few hours of reading. Something I don’t afford myself enough time to do!

But it got me thinking … with the current guidelines and restrictions around our Covid-19 health crisis and imposed isolation, maybe other people would be interested in some new reading material ideas … so here are my three favourite linocut reference books. Jam packed full of pictures and information.

*Note: I have provided links to their publisher website. They are not affiliate links, and I do not receive a commission for the sale of these books.

A Printmaker’s Cookbook – Images in Relief

Dianne Fogwell

If you aren’t familiar with the printmaking work of Dianne Fogwell – then get familiar! I think she is Australia’s best linocut printmaker, and her work is exquisite. Large scale, considered, detailed, creative, quality and beautiful work.

In 2018 she published her ‘A Printmakers Cookbook’. Her book is generous and full. Cover to cover full of valuable and useful information, not to mention a catalogue of beautiful printmaking prints. She has presented her book as a recipe book filled with tried and tested techniques.

By recipe book, I mean she shares her work, then details the elements used and processes employed to realise her images. A well considered system of information flow plus images of tools and demonstrations makes this book both a beautiful picture book and reference book.

‘ I would like you to use A Printmaker’s Cookbook – Images in Relief in the studio as you would use a dependable cookbook in the kitchen. Have it open while you make, add/subtract according to taste, substitute this for that, let it cater to your vision. Use it to troubleshoot and advise your methods when something’s not working as you thought it might.’ Dianne Fogwell

Author: Diane Fogwell
To buy:
Cost: $55 plus shipping
Published: 2018
ISBN: 978–0–6483846–0–1

Linocut – for artists & beginners

Nick Morely

Nick Morely, aka Linocut Boy, spent the best part of three years writing and compiling his complete guide to linocut printmaking for artists and designers alike.

He explains in plain English many of the processes involved, sharing tips and covering just about everything you need to know about the versatile and accessible craft of linocut printing. He covers tools and materials, design planning, carving and printing. Starting with the most basic single-colour linocut to reduction linocut printing and alternative approaches to lino.

The book is full of clear, step-by-step photographs and examples of work by the Nick and other artists from around the world. Plus, it includes in-depth interviews and images from eight international artists and designers.

While this book is perfect for someone just getting started with linocut printmaking, I thimk it is more than just for beginners. Its a great book. Nick’s style of art work and book presentation is very different to Dianne’s book above. This, I think, makes them the perfect pair to have on your bookshelf for reference, resource and inspiration.

Author: Nick Morley
To buy: direct from Nick here and many online booksellers sell this publication
Cost:£18.99 plus shipping
Publisher: The Crowood Press
Published: 2016
ISBN: 978–1–78500–145–1

Pressing On – A Decade of New Linocuts

Robert Gillmor

If you are familiar with my reduction linocut work, you will know that its no secret how much I love working with birds as subject matter. I came across this book while hunting for some new reference material to add to my library, and … wow!

Cover to cover linocut and birds. Two or my favourite things 🙂

Before receiving my book, I was familiar with Robert Gillmor’s work, but didn’t know much about him as an artist; and I was certainly not aware of how extensive his work and career was. Robert Gillmor is a UK based wildlife artist and have been printing linocuts since 1998. His work has been reproduced on book covers and stamps, so can be enjoyed far and wide, beyond the smaller audience exposed to his beautiful original linocut prints.

Author: Robert Gillmor
To buy: Mascot Media
Cost:  £25.00 plus shipping
Publisher: Mascot Media
Published: 2018
ISBN: 978-1-9998457-1-1

If you click through to look at more information about this book, with Mascot Media, have a poke around their website. There are A LOT of other linocut and printmaking based reference books for sale in their online shop. So very exciting to see so many books in one simple online location.

Now Please Share Yours

I would love to hear about what linocut books you have read and recommend. Books with tips and step-by-step processes, and books featureing artists’ work. I’m always on the lookout, and linocut reference material is pretty under-represented in the book world.

So if you have any linocut books to recommend, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear 🙂

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  • Jan Strudwick

    Hi Kim,
    you mentioned a textile book you liked in your last newsletter. I had a complete crash of my computer and had to get a new one, and can’t get back you your last letter. would you mind just replying with the name of the book you mentioned. It looked fascinating. thankyou

    • Kim Herringe

      Hi Jan, the book is called “Sketchbook Explorations : for mixed-media and textile artists” by Shelley Rhodes. Its fabulous. From memory I bought mine online from Book Depository for approx $45. I LOVE IT!!! Lots of good ideas and inspiration. cheers, Kim 🙂

  • Dianne

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for featuring my book “A Printmaker’s Cookbook – Images in Relief” on your site. It is very satisfying to know that the book is useful.
    My best regards, Dianne Fogwell

    • Kim Herringe

      Hi Dianne, you are so very welcome !! Thank YOU so much for writing and crafting your book. I am self-taught with most of my printmaking – your book has helped fill in gaps in my linocut knowledge, and I reference it for troubleshooting. It is also very popular in my linocut workshops and I include information about it in their information packs. I hope that has lead to sales 🙂 Your book is extraordinary. Beautiful images and so much valuable information. Thank You. Kim

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