Where do you go to get you printmaking inspiration? I take my inspiration from many sources. Generally from the natural landscape, and often from my own photographs. I have a growing reference collection of books that I love to pour through when I can. And I will spend hours each week look at other artists work. Admiring composition, colour, subject matter, process and style. I often look at a surface or texture and say “I could print that!”.

My printmaking inspiration can really come from anywhere. I am finding that the more I focus on my craft, the more open I am to impulsive moments of inspiration. And it is these impulsive moments that can push me outside my comfort zone to extend my printmaking skills.

Online I follow artists on social media and website blogs. Pinterest is an absorbing platform to browse and collect images. Instagram is wonderful in that I follow my favourite artists and can scroll through image after image, sparking ideas and suggesting new subjects to explore. I visit galleries and will sniff out anything ‘printmaking’ they have on hand.

Below are links to some of my favourite reference material and inspiration sources. I have noted some of my favourite artists – printmakers, painters and photographers. It is not a complete list, and I will add to it over time, but it is a good starting point if you are looking for some printmaking inspiration yourself.