Workshop Feedback & Testimonials

If you have ever considered trying your hand at printmaking, whether as an absolute beginner or wanting to further develop your skills, please consider coming along to one of my workshops. I am passionate about printmaking, and I love to teach and share my skills. Please read below feedback from people who have attended my workshops.

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  • Kim is a natural teacher, happy to share her knowledge and also to readily talk about lessons she has learned through making hands on 'mistakes'. Her passion for printmaking and her enthusiasm for sharing both her knowledge and her own continual learning journey was evident across the weekend.

    Neil, Montville
    Neil, Montville Reduction Linocut
  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending Kim’s Cyanotype workshop. The weather tried to conspire against us, however there was still enough sun to achieve good results. Also learned that the weather doesn’t need to be sunny to achieve a result. I will putting these skills to use in the near future.

    CD, Bribane
    CD, Bribane Cyanotype
  • Kim's online monotyping workshop is nature & craft in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home (the only thing missing is Miss Maggie). She encourages you to create amazing artwork and embrace your inner creative even in digital format. So excited for metal plate etching and hopefully ecoprinting soon.

    Charmaine, Tuggeranong
    Charmaine, Tuggeranong Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I participated in Kim’s Cyanotype workshop, and was new to the process. Despite bad weather, Kim was adaptable, and extremely well prepared. There was a great mix of theory, show and tell, and hands on experimentation. Highly recommended!

    Robyn, North of Brisbane
    Robyn, North of Brisbane Cyanotype
  • Kim is not only incredibly talented, but she is so lovely and patient in her face to face workshops. This translated perfectly to the calm and careful explanations and documents she provides for her online workshops. It was so easy to work through the course at my own pace AND get incredible results. #thereisnosuchthingasamistake

    Em, Canberra
    Em, Canberra Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • An excellent workshop on botanical mono printing with a gelatin plate
    website easy to navigate and to know where I am
    Resources are complete, including books
    Video production is well lit and audio is very good
    one of the best workshop websites I have taken, either live or online
    Angela, the Philippines
    Angela, the Philippines Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • There was a great atmosphere to this workshop and it felt very relaxed. I had great fun and feel able to continuing lino printing on my own. The workshop was well paced and well planned. There was enough time to complete the objectives of the workshop. The resources available were a great source of inspiration. Having a list of resources etc is a great point of reference to get started with good basic equipment and resources. You were very generous with information and guidance, a great teacher!

    Katie, Sunshine Coast
    Katie, Sunshine Coast Linoprinting 101
  • I’ve just completed Gel Plate Mono-printing on-line course with Kim Herringe.
    I’m excited!
    I’m very impressed with the quality of production and the value for money. The course is very easy to navigate and there so much information presented in a way that is easy to understand. Nothing has been missed.
    Kim’s delivery was smooth and natural - it was like she was in the room, talking to me.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in Gel Printing, beginner or not ... and I can’t wait for the next episode 🙂
    Cathy, Maleny
    Cathy, Maleny Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The workshop exceeded my expectations. The prints the students achieved were majestic. A large number of variations in technique were each demonstrated clearly and succinctly. Kim gave genuine encouragement and if a student developed a different result it was acknowledged enthusiastically.

    Trevor, Bardon
    Trevor, Bardon Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim's passion and knowledge of reduction lino print and other printing processes made the weekend workshop so interesting and informative. Her skillset is outstanding and is to be admired and celebrated. In that sense, it was a privilege to be taught by her and have her share her skills and life with us, I have nothing but admiration for her strength, skill and tenacity. Working with other likeminded artisans is also special and so enjoyable to see how others approach their work and desired outcomes. Thank you Kim for a wonderful weekend.

    Jen, Caboolture
    Jen, Caboolture Reduction Linocut
  • Kim did a fabulous job sharing her expertise and helping the group get their heads around the amazing world of reduction printing. Everyone left with many more skills, and a completed piece of work of which they could be proud. I am sure we also left inspired to continue printing and determined to return and learn more from Kim.

    Eileen, Maleny
    Eileen, Maleny Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I like the instruction is informative and clear but delivered in an informal way. I also like the generous sharing of ideas, tools and resources. And that you enable participants to go home and continue working on linocut printing with minimal equipment. I also like to see the work of other students take shape. The studio set-up is great - plenty of space for all. I thought the time management was good - I never felt either rushed or bored. And of course - location, location, location!

    Bron, Brisbane
    Bron, Brisbane Reduction Linocut
  • Small class. So much help and attention from [Kim] and so generous with resources and advice. I am reeling with so much to process and remember. Lovely studio and outlook. Very special greeter Maggie. I think I enjoyed and learnt more in this workshop than the first Lino one I did some years ago.

    Lynne, Golden Beach
    Lynne, Golden Beach Reduction Linocut
  • Our Visual Art teaching staff have highly enjoyed the fantastic Cyanotype workshop with Kim. We had a wonderful day learning and experimenting with this technique. I would strongly recommend her workshops for art teachers, artists and also beginners. Kim is very warm host who is only too happy to provide knowledge of skills, resources and materials. She was able to encourage us to be in their innermost creative and mindful zones.

    Elizabeth Clout, Nambour State College
    Elizabeth Clout, Nambour State College Cyanotype Workshop
  • Kim is very generous with information and her time. Kim’s studio is very warm and welcoming and I loved my time there creating prints from the limo I carved on the day. Thank you Kim for a fabulous day look forward to next time.

    Jane, Sunshine Coast
    Jane, Sunshine Coast Linoprinting 101
  • Kim is a passionate teacher and is a very sharing person with her skills

    Debbie, Sunshine Coast
    Debbie, Sunshine Coast Linoprinting 101
  • For me this was a return to my past. Life just happened and got busier and busier , so 33 years later I returned to where I left off in Year 12 art. It was amazing, I could have spent a whole weekend doing this . I am still thinking about the class and where I could take what I learned. Lovely location and great company too.

    Anita, Sunshine Coast
    Anita, Sunshine Coast Linoprinting 101
  • Throughly enjoyed the Botanical Impressions Eco-printing workshop. Kim is so generous with resources, ideas, and examples of what can be produced with the techniques. Am going to enjoying working through the information and experimenting more. I will definitely be attending more of Kim’s workshops.

    Jenny, Maroochydore
    Jenny, Maroochydore Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Very genuine workshop experience. We literally stepped into your studio for the day. Any criticism I have is not for you but the art form and that’s entirely personal. I love the clean lines, I love paper and ink and line work. It’s all beautiful but it doesn’t do it for me like oil painting. Stepchild haha.

    Emma, Brisbane
    Emma, Brisbane Linoprinting 101
  • From her well-equipped studio in the quiet Maleny countryside, Kim provides you with a very informative, relaxed and fun two-day workshop. Having the workshop held in a full time working printmakers studio, with a wealth of resources to hand, plenty of works in progress, and access to past works - really enriches the learning experience. Originals of other printmakers work hang on the walls, and a well -resourced library of reference books is to hand. A creative, stimulating environment indeed.

    Marie, Sunshine Coast Hinterland
    Marie, Sunshine Coast Hinterland Reduction Linocut
  • Kim has a natural way with people, she makes everyone feel very welcome as soon as they enter the studio. She has a great teaching style and follows up each session with printed information to take home. Kim is very knowledgeable about her craft and has many resources to share. I spent a very happy and rewarding 2 days learning about Lino reduction printing.

    Christine, Coolum
    Christine, Coolum Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is a thorough, well prepared and organised teacher of Reductive Linoprinting. I was very pleased with the experience, because I learned what I wanted to know, and am energised to continue in this printmaking technique.

    Jacky, Connondale
    Jacky, Connondale Reduction Linocut
  • Kim is a wonderful teacher and guided us in making some beautiful prints. I was a beginner at this and not very confident with colours but enjoyed learning a new skill and creating one off original prints. Note from Kim: Lee, you created some simply beautiful prints, and you play with colours was lovely. Keep going !! 🙂

    Lee, Sunshine Coast
    Lee, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Excellent tuition delivered in a friendly positive way. Clear instructions with the right balance of demonstrations and self motivated activity. All equipment to hand and I appreciated the extra space. I have been to workshops in the past where the space is too cramped and everything gets muddled up! You are super organised Kim even down to the tea and biscuits and it makes for such an enjoyable day. You were very generous with your knowledge and tips and I now feel that I can have a go with confidence on my mini gel plate which has been sitting on the shelf untouched for months. Thank you. Cheers Bee

    Bee, Maroochydore
    Bee, Maroochydore Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim was so welcoming and open to sharing her wealth of knowledge in Gelli Plate printing. There was the perfect mix of information, demos and time to play and experiment with the medium.

    Libby, Perigian Beach
    Libby, Perigian Beach Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim’s workshops are so enjoyable - everything is well organised and professional from the pre workshop information and communication to arrangements on the day in the studio. Quality materials are provided in a delightful and inspiring workspace. Kim is generous with her knowledge and experience and she encourages experimentation and exploration of technique. Her workshops are fun but you will learn!

    Caroline, Bribie Island
    Caroline, Bribie Island Metal Plate Etching Workshop
  • 5 out of 5 stars If you have a passion for art or just like to be creative or haven't done anything before Kim's workshop is one you HAVE to go to.. Her energy & enthusiasm is contagious and she leaves you wanting more.. LOVED IT!

    Kristen, Brisbane
    Kristen, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The workshop space was interesting, comfortable, airy and had plenty of creative reference materials to use. Kim was passionate, kind, friendly, inclusive, knowledgeable, had a clear idea of what the workshop could offer and made sure that was achieved. The materials and resources were freely available and there were plenty available. Loved what we learnt.

    Janine, Brisbane
    Janine, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is very talented and an excellent teacher, very open and sharing with ideas and techniques. A great atmosphere and comraderie also made it a fantastic experience. I'd recommend it to anyone, individual and groups.

    Chris, Sunshine Coast
    Chris, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim demonstrated a number of techniques to help us understand the concepts, - one of which was a bit of a head scratch to try and figure out. However it became quite clear once the process was shown step by step. There was a lot of examples of work to show us the end results as well. I look forward to my next class ! Kim is a very approachable and knowledgeable teacher, who is more than willing to share her knowledge. Her art studio is a lovely atmosphere work in.

    Cherien Brisbane
    Cherien Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim provides great insight into the print medium process. A beautiful art space to work your own piece of magic on paper, silk or cloth. Thanks Kim can’t wait for my next workshop.

    Sue, Woombye
    Sue, Woombye Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • After one of Kim Herringe's workshops, you feel recharged and excited to engage in new processes of paint, play and printing. Her easy going style of conversation helps participants to let go.

    Marg Gibbs, Mapleton
    Marg Gibbs, Mapleton Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim's EcoPrinting on Silk and Paper workshop was very informative, I learn a lot from this GREAT ART TEACHER! Excellent skills and ideas were presented in a very pertinent and clear manner, informative tips were given with great explanations. This was the BEST Art Workshop I've EVER Experienced (and I'm a workshop frequenter). Thank you so much Kim for the fabulous workshop!!!

    Bonnie, Sunshine Coast
    Bonnie, Sunshine Coast Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Great atmosphere and easy to become creative in this environment with lots of examples and encouragement. Even if you have never done any art - you can create a masterpiece! The best way to get away from it all and the day unfortunately flew past and it was time to go home! Kim you are a wonderful and caring instructor.

    Sandra, Gold Coast
    Sandra, Gold Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop yesterday, and could have spent a lot more time playing! Thank you so much for all the information and guidance.

    Dale, Sunshine Coast
    Dale, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I have explained to her that I have to bring someone with me to hear the workshop and she understood that I needed an Auslan Interpreter. It was her first time to meet me, I am deaf and it was the first time Auslan Interpreter in her workshop. She loves it too, as I could tell. I was so happy and understanding everything for Gelatin Monoprint workshop. I definitely be back and as well other different workshop with my Interpreter. 😍😍😍

    Karla, Brisbane
    Karla, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I found your workshop just fabulous!  The resources were great, and the space was so relaxing and creative. And I have to say I found your style of  tutoring was the best.  We were provided with lots of practical advice, and lots of inspiration. You moved the class along providing effective demonstration, and I felt comfortable to try my own ideas. I loved it and will definitely recommend it to others.

    Fiona, Sunshine Coast
    Fiona, Sunshine Coast Linoprinting 101
  • A really wonderful and creative learning experience. I am hooked on printing now! Thank you Kim 🙂

    Caroline, Sunshine Coast
    Caroline, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. She is so generous with sharing her contacts and knowledge. I have now enjoyed 3 different printmaking workshops with Kim and cannot wait to do more. She’s so inspiring and encouraging.

    Barbi, Sunshine Coast
    Barbi, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • A stimulating and rewarding day. Highly recommend.

    Lyn, Gympie
    Lyn, Gympie Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • "A very personable approach. So generous with information and materials too. Many thanks Kim for a great workshop. A lovely relaxed and productive day!" Judy  ---  "I liked that you just showed the technique and we could just do our own thing and that there was no right or wrong print. Excellent workshop." Marilyn

    Gel Plate Monoprinting, Fibre Arts Group
    Gel Plate Monoprinting, Fibre Arts Group Buderim Craft Cottage
  • We shared lunch afterwards and I thought you'd like to know that you received the loveliest compliments. Words like "professional, generous, amazing, inspirational and knows what she's doing" abounded. Everyone enjoyed the workshop and 3 hours was just right. We were also very impressed at how organised you are. Your gentle guidance and encouragement gave me so much confidence, and I especially loved the way you would tell us to detach from the outcome. I was so inspired that I did just that this morning on a frame of silk that will become scarves. That advice really freed me up to play without boundaries and this piece is unusual for me. ... abandoned playfulness.

    Roxanne, Buderim
    Roxanne, Buderim Private Group, Bunderim Craft Cottage
  • My one on one tuition with Kim was so worthwhile. She was very generous with all the information provided I also had heaps of questions so we covered a lot during the time and I went away excited and motivated. Thanks so much Kim!

    Cherie, Brisbane Private Tuition
  • I totally enjoyed Kim's Botanical Impressions Eco-Printing workshop, and getting into the practicalities of what is a mysterious and serendipitous art. Kim managed to cover this in her straight forward and easy going manner. I am quite proud of my 'beginner' eco-printed scarves and the gorgeous botanical shapes and colours on paper.

    Jennifer, Mapleton
    Jennifer, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending this workshop. Relaxed but very informative and I ended up with scarves and paper that I'm quite proud of! I think Kim is very clever and her passion for the subject shines through - she really loves what she does. I will definitely be attending more of her classes.

    Megan, Mapleton
    Megan, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I have been to a few of Kim's workshops so far and I think this particular workshop has been the most satisfying. Just love the scarves and paper we produced. Love the environment, Kim's easy reassuring manner, all the resources available and the other participants. Oh and Maggie - of course!

    Meryl, Mapleton
    Meryl, Mapleton Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I loved the workshop in its entirety. It was a wonderful, fun, interactive day with just the right number of students in Kim’s studio. Everything that we needed for our artistic processes was provided. She was available to each and every one of us for advice and assistance. Her enthusiasm with her art is contagious. Kim is a great communicator passing on her craft with explanation and demonstration. She is a natural teacher and generous with her knowledge. Our day flowed beautifully because of Kim’s planning for a highly successful workshop.. I look forward to my next one!

    Mary Ann, Perigian
    Mary Ann, Perigian Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • I attended a Xmas card linoprinting workshop and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. From the welcome coffee, to Kim's patient and enthusiastic teaching, the quality of supplies and tools we were using, the amazing inspiration from her to-die-for studio and the small group size, to being able to leave with finished hand-made cards and an urge to try more lino-cutting! Thanks Kim, my first class but I think it won't be my last!

    Tracey, Montville
    Tracey, Montville Linoprinting 101
  • I really enjoyed this session and learned heaps, thank you Kim. I loved carving out the lino and seeing the end result transform into something beautiful! I especially liked being able to choose from a range of already tried and tested designs and learning how to replicate it rather than creating a design of your own - this saved loads of time. As well as being happy to help each of us, Kim was very bright, friendly and fun. The venue was excellent and the number of attendees perfect - plenty of room and plenty of fun!!

    J, Maleny
    J, Maleny Lino Print your Own Christmas Cards
  • I travelled from the Gold Coast to do this workshop as I was told Kim Herringe was the best lino print teacher, and indeed she is. Wonderful class, loads of fun, great learning at comfortable pace. Very hospitable and fabulous studio. Thoroughly recommend this class and this wonderful clever teacher. Lesley.

    Lesley, Gold Coast
    Lesley, Gold Coast Lino Print your Own Christmas Cards
  • Thanks to Kim for making Botanicals on silk and paper workshop an enjoyable experience. Kim takes a practical approach to this medium and makes the process easy to replicate at home. I loved the pieces of art I created. Thanks Kim

    Sue, Woombye
    Sue, Woombye Eco-printing on Silk and Paper
  • Kim is such a fantastic teacher. Very informative. Explains the subject so it is easy to understand. Very generous with all aspects of the workshop. Lots of fun. I came away, and I can say for all our group, with such energy and enthusiasm. Cannot wait to continue with all the knowledge from this second workshop that I have attended with Kim.

    Ellen, Hard Pressed Printmakers
    Ellen, Hard Pressed Printmakers Caloundra Arts Centre, Private Group
  • "I am not a beginner and yet I learnt so much. About using tools, mark making, sharpening tools, and doing a rubbing! Had never thought of that as a way to review progress. You are a great teacher, generous with your time and knowledge, patient, and passionate. Not precious about your knowledge and expertise like some teachers. It was great Kim. Thankyou." Julie    ---    "I hadn’t done Lino print for a long while, and after the workshop, I’m so hooked. And we also got lots of information for places to buy and places to visit for inspiration." Ellen --- "Love that Kim shared her knowledge of the Exhibition at the Gallery, and sharing her passion for her chosen Practice in the Art World. THE best workshop I have attended at the Gallery. Many, many thanks" Joan --- "I feel privileged to have been able to participate in the workshop." Margaret    ---    "Can’t wait for the next one!" Barbi    ---    "I had a great experience and look forward to developing my new skill." Sandy

    Linoprinting 101, Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition Workshop
    Linoprinting 101, Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition Workshop Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
  • Loved the informal friendly presentation of the process of the Gel Printing... the relaxed atmosphere and the openness with which Kim shared her knowledge, and the way we were encouraged to continue to experiment and explore this printing process... thank you Kim for a delightful, fun filled day!

    Ramona, Sunshine Coast
    Ramona, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • This is a special place where everyone becomes an amazing artist while having a lot of fun. A fantastic break from a busy and tech saturated world.

    Theresa, Sunshine Coast
    Theresa, Sunshine Coast Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I will be back for more. I love how caring and giving you are as a tutor and provide such a non-competitive, non-judgemental play space.

    Roz, Toowoomba
    Roz, Toowoomba Cyanotype Workshop
  • Recently attended a Cyanotype workshop and had an absolutely wonderful day. Kim gave easy to understand instructions, numerous examples of what to expect that attendees could feel, look at and discuss. There were ample things to try out and lots of space to move about easily. Kim was on hand with suggestions and answers and a plethora of information in follow up emails. Her studio is light and airy, easy to access and has beautiful views to enjoy whilst stopping for lunch.

    Em, Caloundra
    Em, Caloundra Cyanotype Workshop
  • Thank you Kim for a perfect workshop. Your enthusiasm for your art is contagious and I felt I came away from the day so inspired. The thing I loved was that there was no pressure to create a certain way, there was no wrong way to do anything. I came home with some beautiful pieces and not one am I going to discard. Love them all, that says a lot for how you conducted the day. The information flowed all day. Thank you Kim for sharing so much.

    Beverley, Brisbane
    Beverley, Brisbane Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • You are such a great teacher, a genuine person and I absolutely loved the weekend and only wished I lived closer so I could come to everything you run! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and experience with us, its invaluable and so generous. Do yourself a favour and sign up for one of Kim's workshops, you will not regret it!

    Kellie, Bathurst
    Kellie, Bathurst Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim is a wonderful instructor, very welcoming, passionate and full of knowledge that she is only too happy to share. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would recommend it to anyone wanting to take their Linocuts to the next level.

    Lauren. Maleny
    Lauren. Maleny Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I signed up for a two day Lino Print workshop with Kim. I was nervous about attending as my background is not of an artistic nature and I was not sure my skill level would meet the criteria needed. Why did I worry? With Kim's gentle approach to the workshop; her step by step instructions and expectations, she put my mind at ease immediately. Her gentle approach to the workshop instills confidence in your ability and by the end of the tuition, you have created a piece that you are proud of. Very liberating!

    Michelle, Brisbane
    Michelle, Brisbane Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I had a great time at Kim’s workshop learning reduction Lino printing. Kim was a great tutor and had a vast knowledge of information that she was happy to share with us all. Her teaching style is relaxed while ensuring everyone completes their desired prints. Nothing was to much trouble for her. Great day and would love to do more printing with her in the future.

    Suzanne, Ballarat
    Suzanne, Ballarat Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Oh wow! What a great introduction to the magical world of print. Having completed Lino Print 101, I'm definitely coming back for more. Kim has a very humble and genuine approach to sharing her skills and expertise in the art of print, and her workshop offered the perfect blend of information, instruction and time to get lost in the creative process. Thanks Kim, I had a wonderful day.

    Sue, Sunshine Coast Linoprinting 101
  • Thank you for the best workshop I've been to for a long time !!... It was a great refresher and update for me to follow .... aiming for a much more professional level.

    Jilly, Buderim
    Jilly, Buderim Reduction Linocut Printing
  • "So wonderful! 😊 Kim ran an amazing workshop."    ---     "This was a fantastic weekend. Thank you. Great job."    ---     "Fabulous weekend—relaxing and creative. Lovely friendly environment."    ---     Complements to the cook—lunches were delicious."    ---     "Most enjoyable."    ---     "Great 2-day workshop. Excellent tutor. Thank you."    ---     "Kim is a terrific tutor. She worked very hard throughout and imparted knowledge willingly. Kim fostered our curiosity and enthusiasm for the medium. Food was great!"    ---     "Thanks Kim, you rock!"

    Colour & Reduction Linocut, Winter School 2019
    Colour & Reduction Linocut, Winter School 2019 Buderim Craft Cottage, Private Group
  • For many years I’ve been searching for an art medium that I can get excited about and now, at this late stage of my life, I’ve found it. Something unknown and unexpected, a passion - perfect for my ageing and rheumatic hands, simple processes I can indulge in on a daily basis, and yearn for when other duties call. I became inspired less than a year ago after visiting a printing exhibition of aboriginal lino cuts. But what to do? A search on Google took me to Kim’s inspirational website and the decision was made. I wanted to get started there and then and so I decided to take a one-on-one session - four hours of entry into this new world. It was just what I needed. Entry level, slow paced, hands on, with fabulous colours and beautiful papers, and take-home gorgeous works of art. I not only learnt the basics of lino printing, but Kim very wisely offered an alternative for when my hands aren’t functioning so well - gelli printing, and it is this that now sustains me. I recently took another individual workshop with Kim, this time to discuss my progress and go deeper into the unlimited possibilities - Kim is such a good teacher - listening, reflecting, guiding and encouraging. I can’t recommend her highly enough - I’m hooked for life, and will return to her studio as often as I can.

    Jan, Caboolture Private Tuition
  • I had a great time at Kim’s workshop learning reduction Lino printing. Kim was a great tutor and had a vast knowledge of information that she was happy to share with us all. Her teaching style is relaxed while ensuring everyone completes their desired prints. Nothing was to much trouble for her. Great day and would love to do more printing with her in the future.

    Suzanna, Ballarat
    Suzanna, Ballarat Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I had fond memories of lino printing in high school...when I saw Kim's lino printing workshop and had to go give it a try as an 'adult'. What a fantastic day! From the stunning setting to the inspiration everywhere (including the beautiful Maggie) it was a day for the soul. I usually stick to drawing, but can get quite anxious about the finished product...i loved this class as it took the pressure out and focused on fun...i turned one of my drawings into a print and hey presto...i had 12 versions of my drawing that looked cool and graphic and I can now try out all my ideas on without 'ruining' the drawing. highly recommend this class! My husband thoroughly enjoyed making his samurai print too.

    Toni, Beechmont, Gold Coast
    Toni, Beechmont, Gold Coast Linoprinting 101
  • I did Kim’s Linoprinting 101 class and REALLY enjoyed it. It was super well organised and Kim is a great teacher and communicator. The class was well paced and Kim’s instructions very easy to follow. Kim is a talented printmaker who is very happy to share her knowledge and passion. She knows we’re all creative and understands our need to create. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future.

    Lucille, Peachester
    Lucille, Peachester Linoprinting 101
  • A very informative Gel print workshop on 1st June, 2019. Lots of good demonstrations, handouts and materials. Also the studio was spacious and had lots of natural light. Overall a great learning experience.

    Bron, Noosaville
    Bron, Noosaville Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Fantastic day learning about gelli plate printing. Informative, fun the day flew by and I ended with some wonderful prints and some great ideas. Thanks Kim.

    Megan Bice - Art Classes, Maleny
    Megan Bice - Art Classes, Maleny Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim, I have no idea if you have ever been a teacher. Many artists and artisans are skilled in their areas but lack teaching ability. You nailed it. All learning should involve fun within a positive environment and you provided this in spades. I felt happy just plodding, experimenting and sharing conversations with the group about our individual experiments.....with no judgement attached. It was wonderful to have all of the equipment provided and to have all of your expertise in showing, sharing and modelling. Having a small group also meant we all had access to your expertise and advice. So in short...I loved it.

    Roz, Toowoomba
    Roz, Toowoomba Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • A great teacher, is one that shares. Kim was a fantastic teacher and guide through the lino reduction process. She has a passion for her art, which is contagious, in those of us with lesser skills. Enjoyed it immensely, I will be back.

    Kate, Woombye
    Kate, Woombye Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim was incredibly thorough with her teachings and she is a wealth of knowledge all things Print Making. She did not hold back any information when asked. Her passion for art is truly refreshing and contagious.

    Bambi Gosbell, House of Artisan, Gympie
    Bambi Gosbell, House of Artisan, Gympie Linoprinting 101, Private Group
  • "Great feedback and tips encouraring and lovely atmosphere. Kim is a wealth of knowledge!" Kelly    ---    "Fast paced and focused. Great explanations and question answering. Lots of materials to play with" Christine    ---    "Excellent venue and easy parking. Kim is a great teacher and super organised. the workshop was well priced." Sarah    ---    "The teacher was excellent ........ Kim Herringe was very experienced and was very good at being able to pass on her knowledge to all her students . The setting at the gallery was perfect also and the staff there were very friendly and helpful." Jenni

    Noosa Regional Art Gallery
    Noosa Regional Art Gallery Linoprinting 101, Private Group
  • I recently did a Gel Plate Printing workshop with Kim & had a great time! I'd previously watched numerous videos & tried a few things myself, but had not really been happy with the results. In a very short time I was producing multi-layered prints that I really loved. The techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated & the materials were very high quality. Kim's encouragement to just play, experiment & let go of the outcome really made for an enjoyable learning experience. I would recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in gel plate printing.

    Joy, Buderim
    Joy, Buderim Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Thank you, Kim Herringe! What an absolutely fantastic day the PYO Christmas card workshop was. To be honest, I was quite concerned about my ability to be able to complete anything worthy of a Christmas card. With my background of no lino print experience, you introduced me to the process and instilled a competence and confidence in me to create Christmas Cards that I am proud to gift to family and friends. Kim, I can’t say enough words about your generosity sharing not only your knowledge, tips and tricks but they way you provide ample amounts of supplies to ensure that everyone not only achieves their goals in your workshop, but also can continue to develop their printing at home. I was able to teach my 12 year old daughter for her to print her own cards the very next day, which was the best feeling!

    Kerry, Buderim
    Kerry, Buderim Lino Print your Own Christmas Cards
  • The Mixed Media Art group at the Buderim Cottage, of which I am leader, invited Kim to conduct two gel plate workshops in October. I found Kim to be professional, her workshop was very well planned and organised. In addition to being an excellent printmaker, she was able to impart her skills and enthusiasm with ease. Her workshops were successful and were universally enjoyed by everyone who attended.

    Gaye, Mixed Multi Media Group, Buderim Craft Cottage
    Gaye, Mixed Multi Media Group, Buderim Craft Cottage Gelatin Plate Monoprinting, Private Group
  • I recently attended Kim’s PYO Christmas Cards lino print workshop and it was an excellent day. Kim’s passion for this art form is evident from the time you meet her, and her help, guidance and organisation made the workshop fun, interesting and easy to achieve a satisfying result, even as real beginner. It was lovely to meet a group of ladies with similar interests and to hear how their knowledge and techniques have expanded through similar workshops. I would highly recommend one of Kim’s workshops to anyone at all interested in print, and I look forward to attending another next year.

    Brenda, Maleny
    Brenda, Maleny Lino Print your Own Christmas Cards
  • Kim has a natural gift for teaching & such vibrant joy in sharing her knowledge & skills - it just spreads out to everyone! Very thankful Kim was so generous with her time - (with all of us) as I learn only through the 'doing'. The size of our group was perfect & the location was just divine. I had a wonderful weekend & keen for more printing practice now!! THANK YOU KIM for an inspirational weekend!

    Ros, Buderim
    Ros, Buderim Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Very well organised in a beautiful workshop setting. I liked the small group, allowing us all time with Kim. A happy atmosphere; Kim is extremely giving of her time a knowledge and an excellent communicator.

    Fiona, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast
    Fiona, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I loved the workshop. Kim shared a lot of information, as well as images which is always nice to see and aspire to. Going through the process with prints of each part of the process was helpful. I had a million questions, and Kim were kind enough to answer them. This enables me see the process in my mind more clearly and to try a couple of things I was wondering about.

    Cherie, Brisbane
    Cherie, Brisbane Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Hi Kim, I firstly want to thank you for a really enjoyable workshop and I must say you're not only lovely to talk to but you're also a good teacher. Sometimes people can have a skill and run a workshop but they aren't good teachers. You are not one of those! I really enjoyed it.

    Nicole, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Nicole, Sunshine Coast, Qld Linoprinting 101
  • I spent Saturday completing a lino printing workshop with Miss Kim. I must say it was the best workshop I have been to in years and would recommend anyone to attend. It doesn't matter your age, style or skill, Miss Kim makes you feel like a pro. Had so much fun. Thanks Miss Kim

    Ali, Hervey Bay
    Ali, Hervey Bay Linoprinting 101
  • I attended the Lino Print workshop yesterday. Kim is an amazing teacher. The class is well structured and Kim provided lots of advice and assistance. The whole day was a fantastic experience. I am now eager to start my next project.

    Chris, Gympie
    Chris, Gympie Linoprinting 101
  • Hi Kim, I loved yesterday. I even came home and started on the feather image. I am keen to do more workshops, not only was the space totally perfect but the format was so relaxing and informative. It felt like a retreat for the mind and soul. Your lovely, attentive and easy going style gave me the confidence to pursue with ease unfamiliar territory. Look forward to next time😊

    Amanda, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Amanda, Sunshine Coast, Qld Linoprinting 101
  • I had the pleasure of attending a private workshop with Kim to extend my gelatin plate printing skills, discuss registration and to play with cyanotyping. Kim provided extensive and well researched information in an organised and thoroughly enjoyable morning. I look forward to my next workshop.

    Kim M, Sunshine Coast, Qld Private Tuition
  • I love being with like minded people, so we were off to a good start. Kim is very well organised and extremely willing to share her knowledge as well as the tips and tricks she has learned, admitting freely that some of these were by making her own mistakes 🙂 She is welcoming and very passionate about her work - instead of just letting us know what to do, she challenged us and got us thinking about how we could resolve our own dilemmas, but also stepped in with suggestions if we got stuck. My fellow student and I were fortunate enough to do the workshop in Kim's own studio, and it is a very creative space. Again, she was very willing to share her equipment and absolutely everything you could possibly need was provided. Having said that, she had loads or equipment and supplies in boxes and if, due to class size you did the workshop in another venue, you would want for nothing. I'd recommend booking a workshop with Kim. Even if you have done some reductive work previously, you will definitely come away with additional knowledge and some skills about how to tackle a reductive project.

    Alan, Samford Valley, Qld
    Alan, Samford Valley, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim's nurturing personality was very helpful in breaking down barriers to learning. Very well organised and presentation of class material superb. The supply of coffee, tea and yummy cookies showed a genuine generosity of spirit. All equipment was supplied, explained and demonstrated. Superb attention to detail.

    Gerry, Beerwah, Sunshine Coast
    Gerry, Beerwah, Sunshine Coast Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Had a thoroughly enjoyable two days with Kim who managed to de-mystify my fear of reductive lino cutting. The two day workshop was so well organised and resourced and Kim is so generous with sharing her knowledge and linocut secrets. The venue proved very inspirational but the view was a definite distraction! Came away with re-ignited passion and motivation. Thank you so much Kim x

    Caroline, Bribie Island
    Caroline, Bribie Island Reduction Linocut Printing
  • Kim is a warm and generous teacher who combines extraordinary talent with a remarkably in-depth subject knowledge to provide a workshop which is both compelling and engaging. I arrived at the workshop with no background in printmaking and left with sufficient skills to use the technique in my own practice   I would highly recommend the Linoprinting 101 workshop to anyone who has an artistic inclination, regardless of their current discipline.

    Cathy Lawley, Fried Mudd, Maleny
    Cathy Lawley, Fried Mudd, Maleny Linoprinting 101
  • I attended Kim’s Reductive Linoprint Workshop on the weekend. I would highly recommend doing a workshop with Kim such an enthusiastic and talented lady. We had a lovely weekend in a perfect setting at Richard Muldoon’s studio in Maleny. Kim is a great teacher and generously shared all her expertise. Really looking forward to doing another workshop with Kim.

    Sue P, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Sue P, Sunshine Coast, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I found the workshop very well organised, very relaxing atmosphere with no pressure and every step well explained. Great selection of prints to use as a template as well. I learned a lot and realise how important it is to be careful, more precise and take your time. I framed my print and it actually looks great, so in the end I guess I was pleased with what I achieved and feel inspired to do another one with a different subject on the lino. Thanks Kim thoroughly enjoyed.

    Lorraine, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Lorraine, Sunshine Coast, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing
  • You run a fantastic workshop Kim, you made everyone feel relaxed and you were so generous with your knowledge, resources and tips to ensure every one achieved a good result. Your passion for printmaking really shines through and is so very infectious. You ensured each participant was given the guidance they needed and took particular interest in ensuring everyone understood the process. You were most helpful in explaining ways to overcome any hurdles and genuinely wanted people to be happy with what they were producing. I came away itching to finish my print and to improve my reductive linocut printmaking skills. I have no hesitation in recommending this workshop to others and l look forward to doing more workshops with you.

    Bronwyn, Doonan, Qld
    Bronwyn, Doonan, Qld Reduction Linocut Printing
  • I can highly recommend doing Kim's classes. She knows that everyone learns differently and she is very patient. At the end of a lesson you know you can go ahead and do this yourself.

    Lauren, Toogoolawah, Qld
    Lauren, Toogoolawah, Qld Linoprinting 101
  • You made it easy and we ended up with a great print we did ourselves. It would be great fun whether you are into art, crafts, printing or not at all - I recommended it to the friend who minded my dog yesterday. You are engaging and passionate about printing and shares whatever you can. I had been interested in trying printing and you literally made me think not only could I do it, but that it would be exciting, challenging and rewarding. You may never get rid of me. 😉

    Jan, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Jan, Sunshine Coast, Qld Linoprinting 101
  • Again I had the opportunity to attend one of Kim's lino printing workshops. She is unbelievable in the knowledge she has and is willing to pass on to you. Kim goes way beyond what would be expected of a tutor. I fully recommend her to anyone thinking of taking up a new art. Kim makes it so easy to learn. Thank you.

    Delia, Palmwoods Arts & Crafts Group
    Delia, Palmwoods Arts & Crafts Group Linoprinting 101, Private Group
  • Great inspiration to keep me motivated in my art practice. Thank you for providing and sharing your techniques.

    Anne, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Anne, Sunshine Coast, Qld Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Though I’ve never tried printmaking before, I really enjoyed your workshop Kim.  It was very relaxed and friendly, with heaps of paints, paper and materials to experiment and play with.  The small group we had was lovely - we could get inspiration from others and the right amount of assistance as we needed it.  There was a good amount of activities and best of all, plenty of time to practise what we’d learned – I had a fun day and loved it!

    Jenny, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Jenny, Sunshine Coast, Qld Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I did Kim's Linoprinting 101 workshop and really enjoyed it. Leading up to the workshop, all of Kim's communications about what to expect on the day and what to bring were clear and timely. The studio for the day was well organised and everyone had their own setup which allowed us to work at our own pace. The small group size (8 in total) was ideal for beginners and allowed Kim to focus on personalised help as we worked through our projects. Morning and afternoon tea was an added bonus! Kim is a very talented artist and her passion for her subject matter really shone through, both in her clear explanations of the printing process and in some of the inspiration she shared with us. I'm looking forward to my next class with her.

    IB, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    IB, Sunshine Coast, Qld Linoprinting 101
  • It was a friendly relaxing environment and Kim demonstrated the techniques in a clear manner. I took a while to remember processes but that was part of the fun in experimenting and not trying to make perfect art. Just play!

    Kym M, Gold Coast, Qld
    Kym M, Gold Coast, Qld Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I really did enjoy this class! I definitely recommend giving it a go. Kim is super friendly and willing to help and nothing is so be of an issue. She is so organised from start to end which makes it a nice stress free experience. Where Kim held the workshop was a nice intimate space and everyone had a nice laugh and a great time. Definitely recommend do the course!

    Elizabeth G, Gold Coast, Qld
    Elizabeth G, Gold Coast, Qld Linoprinting 101
  • If you are thinking of a lino craving/printing class this is the lady to have as a tutor. I found Kim to be so organised with emails detailing everything to a T before the class. Her attention to detail in the class was was unbelievable. So much information my head was spinning. She presented us with a beautiful morning tea. The next day Kim followed up with an email with links and where we can source products used in the class. I have many praises for this lady. Thank you Kim

    Delia H, Sunshine Coast, Qld
    Delia H, Sunshine Coast, Qld Linoprinting 101, Private Group

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