Its a Letterpress Christmas in July

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Adana 8x5 tabletop letterpressI’m heralding a new era in my printmaking practice – I’m entering the world of Letterpress – full throttle!

My new letterpress type cabinet is en-route, full of type. She’s wrapped, packed, palleted and in transit right now. The pic above is here leaving Tassie.

My Adana 8×5 will be en-route shortly from the UK. I have recently taken delivery of some old wood type from India. It feels like Christmas in July – and its cold enough for that real Christmas feeling too!

Technology not only gives us access to the old and new at our fingertips, but it also connects us with others who share common passions and interests. I’m starting to live another dream in the world of print – using, playing with and creating marks on paper with type. Good ol’ fashioned paper with beautifully crafted type with inks and technology that has been surpassed with ‘efficiency’ and convenience.

Don’t get me wrong – I love technology and computers, they have been my career for the past 25 years, so effectively fed and housed me, but I have always harboured a love for the craft of working type by hand, the tactile feel of paper, the slower pace of producing something beautiful to share with and for people who appreciate artisan crafts. No I can realise that love.

With technology I can connect with others who share the same passion – and people generous with their knowledge and skills. I have connected with other printmakers around the world through social networks. I follow with admiration printmakers from the opposite side of the planet on their blogs and websites. And all along the way I learn. Learn about the craft, and learn to trust myself to flow with the process.

So my goodies are arriving this month. August I will play. I’m new to this world. Technology will give me access to a world of knowledge and introduce me to others across the globe who share a passion for keeping these old crafts alive.

Viva la Letterpress!

Happy Christmas in July everyone!

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