Gel Plate Monoprinting – Online Workshop

Real words shared by real people who have completed my online gelatin plate printing workshop…
  • This is just perfect! If you want to learn how to really use the Gel-Plate -> Take this course! This is the best choice, you will not regret it for sure. Thank you, Kim.

    Ute, Austria
    Ute, Austria Gelatin Plate Monoprinting Online
  • I absolutely loved the online gel printing workshop. The self-paced format was perfect for me to work through the lessons at my own speed. The videos were easy to follow, and each lesson was thoughtfully designed. Kim provided clear instructions and offered useful techniques that made the process so much fun!

    Greeshma, India
    Greeshma, India Gelatine Plate Monoprinting Online
  • I liked all of the [online workshop] demos and seeing the process used to arrive at a finished image. All directions and demos were clear verbally and visually. I really like the Facebook group. It gives a feeling of comradery, which I have fond memories of from art classes in college. Since we can't be together, it's the next best thing. Also, the images are inspirational. I really like the GUIDES you post about what you have done in your studio. These are motivating to continue experimenting.

    Susan, Mississippi USA
    Susan, Mississippi USA Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • This is a very satisfying introduction to botanical printing. Kim communicates great enthusiasm and love of the work.

    Bonnie, USA
    Bonnie, USA Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • [The content was] Very well structured, presented well, clear information clear voice good videos, I learnt a lot, I love to be able to go back to the videos when I need.

    Cinzia, Australia
    Cinzia, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I took Kim Herringe gelli mono printing workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it . This was my first experience with gelli plates .I could easily work with gelli plates thru Kim’s tutorials. Overall excellent teacher! I am waiting to learn more in future .

    Gunjan, India
    Gunjan, India Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The Gel Plate Monoprinting Online Workshop was fantastic, Kim is a warm wonderful teacher, showing each step in a clear concise way! I love that I can go back and replay lessons at my leisure. This workshop is a wealth of information. Great value. I would recommend this workshop to anyone keen on learning gel plate monoprinting.

    Kaz, Tuross Head, Australia
    Kaz, Tuross Head, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I loved how professional and encouraging it was to experiment. The techniques were explained really well and all round beautifully laid out.

    Jacquie, East Sussex UK
    Jacquie, East Sussex UK Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I liked your clear and detailed explanations of the process. It is clear that you are mindful of the details a beginner might not pick up unless the steps aren't broken down into small bites and reasons given for why you do things a certain way. Many people who produce instructional videos have voices that are difficult to listen to - yours is easy, conversational and sincere. Your passion for your work and sharing the process is evident in the workshop.

    May, Ipswich Australia
    May, Ipswich Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I really loved your presentation, the clarity in your instructions, your generosity in the giving of information. Each module was so beautifully presented, so easy to follow and therefore, fabulous results for me. Pure delight as I lifted off the paper. I look at leaves very differently. The entire workshop was wonderful, in construction, in the flow of one module to the next, and for the ability to return to any place for further viewing and be able to work with. I also love the colour workshop...after years of struggle with understanding color theory I found my way through each module and have a greater understanding. Bless you and grateful thanks.

    Marguerite, Bridgetown, Australia
    Marguerite, Bridgetown, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Thank you Kim. I would thoroughly recommend the online gel plate monoprinting workshop. The modules are easy to navigate and all of Kim's instructions are clear, with lots of additional hints and tips. After watching the video of Kim's studio I can imagine walking in, looking at all the art work, the books on the shelves, listening to the birds and admiring the magnificent view. Pure escapism; and that's before the excitement of learning how to make your own beautiful, crisp, uncluttered prints! Truly wonderful.

    Denise, West Midlands UK
    Denise, West Midlands UK Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Fabulous workshop! I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it to those who would like to learn the technique of Gel Plate printing at home. Thanks Kim!

    Adelaide, Sydney Australia
    Adelaide, Sydney Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I really enjoyed the workshop. It has inspired me to make my own gelli plates and play with paint and paper.

    Lyn, Wamuran Australia
    Lyn, Wamuran Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The beginning of this online workshop (which is where I am at the moment), is so beautifully presented, clear instructions and fabulous videos showing all we need to see, with no obstructions. I am ready to start and very excited to learn this fabulous process.

    Marguerite, Bridgetown, Australia
    Marguerite, Bridgetown, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I found the online workshop the perfect way to learn. Breaking the course up into modules meant that I could view that module, then try out the technique and finally go back over the module and pick up things that I had missed. And I just love the way Kim encourages students to go beyond what is taught to find what works for us as individuals.

    Solveig, Maleny Australia
    Solveig, Maleny Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Fantastic and inspirational as well as very professionally presented. Thank you so much for sharing so generously your love of this process.

    Angharad, Australia/Germany
    Angharad, Australia/Germany Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • This is such a wonderfully thought-out workshop and delivered so professionally. There is no room for confusion or misunderstanding. It is so reasonably paced and delivered in realistic 'bytes' that even a busy person can keep a creative schedule going to completion. And the results are so satisfying and unique, I could do this for ever. Working through it 'with you' prompted such a joy in creativity, discovery and inspiration. Thank you.

    Sue, Brisbane Australia
    Sue, Brisbane Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I would highly recommend Kim's workshop. Very informative, sequential presentations which were easy to follow and put into practice.

    Marie, Rainbow Beach, Australia
    Marie, Rainbow Beach, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • After 15 years, in mid 2019, I closed my studio in Beijing where I had a space of 150sqm with fabulous screen printing facilities. At the beginning of 2020 I returned to a 35sqm studio at my home in Melbourne and wondered where to go in my production. Covid struck with lock downs which gave me time to 'tidy' the space. A friend suggested Gel Plate Printing that is suitable to a limited environment and another friend recommended Kim. The online course has been a saving grace. It had me looking at my surroundings during my one hour, five kilometer walk where I collected lots of foliage and pursued the joy of a new form of print making.

    Denise, Victoria Australia
    Denise, Victoria Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Kim’s workshop is clear, informative and a great introduction to the world of gel press printing. I love the way I can jump back and forth between the steps. Kim is an excellent teacher and obviously passionate about her art form!

    Hilary, Sydney Australia
    Hilary, Sydney Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I would thoroughly recommend Kim's online courses. I am a full time artist and love undertaking professional development to keep abreast with current trends. Kim's courses would be the best online delivery I have come across. Great short videos demonstrating techniques. Comprehensive downloads for everything needed to complete the course. I enjoyed this experience almost as much as attending her fabulous studio workshops. Although, if you can make it to one of Kim's studio workshops you will be enriched for the experience. Thanks Kim. I am one very appreciative customer.

    Cheryl, Doonan
    Cheryl, Doonan Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Thanks for sharing Kim. I love your generosity. I was a teacher for over 40 years before retiring 2 years ago. I have been disappointed on several occasions with classes I have attended either on-line or in person where the tutor is clearly there to earn some extra money and not prepared to share a lot of their knowledge. That is a 100% not you. The quality of the video was fantastic.

    Judy, Australia
    Judy, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I am very pleased with Kim’s online gel plate printing class. I had been working instinctively with the media and wanted to get a better understanding of working in layers. It was super well organized and had direct to the point instruction that was very helpful. I enjoyed her portal with visual and instructional goodies, and also the Facebook page, which gives a community feel. Thanks, Kim. I look forward to another workshop with you!

    Mary E, Kansas USA
    Mary E, Kansas USA Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I can't ever speak highly enough of Kim and her unique talents. She's a passionate person who has not only been able to produce such astounding art work but is also prepared to pass on her passions to others in such a selfless and caring way. She goes down to tiny details and personal techniques which she passes on in such detail that one feels caught up in the spirit of the art work and nothing is impossible. Her workshops are like no others, every detail is covered, nothing is missed, and magical artwork is at your fingertips.

    Janene, Brisbane Australia
    Janene, Brisbane Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • There was so much helpful information presented in the workshop, it's hard to pick just one favorite part! From simple things like Kim's paint recommendations to her bigger ideas like the homemade registration tool, I walked away with a ton of useful ideas to use in my printmaking. Watching her work really fueled my creativity so I also appreciated the bonus content with ideas for what to do with ALL the prints I've been making since her class. Nice to see content all in one place and SUPER nice to be able to come back and look again without worrying about a time limit on access. Bonus content with templates and easy way to access the info/files.

    Liz, WA USA
    Liz, WA USA Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • What a wonderful "gift" to myself l really enjoyed learning more about Gelli Printing . Kim's energy flowed through the videos l really thought l was part of a class. l loved that l could watch the videos and then print when the children were asleep and then re - watch them over and over. A great experince Thank you Kim

    Bronwyn, Victoria, Australia
    Bronwyn, Victoria, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I loved your gel plate monoprinting online course!! You were generous, gracious and and well-structured in your teaching, making the process easy to follow and explore. You were very thorough with the content, not only do I know how to do it, but I also have ideas what to do with my prints. I liked that the course was easy to access, really well organised. and that I can keep going back. I feel excited and inspired. Thanks Kim!

    Uta, New Zealand
    Uta, New Zealand Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • This is a very worthwhile class. It is self directed and I have returned to it to refresh myself with some of the information. Kim is an excellent instructor!

    MT, Idaho USA
    MT, Idaho USA Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Thank you Kim for providing a very clear, easy to digest and inspiring online workshop on gel printing. I’m looking forward to incorporating some of your tips into my own practice.

    Trudy Rice, Port Melbourne, Australia
    Trudy Rice, Port Melbourne, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Kim presents a fun and straightforward way for anyone to begin printmaking with a gel plate. Clear and easy to understand instructions. Simple tools. It really moved my process forward and now I'm able to produce much better prints. If you've been thinking about it, don't hesitate!

    Sheryl, Louisiana, USA
    Sheryl, Louisiana, USA Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • You, your workshop, has offered me a totally new and fascinating world of looking at some things  -  for example of looking at wet and rotten leaves  on the ground or dry grasses in the hay balls  for the horses  -  and  creating  interesting prints  with them. A thrilling activity, and I learn a lot with every print, even  from those I ruin  with the  last layer !   Thank you too for  the generous sharing  of your art!  I hope  you create  more workshops  in future and wish you  again a happy, healthy and joyfull Christmas time and New Year!

    Joy, France
    Joy, France Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • It was almost as good as being there. Kim is a very good communicator and a generous and enthusiastic teacher. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these lessons. Thank you Kim, I loved it.

    Anne, Australia
    Anne, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Kim generously shares her skills and knowledge in this course that was clear, comprehensive and very well structured

    Robyn, Brisbane, Australia
    Robyn, Brisbane, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I care for my 80 yr old husband who has extensive health and mobility problems. Kim's gel printing course is great for someone with limited time. It's a great 'stress relief', a time to get lost in the fun of combining gel plate, paper, ink and flora - a time for 'me'. The way Kim has assembled this 'on line' workshop is great for a carer, as you can learn the technique in your space, in your time and at your pace. There is no judgement but a wealth of encouragement, the generosity of her knowledge of the process and the understanding of being a carer. I can end up with a muddy print but who cares, I am having fun. Many thanks.

    Andrina, Wynnum, Australia
    Andrina, Wynnum, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • This class provided a delightful means to bring the outdoors into my gelli printing experience. I've always worked with stencils and stamps on my gelli plates. I absolutely love the layered effect of botanicals. I specifically love printing with ferns. The class was extremely well organized and easy to move through the modules. The videos were short and concise. Thank you Kim for a great class! I will be first in line to take another class from you.

    Kaylee, Port Angeles, USA
    Kaylee, Port Angeles, USA Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your Gel Plate Printing Workshop enormously. I'm very impressed with the portal - it looks really stylish and inviting. I have gone through all the modules on the workshop and have learned a lot as I was quite new to gel plate printing, having only done a half-day course here in England before your workshop. I will be looking over individual modules again, so I'm really happy that I have access for as long as the workshop is running/a year. Although it must be hard to replicate your live, in person workshops, you really gave me the sense that you were inviting me into your workshop and your enthusiasm for printing came over so well. It's an excellent way to share your skills with like-minded people all over the globe (despite the current pandemic).

    Julie B, England
    Julie B, England Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • I actually learned so much through Kim's generosity, attention to detail and very clear explanation of this technique. I encourage anyone who would truly like to learn about Gelli printing to take Kim's workshop. Kim's teaching and printing help to showcase Gelli printing as fine art.

    Cara, Sydney, Australia
    Cara, Sydney, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • The online Gel plate monoprinting workshop is excellent! The process is clearly explained step by step with the aid of videos and lots of additional resources to help and inspire. Kim has thought of everything a student might need in learning the printing process and generously shares her knowledge and skills with real natural warmth. It’s great that it is totally self-paced, enabling you to dip in and out of the course, and revisit steps again if you need to. The site is very well structured and easy to navigate - so many resources available too. I really enjoyed the workshop and now am having a great time making gel prints. Highly recommend this course.

    Kim, Sydney, Australia
    Kim, Sydney, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop
  • This course was fantastic! It taught me everything I need to know to be able to generate a beautiful mono prints whilst being really easy to follow and very user friendly. Kim is incredibly generous with her knowledge which makes it really feel like you’re developing your skills quickly and that by the end of it you have an excellent understanding of the process.

    Jenny, United Kingdom
    Jenny, United Kingdom Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • For beginners and printers alike this was an excellent clear introduction with lots of examples and encouragement and tips. Kim responded well to questions and requests and shared her enthusiasm and love of the process. Thank you.

    Mary, Birkenhead, NW England, UK
    Mary, Birkenhead, NW England, UK Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Though I had done some printmaking prior to this workshop. It consolidated my skills and extended me to try new things. Great Being part of the gelli printing community through The Studio FB page. Kim is an amazing teacher with her knowledge and inspiring projects.

    Carol, Victoria, Australia
    Carol, Victoria, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Loved the self-paced learning and Kim's teaching style. Particularly enjoyed the Facebook Studio interaction with other students from everywhere. So much variety as we were able to apply our own practice to what we learnt from Kim.

    Anon., Australia
    Anon., Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I highly recommend Kim's online Gel Plate Monoprinting workshop. Clear explanations, illuminating videos and well-structured delivery meant it I could build my knowledge of gel plate monoprinting with ease. Kim's passion and love for all things print shine through into all aspects of this workshop and you feel as though you're there in her studio with her. This provides a strong sense of place within which to contextualise her work and her approach. I also loved the insights into her book collection and resources! Fantastic all round. Thank you, Kim!

    Mindy, Tasmania, Australia
    Mindy, Tasmania, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I just now have had time to start your class and I am blown away. I love it. You are an excellent teacher and I only wish I could be there in person. Please continue to do these classes online. And thank you again.

    Barbara, Georgia, USA
    Barbara, Georgia, USA Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I wanted to let you know that I’ve completed your online course and it is absolutely “AWESOME” in so many ways and on so many levels. I LOVED IT!! It is a true reflection of who you are as an artist, teacher and person. To me it is very obvious the hours, depth of skills, knowledge and detail that have gone into producing such a brilliant product. I believe that the work members have been posting already is a true reflection of the effectiveness of what you have created.

    SJ, Manly, Australia
    SJ, Manly, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is a wonderful instructor who demystifies the Gelatin printmaking process. Her straightforward instruction brought me into a new world of experimentation and discovery. The Studio FB group provides a fun and friendly collaboration environment which extends the online learning experience. Highly recommend and can’t wait for her future courses.

    Linda, Virginia USA
    Linda, Virginia USA Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I highly recommend this workshop. Kim's teaching experience shines through the workshop as she breaks the process down into manageable bites. I loved working through the workshop, I couldn't wait to get to the next bit 🙂

    Debbie, Australia
    Debbie, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • When I went to your workshop early this yr and trying to remember what you were saying. Totally forgotten. Then you went to do online for me. I watched ahhhhh I forgot some of thing and did it on prints straight away. I was so happy. ( Especially close caption.).. I understood u more than Utube channel.. Really that you helped me lots, loud and clear every subjects. Thanks Kim for doing a great job.

    KMD, Brisbane, Australia
    KMD, Brisbane, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I know how much time it takes to deliver online content well and I think you have nailed it! The mix of notes, printable resources and videos is perfect! I also really appreciated the ability to go back and look at your videos of your own work. I have found that I have learnt so much from being able to go and do this after playing a bit and looking at my work more analytically. But most of all, I think the permission to play has been a wonderful gift! Thoroughly recommend this workshop - I could spread it out over a week and it has been a wonderful way to start my day! Be warned though - gel printing is addictive and it had me dreaming of printing! Thanks very much Kim 🙂

    Claire, Hawthorn, Australia
    Claire, Hawthorn, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • The workshop was excellent value for money with really clear, well paced videos that demystified the process. The closed FB group has been a lovely bonus to be able to share our creations and gain inspiration from each other.

    Claire, Middlesex, United Kingdom
    Claire, Middlesex, United Kingdom Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I have found Kim Herringe to be extremely friendly, helpful and professional in her approach to the Gel Print online workshop. The workshop is easy to use and can be watched in short chunks or in its entirety. You can also go back and view again as required. There is also links to printable information which you can refer to when the online viewing is finished. I highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in gel prints or starting printing for the first time. I look forward to more of Kim’s workshops

    Lynn, Canberra, Australia
    Lynn, Canberra, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim's online monotyping workshop is nature & craft in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home (the only thing missing is Miss Maggie). She encourages you to create amazing artwork and embrace your inner creative even in digital format. So excited for metal plate etching and hopefully ecoprinting soon.

    Charmaine, Tuggeranong, Australia
    Charmaine, Tuggeranong, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • Kim is not only incredibly talented, but she is so lovely and patient in her face to face workshops. This translated perfectly to the calm and careful explanations and documents she provides for her online workshops. It was so easy to work through the course at my own pace AND get incredible results. #thereisnosuchthingasamistake

    Em, Canberra, Australia
    Em, Canberra, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • An excellent workshop on botanical mono printing with a gelatin plate
    website easy to navigate and to know where I am
    Resources are complete, including books
    Video production is well lit and audio is very good
    one of the best workshop websites I have taken, either live or online
    Angela, the Philippines
    Angela, the Philippines Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting
  • I’ve just completed Gel Plate Mono-printing on-line course with Kim Herringe.
    I’m excited!
    I’m very impressed with the quality of production and the value for money. The course is very easy to navigate and there so much information presented in a way that is easy to understand. Nothing has been missed.
    Kim’s delivery was smooth and natural - it was like she was in the room, talking to me.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in Gel Printing, beginner or not ... and I can’t wait for the next episode 🙂
    Cathy, Maleny, Australia
    Cathy, Maleny, Australia Online Gelatin Plate Monoprinting