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Yesterday the Maleny Printmakers held their first Members Studio Visit – and my studio was first cab off the rank. The idea of our studio visits is for each of us to have a stickybeak into each others working studios, sharing tips and ideas about how we work within our studio spaces. We are all printmakers, all with strengths in different areas of printmaking, and all with a passion for sharing.

I think there were a few tips members left my studio with, and I think the favourite for the afternoon was how I level the roller on my etching press…

I was taught to count the screw grooves (not sure what they’re called) on either side of the roller when tightening/loosening the roller my etching press (aka lino press), and when the same number, the press is level. But now I use small spirit level to level the press. Just a cheap little number I bought from Bunnings years ago. And it works a treat. Its accurate, quick and easier than counting the screw grooves. Check your floor is level first, and if not, maybe make some marks on the spirit level so you can match those marks when the level is on the roller.

If you’re involved in a printmaking group, I encourage you to share you studio spaces with each other. We all have our own nuances and personal approaches to our work, our own wisdom, learned from trial, error, perseverance, blood, sweat and tears; and we can all learn from each other.

Happy printing everyone!


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