Create, maintain and grow your online presence!

Saturday 4 April 2020

9:45am for a 10am start
Finishing at 3pm

10 Nadi Lane, North Maleny

Notepad and pen
Your lunch
Your laptop (helpful but not essential)

About This Workshop
About Kim Herringe

An Arts Connect Inc Hosted Workshop

THANK YOU for signing up for this workshop. To help me help you get the most from this workshop, I need some information about you and what you are (or are not) doing now, in the context of your online presence.

Please complete the form below, answering as many questions as you can. This information is confidential – I will not share it with anyone. The collected information from all participants will help inform me about what online activities people are doing now, and how to best present workshop content to make sure everyone gets as much out of the day as possible.

Give yourself 15-30 minutes to complete the form. You can start it now and save to finish it later, just click the ‘Save and Continue Later’ button at the end of the form. You will be given an option to be sent an email with a special link that you can use to complete the form later on.

Once the form has been completed, you will receive an automated email with all the information so you have it for your own records.

Please complete and submit the form no later than Friday 28 March 2020.

Let’s Get Started…

Please answer as many questions as your can, specifically in the context of growing and maintaining your online presence with respect to your art or arts practice. Please know that there are no ‘right‘ or ‘wrong‘ answers 🙂

About This Workshop

With a focus on social media, we’ll get back to basics, review and investigate online self-promotion opportunities and how you can work with them so they can work for you. We will also look at other online and offline marketing opportunities, and discuss simple ways we can help each other.

This will be an intensive day, a masterclass for artists wanting to get more from their online presence. It will be assumed that you already have a social media account, or will create your own before or after the workshop.

This will be a practical workshop explaining some of the jargon, removing some of the mystery and talking through some of the obstacles we all face when trying to be seen online.

You will leave the workshop with several actionable tasks or recommendations specific to your situation and an action plan to get you started creating your own social media and content marketing strategy.

Optional Extra:
Students can opt to include a post-workshop catchup, where, 2-4 weeks after the workshop, we review your action plan, ask questions and discuss next-steps in a 30 minute follow up phone call. You will have had to opportunity to select this option when you first signed up for the workshop. If you didn’t take the offer up then, you will still be able to at the workshop, but you will need to pay the $40 fee for this at the workshop.

About Kim Herringe

I have spent the best part of 30 years in the commercial graphic design, advertising and marketing arena. I started in the industry pre-computer days, and opened my own online web development and marketing agency in 2005. I recently closed its doors to channel my creative (and business) energies in to my own professional arts practice.

I now work as a printmaking artist and tutor, and part-time web developer, using my commercial career experience to grow and maintain my arts business and online presence.

In this workshop I will share with you skills learned and developed in my own business, that I have applied to my own practice.

Kim Herringe