Monoprint Notecard Set

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5 fine art image designs with 2 cards per designs inside each notecard set.

A6 greeting card, blank inside. 5 fine art image designs with 2 cards per designs inside each notecard set, all with matching white envelopes.

The image on this card is taken from a handprinted gelatin plate monotype prints handprinted by Kim Herringe, professionally reproduced on quality card stock.

Custom and wholesale orders welcome. Please contact me for more information.

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The images on these cards are professional reproductions of handprinted monotype prints printed by Kim Herringe. The cards and envelopes are housed in a kraft card box with clear plastic slip case cover.

There are 10 cards with matching white envelopes in each pack. Five (5) images are reproduced with two cards per image.

Printed on 300gsm quality card stock with a matching white envelope.

The envelope is 120gsm white wallet style with a peel and seal closure, size C6 (114 x 162mm).

2 reviews for Monoprint Notecard Set

  1. Andrina Hoddinott

    I received my postcard set as a gift. I am so pleased to be able to send a beautiful card to special friends and family, especially a card that is handcrafted by a local artist, making the occasion more special.

    • Kim

      Thank you Andrina. Its easy in our modern world to forget the thrill of receiving something personal in the post, and the pleasure of sending a hand written note to a loved one. Enjoy your cards. x

  2. Annie Coogans-Sorby

    I love this set of cards, so attractive and giving glimpses of some of Kim’s full pieces. In this world of everything fast paced and needed instantly, it’s nice to sit and write a hand-written note which to me holds so much more meaning today than years gone by.

    • Kim

      Thanks Annie. I know what you mean about taking a moment to hand write a message to someone. I’ve been doing a lot more of that myself. Its lovely to stop the think about what you are writing, enjoy the feeling of pen on paper; and an even greater pleasure to receive something in the post that is hand-written, personal and not a bill.

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