Freedom of Movement

I have been making book structures of different sorts off and on for as long as I can remember. I used to make up my own book formats and they were generally given as gifts to loved ones. I’ve learned to ‘read’ a picture of a book to work out how it may have been made. I saw a (far superior) version of this book created by Adele Outteridge of Studio West End early last year and fell in love with the idea of it. Unable to get to one of her workshops, I set about figuring it out.

I don’t often use stitching in my books. But I love how the stitching holds the book together and emphasises the idea of folded papers.

There is a strong sense of freedom in the way the pages move and fold and turn.

Ive not written or drawn or marked anything in this book. Right now I am enjoying the simplicity of the beautiful cyanotype blues, tactile contrast of the Hosho papers and crumpled delicacy of the tissue papers. I may add to it in the future, and will update here if I do, but right now, I’m enjoying her as she is 💙


This book combines a few very simple techniques.

The COVERS are eco-printed Stonehenge printmaking paper, each front and back folded in half and stitched together looping through stitching holding the accordion folded content pages.

The CONTENT pages are made up of to parts – 1/ an accordion fold of cyanotype printed paper and 2/ Hosho paper signatures with interleaved gelatin plate monoprinted issue papers. The Hosho signatures have been stitched to bind the papers, attaching them to the accordion folds.The accordion folds at the book’s spine have been stitched to hold the overall book structure together, stopping it from ‘popping out’ as an accordion fold likes to do.

Completed November 2020.

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